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Ross Dress for Less / hostile working enviroment

1 Wilson, NC, United States Review updated:

I was an employee at Ross from May 2007 to June 2008. I quit because of many reason, main one being the store manager. I have talked to HR 2 times, but nothing was resolved. There are too many details, but I would have to write a book! My main problem is I was there over a year and missed one day of work and was a dependable and good worker. Everyone liked me except the store manager for whatever reason I dont know. People there say jealousy, but I feel we are all to old for that. But that is how she was. Anyways, I was an area superviser and me and the other superviser asked if it was time for our vacation because we had been there for a year and the store manager said yes. So I put in my request for my vacation and took it, . When I got my check after my vacation, I noticed it was not on ther. The store manager called to see why and was told that in the handbook it says we have to be a "fulltime" employee for a year. I had only been full time for about 6 months. It was at this point I decided to quit, because our store manager dont even know what is going on. So I missed a weeks pay. I would have worked instead if I knew any different. So I put my 2 weeks in and when I left the room she told the other superviser that she knew I was going to do that and that she already had someone lined up. It is someone that had only been there for a little over a month but she was a friend. My question is, that since I had been there for a year and had vacation time built up, and I worked my 2 weeks out, am I entitled to what vacation time is built up? I got my last check today and it is not on my check. I dont know who to call. HR is only looking out for the company. So who do I talk to?

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  • Da
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    I know the feeling! I have been working for a year now and have still have not been promoted to full time yet. A position had became available and they jumped over me in line and gave it to a employee that had been there less then a month. What happened to the 90 day wait that is stated in the handbook? When I asked about getting moved to full time I was told that they had no money in pay roll for me, but then 2 months later they moved an employee from another store to ours. How about they give them full time!! At our store all the assistant manager's sister is also a manager there! I hate how now I have been there a year and still haven't got promoted expect for being in charge of the cash office. Then getting accused of stealing because I had caught the cash drawer being $10 short! It was short before I even started in the morning!!! They have to many hands in there on the weekends! Also we have a store manager that has no clue about our cash office! I can't even ask him a question about anything back there!! I'm getting fed up with it! Terriable pay for slave labor! Don't even get me started about the stock room!!

  • Ke
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    As for your vacation, I have just put my 2 weeks in I am a area supervisor. You have to be full-time for 1 year before you get vacation pay. I know I found out the same way. I will lose it and even though I am 3 days short of one year full time when I do leave I will not be getting my vacation pay either. But I would rather keep my sanity than have to put up with a manager who has no idea what she is doing.

  • Na
      15th of Feb, 2009
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    I use to work for Ross for three years I was transfer to another store for a full time to be the stockroom leader of that store since they hired people and they did last more then a month.Well i said yes i will put everything in order in the store they will find somebody so i can train and i will come back to my store.I clean the 500 boxes that they were storage on the stockroom, train the lady that is their today and when i told them im going back to my store they said fine but before we have to pass the inventory and i said find because Hank has come already two times were i was there cleaning the store to check progress and he was happy and he was coming the day of the invertory.We pass he was please with his concern the stockroom it was empty so it was time to leave and the said fine the manager decide to put me as terminater employee i complain with HR and that was her decision and they were ok with that. HR have been in that store doing investigations on the manager for more then 3 times in less then a year but since the store makes money they dont care about the employees

  • Br
      31st of Dec, 2010
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    The store manager and supervisor manager are racists! They didn't have to say it either, they show me no respect and use me as a sort of scapegoat for every little thing. They're Latinas and I'm caucasian, and I'm a very good worker so there's no other reason to it than reversed racism. They treat me like dirt on their shoes and have written me up twice for reasons that are completely ridiculous. They expect me to work instead of furthering my education, and they knew I was a student when they hired me from the get go. Then as a birthday gift I got was two very expensive concert tickets and I told the supervisor manager-whose also in charge of the schedules-like three months a head of time about the concert. She said that she try to schedule me either not to work that day or give me an earlier shift. But lo and behold, the week of the concert I'm scheduled to close on my concert night. I let the nice manager who'd be closing on the concert night that I wasn't going to miss the concert and the store manager overheard the entire conversation and even said just make sure I had a replacement. Lucky for me, I was able to get someone to cover me and I call to let the store manager know that I have someone covering my shift. The store manager goes off at me-screaming at me "who do I think I am?" and "do you know who I am?!" so in a calm voice I told her that she's the manager. She hung up on me and the following work shift, both her and the supervisor manager decided to confront me about Sunday and both denied that they could have done anything and were backpeddling to cover themselves and wrote me up for being insubordinate. They also said "They didn't hire me for the way I look.", and I'd like to point out that I'm one out of three people who are caucasian. The managers are racists and wouldn't give me the human resources number to complain about being mistreated by the Store Manager and Supervisor Manager. They told me if I called in on Saturday, they'd write me up and fire me. They are very unreasonable and unfair to me for no reason.

  • Fr
      20th of Jun, 2012
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  • Do
      5th of Aug, 2012
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    I worked at ross for 2years, worst job ever never got promoted or anything. My supervisor became upset with me when i put in my 2weeks made me muiserable she was very bi polar so i never spoke with her before that . The week i put my 2 weeks in 5 other employees put there in as well because of this supervisor . now they wont give me my last check, they gave me the run around its been a little of 3 months and still no check or no number to contact.

  • Ja
      21st of Oct, 2013
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    i helped open up a new store in arnol mo. and grand oening day. store manager yell at me 4 times. and talked to me like i was 2. and i said this isnt worling out. so i will just leave and she (patty) store manager. said no u wont. u will listen to me and do what i say...ross in arnold mo. is a hostile work environment

  • Do
      21st of Feb, 2017
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    At Ross Stores Inc, we will still you this huge package of lies that comes complete with a hostile work environment and empty promises, all for a VERY low wage.

  • Ag
      9th of Apr, 2017
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    I've been trying to get then Hr # but no one seems to know what it is. Is there anyone that can give it to me pls

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