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Rent-A-Center / new mother harrassed by rac

1 7207 Arlington Ave. Suite DRiverside, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 909-687-9911

I really hate to give this company even the single star. The business tactics of this particular store are HORRENDOUS!!! I have bought $2000+ worth of merchandise from this company, and toward the end, we were bullied, threatened, and harassed by employees of this store. I explained to the store manager (Jesse) that I would be starting a new job and I wouldn't get paid for a month. I tried to keep my account current, but eventually, my account did lapse by 15 days.

In that 15 day lapse, I was left numerous messages that were very threatening. A man named Larry called saying he was going to be serving a certified letter with option to catch up or release the merchandise. Two days later. a guy came to my house, banged on my door, yelled through my window, and told my husband to come "see him outside." I NEVER received the letter Larry said he sent. I had every intention of responding to the letter with a payment. When I called to make my catch up payment, Larry hung up in my face 3 times, before finally taking my payment. After my payment was made, the guy outside still stood at my door another five minutes. I had to call them back and tell them to make him leave.

I understand I was late with my payment, in this economy, it could happen to anyone. I had been with this store for over a year and paid of a couple thousand dollars worth of merchandise successfully, but when it came down to the final $200, I was treated with extreme disrespect.

I have never known a business to take it's collection methods to the point of threatening a woman at home with her newborn, yelling through windows of her home, and harassing her for a delinquent $75 payment. I wasn't even 30 days late. $75 apparently was enough to go "Scarface" on me.

Any other business would have, at the very least, waited for the response of the letter before pursuing further action. Obviously, the word of management team is useless. I'm not even going to mention how the scene created by the Rent-A-Center thug affected my neighbors! He woke my neighbors and scared my neighbor's little boy with the yelling. Rent-A-Center did their own advertising of their business with those methods.

I would NEVER EVER in this lifetime, ever go to this store for ANYTHING ever again! The staff is unprofessional to say the least. They employ thugs and encourage harassment. My sympathies to anyone else that does business with them. My advice, if you want to do business with Rent-A-Center, go to another store, or look up Rent-To-Own.

FYI-Buyer Beware


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