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Ross Dress for Less / customers are always right?

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I always read the complaints on these complaint boards and listen to customers complain about poor service, horrible retail managers and unkempt stores. And there is no argument that many retailers do themselves no favors by allowing this to continue. However, I'm waiting for the numerous complaints about rude customers, about customers that drop merchandise on the floor, or anywhere they want. I'm waiting for complaints about customers who leave there kids in the toy department to destroy merchandise that another customer may want to buy, or the customers that drop and break merchandise and just walk away as if it didn't happen. The fact is, too many individuals feel that because they are spending their money it gives them the right to be discourteous, and operate by no rules. Before you rush to complain about any retailer, examine your own behaviour in public.

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  • Sm
      17th of Mar, 2009
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  • Bi
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    AMEN! Goes to prove that if your trash, your trash money or not. We spend 25% of payroll just on clean up. Belivev it or not we do not go in and trash a store before ungrateful customers come in, Oh heck, the one who do mess things up can, t speak let alone read english.

  • Jm
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    I work part time in a Ross Store, that recently opened in February, (Tulsa Hills Ross in Tulsa Oklahoma). Thus far the store is still in excellent condition, although we work hard to keep it that way! By now, it could easily look like other Ross stores in the area. Sometimes the calibur of your clientele and the attitude of the customer will and does determine how well your store will be kept up. This particular Ross is in a fairly new shopping center, and we are constantly complimented on the condition of the store. I always, always make it a point to thank them, and I also throw in a comment about the customer helping us keep this store in good shape. Now before we get the store in shape before the opening of the next day, we find merchandise all over the place. It would surprise you, or maybe not how disrespectful the customers can be to the merchandise and the store. I have all too many times seen shoppers drop their children off in the toy department while they shop, and the kids tear into the packages, and leave things all over the place! My mother taught me to put things back where you got them. It is the most simple rule to follow, and would go a loooong way towards helping the employees of Ross keep the stores looking nice. After all Ross isnt in the business of having a huge payroll, because as of late, management has been requiring us to be out of the store at night within a certain time period, and this makes it hard to keep the store up, when you have constant turn over and customers trashing the stores. It's not up to Ross employees alone to keep the stores nice, it is also helpful for the consumer to just simply put things back on the shelf or racks where they belong. Hopefully this new store dosent fall victim to the trashy store reputation that Ross has, because when it does, I will quit!

  • St
      15th of Sep, 2009
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    Wow I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Ross customers seem to be the worst. You won't trash Macy's or hell even Wal-Mart the way you trash ross. It seems like the same customers come in everyday and piss and poop on the bathroom floors, throw clothes, toys, and food all over the floor. Until customers can respect the store then I don't want to hear complaints

  • Ri
      23rd of Dec, 2011
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    Just made a purchase at Johnson City Tn, $246.12. For 40 minutes the cashier tried to run my debit card. Swipe it again it didnt take it. Then it was, you need to use another card that one was denied. Finally the card went threw and it printed a reciept. Got home and checked my account on line. My debit card was charged 4 times for the $246.12, also a credit card was charged $246.12. In total I was Charged aprox $1250.00 for the purchase. Contacted the store manager and in a very unconcerned mannner she informed me there was nothing she could do about it and gave me a 1-800 number to call. Stayed on hold until the office closed with noone answering the phone, I have to go to a lot of trouble to have these charges removed from my accounts. The store could care less if they have caused me to have to bother with this crap. Ross Dress For Less cost me one hell of a lot. Didnt save any money and it will cost me a lot of time for there screwup.

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