Rogers Rocket Internet Sticksurprise charges for the services

I had called customer service for help in choosing a prepaid plan for my cellphone and my internet stick. After about 10 -15 minutes the customer service rep could not find one other than one that cost $190.00 and only offered me 20% off my roaming charges. I decided not to keep her on the line and to call back later

After a few hours I call back and the customer service rep was more knowldgeable and gave me pricing for packages for both

I was assured that the stick would not incur charges and since the price was not out of line considering the normal hotel charges for internet access I did not think $50.00 quoted was wrong.

A few days into my visit, my internet access was denied so I call Rogers and the customer service rep tells me everything is okay so I need to talk to the technical assistance person. This person could barely communicate with me in the trouble shooting. So I give up and call back later in the day when I get back to the hotel

I repeat the above and end up with the tech person again. He tells me that my access was denied due to the high charges I have racked up. I thank him and ask to go back to customer service. They inform me that I do not have any package for the stick but that $50.00 was for roaming for the cellphone. I explain that the rep who sold me the package even talk about the technical capacity of the stick and had assured me it would be enough for the week's trip. After 15 minutes she finally allows me to talk to the supervisor

As I explain my story he tells me that I did purchase the stick package but my usage was much higher so my charges were over $1, 000.00

I have been a rogers clients since the early 1990's when I got my first cell phone. I have rogers cable in my home. I have rogers for my business for telephones at one location and internet access for 5 locations and 3 cellphones with internet and text messaging access for all 3Rogers spends millions to promte themselves to us and its competitors are continually offering cheaper packages. Why can't they just spend some of that money and effort on keeping us as clients


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