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In May of 2011 I called Rogers and told them I would like a better plan for my cell phone because the plan I had wasn't working for me, and my bill was 150.00 a month. They changed it alright and my bill the next month was over 200.00, and the plan was worse. I had called every month and told them that as far as I was concern they had broke there contract with me by charging me more money than my original plan and giving me a worse plan and they had told me that it was going to be a good plan and cheaper for me.. They would say to me that my contract would not be starting over again. Every month it would be a new contract. They would say yes we fixed it and your next bill will show that you only have one year left on your contract and we have a better plan for you and cheaper. Well guess what every month it got worse. This went on for about 4 months. I canceled my service with them and wrote them a letter telling them everything that happened and that they had reigned on there contract. One month later I got a bill for $490.00 for cancellation fees which come from the collection agency. So if I didn't pay this I would have a bad credit for 7 years. I tried to talk to Rogers about my problem, but they wouldn't give me the time of day. I tried to get the address of the president of Rogers and they said to me we don't have that information. I had asked to speak to there supervisor and they would put me on hold and no one would answer. So to anyone out there please please don't get ripped off by Rogers like I did. They will try to wreck your credit if they don't get there way. I have had told many many people about this they have all went to other company's. So shame on Rogers for being such a bad business. I have wrote a letter to the government of Ontario about this, because I am not the only one that's getting ripped off. So Be aware!!!

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  • Sc
      Mar 12, 2009
    rogers cell - offshore customer service
    Rogers Cellure

    Cancelled cell phone with offshore customer service
    rogers continue to bill and refused to answer customer calls
    after six months and many calls was still unable to reach head office
    and was treated very rude by call center
    Never ever will deal with any future rogers product

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  • Sh
      Jun 30, 2012

    i am having the same problem with bell cause i got alot of werid charges on my bills and since i was with bell and that i went though alot of phones with them because the phones would break but i was beving charges for using the service even though i did not have a phone. basically i am going though some hard times and that they put cancellations fees on top of the money that i owe and they sent my bill to a collection agency. as for rogers that i have 24% interest on a bill that 771.00 figure that

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