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I live in Bossier where there is a Ross store but I work in Shreveport where there is also a Ross store. One morning I decided to stop by the near by Ross in Bossier City to see what kind of product they had. It was pretty slim pickings, which is expected since it's much smaller and newer than the Shreveport store. However, I managed to find two pairs of shoes that I wanted to take home and try on with my clothes at home to see what outfits I could possibly put together. I knew I would be returning one of the shoes, because as much as I would have liked to keep them both, I am a college student who shouldn't be spending $50 on shoes. I'm sure someone out there can agree with me. Anyways so after that I headed into Shreveport to visit the bookstore where I planned on studying for a bit. Along the way I stopped at the Shreveport Ross to see if they had a better selection than the Bossier store. Well, they did, of course, so I ended up exchanging the two pairs of shoes that I had bought previously for a different pair of shoes, and a $20 jacket. After that I continued on to the book store where I studied, at most, 3 hours. As I headed home, I caught a case of buyers remorse and decided to swing by the Bossier store again to return the jacket I purchased at the Shreveport store. I was planned on keeping the shoes because they were only $17. When I walked in with a return I was immediately scorned by the cashiers with their dirty looks and snooty attitudes. I placed the Ross bag containing the jacket on the counter and apologized to them for returning as I am an assistant manager at my own clothing store and I know how it can hurt your daily numbers when merchandise is returned. Considering the jacket was only $20, however, I figured it wouldn't hurt them too bad. The associate jerked the jacket out of the bag without as much as a word and then tossed it down in disgust claiming she couldn't take it back because it didn't have a tag. In my horror I looked down to see that the jacket did in fact NOT have a tag. Well, let’s see. I bought it, tossed it in my backseat, went to the book store, then 3 hours later I cam here. The time on the receipt clearly stated that at least. I was confused. I explained to the cashier that it had a tag when I bought it, and that that was only 3 hours ago . I couldn't for the life of me figure out where the tag went, but I surely had nothing to do with its removal. She then proceeded to tell me that the jacket looked washed and worn as well. WHAT?!!?!? Did I mention it was a vintage pleather jacket? Now you tell me how I bought, worn, and washed a pleather jacket in 3 hours. Geez lady have some common since. After explaining my case and still getting nowhere I asked for the manager. I told her my story, and without even a reply, she turned to the associate and said, “Just return it. I’m gonna throw it away anyways." WOW! Great client service! Ok, whatever so they decided to return it. But wait. After handing the associate both receipts to show her that I had done the previous purchase that morning and then the exchange for the jacket, she was more than confused. Without a word she walked off taking both receipts with her. I stood there and waiting assuming she was consulting the manager again about the return. 15 minutes later the manager returned. She handed me the receipt and she couldn't return it and that I would have to go to the Shreveport store. Then she walked off. No apology or anything. I didn't even get the bag back! I had to carry the jacket out in my hands. So I headed back to the Shreveport store, where luckily the girl that rang me up that afternoon was there. She vouched for the fact that I just bought the jacket earlier that day and that it looked exactly the same as it did when I bought it. They returned the jacket for me, which I was glad, but, when I asked the manger if I could have the number to call for complaints, she gave me some guy's personal phone number who didn't answer, or call me back for that matter. I had to research online to even get the "complaints" number, which ended up being a dead end, as well, because it was out of service. I won't be back to Ross.

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      Sep 15, 2009

    I work at Ross. We cannot return clothes without tags no matter where you bought it or when. Don't blame the employees call and complain often, because quite frankly I hate being yelled at when I can't return something for someone. So when you complain you help us out, if they listen to you. Now about the employee, I won't make excuses for her but, I have been in that position when after standing on my feet for 6 hours, I keep having customers who don't read the return policy trying to return stuff they bought six months ago, or stuff that they wore and are returning. I think you just were caught in that sixth our, when she is just tired. She's human and has emotions too.

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  • Ih
      Dec 22, 2009

    I agree with the customer. You can return anything at Ross even if there wasn't any price tags on it. They usually say that whenever they get "suspicious" about the customers. Actually when I was working in the service desk, I accepted the old returns even though they bought the items years ago. They're usually markdown to a $0.49 price. Remember the customers are always right.

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  • Bb
      Jan 27, 2010

    i worked at the bossier store up until september. what did the associate look like that gave you a hard time?

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  • Je
      Apr 28, 2010

    My incident happen in San Jose, Ca Curtner location of Willow Glen.

    On sunday I went to Ross with two dresses and receipts inside the Ross plastic bag for return. As I entered, there was a super long line. So I decided that I don't wan to stand in line once for the return and then another time if I decided to buy something. I saw some dresses that I would like to try on. I went to the dressing room and the rude fat woman (between 20's to early 30's) told me I cannot bring my bag into the dressing room. I told her she need to make sure no one touches my stuff and she said okay. But I can tell that look on her face that she didn't like what I just said to her.

    As I came out, she was no where to be found and there was only one bag there, so I assumed it is mine cuz there is no other bag outside of the dress room. I ended up not buying anyting and decided to return my two dresses during the weekdays since it is always quiet and no line. I am a stay home mom. Today, I decided to go and return my dresses and I opened up the bag which was tied in a knot. I was shocked to find out that the items inside the bag wasn't mind. There was a pair of children jeans size 14 with brand name tag but no Ross tag and a super huge polyster cheap pair of short with a ross mark down tage of $5. My gutt feeling is someone must heard what I told the dress room lady that it is two really nice dresses and she must look after it cuz I don't want anyone stealing them.

    My worst fear happened on sunday. Someone stole my bag and walked out of the store since there is no sensor on them. Or my other hutch is the store dress room employee got pissed off at me and switched the items to get back at me.

    I called to the store today and no one seem to care enough to help me. They told me that the store manager isn't there. I guess I have to take that big lost and return the polyester shorts for $5 store credit since it is not my item and I don't have the receipt to it.

    This happen like around 2 p.m. at Ross. If you are corporate, you should make your employees are accountable for things like this cuz if it happen too many times, you will lose your good customers and attract only the bad customers. Deep in my heart is that I stil think that the Ross Employee switched my stuff to get even with me. I spend hundreds of dollars at Ross already. You wouldn't want all your customers to go to Marshall and TJMAXX. They carry identical products for similar prices. I am just a loyal customer and only putting up this complaint so higher mangement know about these kinds of issues at Ross.

    If some Target can help friendly and polite employees, you can too do that!!!

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  • Ch
      Sep 25, 2011

    dude WTF you can return, its clothes, you have a receipt, its just like any other clothing store, you return things, if there was a problem with the thing you bought, then return it, there shouldnt be any excuses, ive never heard of some ###, you cant return things without the price tag complete ###, the receipt is there to show proof of purchase and ###, they just dont want you to return it and expecting some mindless customer gonna take off the tag and expecting them to throw it, NOOO ### RETURN THE THING OR SUE THERE ###'S.

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