Rent A Centerviolation fdcp; fraudulent actions


I have been an ongoing customer since 1999, whenever I've purchased an item I've always asked for a "new" product. My 1st purchase was unavailable so I was given a "temporary" leather sofa & love seat until the new one arrived. In the meantime I made weekly payments. After 2 months or so, the new items never arrived so I returned the used items. Instead of receiving a refund, I was told the money paid would be applied to my next purchase. This was trough the Paramount, CA store. In 2004 I went to the Whittier, CA store to buy a sofa & love seat, I explained of the pending credit. They promptly called the store verified the credit but for some unknown reason they couldn't transfer the credit & apply to the purchase (approximately $268.00). I get the items anyway, how long could it take anyway? Then I go on to buy other items. When I purchased a big screen TV in 2003 it began to get a snowy picture for about 15 minutes then the picture would clear up. I asked Rent A Center to have it serviced (Sept. 2007) & they agreed. in the meantime they agreed to "loan" me a TV while my TV was in service. This went on for months. In Nov. 2007 I'm being told that I have to pay on the TV, it will cost me about $800.00 (it's a used TV), the tech's can't seem to fix my TV, the part is now obsolete??? So I agree to make payments in the hope's that my TV will be repaired or returned. When I told them I would send it for repairs, they refused, I need to let them make every effort to repair the TV. About the same time I had purchased a camera and it would open the lens sometimes so when I took it in, they gave me a "loaner", they also couldn't repair it so theybtold me to keep the loaner. Since 1999 I have purchased a living room set, the TV, DVD player, camera, refrigerator, recliner, an entertainment center, all these items have a "zero" balance. The items I currently owe are the "loaner" TV which now I'm told I must pay the full price, if that's the case deliver a new TV, a washer & dryer and a laptop. I have always paid the weekly payment, this has been a hard year, I've had to move due to the rentals going into foreclosure, job closing down & losing a part-time job.
I have tried to make partial payments, but they're refused. When I come up with the weekly amount I have been asked to pay 1-2 days extra until I come in the following Saturday. Before the week is up my cellphone is blown out with their calls 3-5 times a day, not mention them banging on my door at home, leaving up to 3 missed you today notices on the door, gate & mailbox. They stand at the gate for up to 10 minutes yelling out my name.
The month of August 2008 was the worst, they repeatedly drive by, I made an arrangement with the manager to come up with funds, I told him I was working late and going to the hospital. I took a break for dinner, came home to change & eat. A few minutes after I arrived Carlos was at my door demanding that I surrender the items. I told him no, because I had an arrangement w/Jonathan the manager. He called the store, Jonathan got the call and told me that it was in their best of interest to pick up the items, they would return them when I could afford the payments. Carlos remains outside my house in the truck for about 15 minutes before leaving and parked on the wrong side of the street. I refused, how could I believe this when they still owe me money from 1999? And they still have my TV in service.Well we ended the call knowing that I was going to to pay. Then Carlos and Sonia start calling my job, 2-3 times a day, I talk w/Carlos and tell him to quit calling me at work, calls are monitored and randomly recorded. He doesn't care, he's going to keep calling me til I get tired and pay. I end the call. Tuesday comes and Carlos is physically at my job and the 1st thing out of his mouth is "give me the laptop"! Well I don't have it at work and tell him this. He is not happy, he'll continue to call me everyday until I surrender the items. Now I've made up my mind to contact the rent a center corporate office. On Saturday Sonia drives to my house, I told her I was very upset with this whole situation, I was going to file a complaint. Once this was settled, I would handle the situation. Until then I wasn't going to make any payments.
On Monday morning Carlos calls me again at work. I told that I have repeatedly asked him not to call me and he just ignores this. he stated that he heard I was fling a complaint that would I please hurry up, because until corporate told him to stop he wasn't going to. That instead of filing a complaint why didn't I just call the corporate office, it would be faster.
I did file a complaint with Rent A Center by certified mail, I have my return receipt.
I also mailed a copy of the complaint to the Better Business Bureau, but because it was a copy they have closed the issue. When I tried to file a complaint they directed me to several sites which might handle the complaint.
The manner in which they collect payments is unfair, violation of the privacy act when they come to your home yelling and job stating they're there to collect money or items in the open area where your neighbors and co-worker's are able to hear the conversations. They're in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act when you have specifically asked an employee who is collecting a debt to stop contacting you at work as this can put your job in danger and they refuse to acknowledge the request, as a matter of fact they're in violation of my civil rights.
Rent A Center has not contacted since receiving the certified letter or as I write this complaint.

Thank you in advance.


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    delsou27 Jun 26, 2009

    We went threw rent a center in sioux city ia and when we couldnt pay for the dishwasher we told them and made the arragnments for them to come get it. They came and got it no problem. A few months later they called me and asked if I would like to return to them as a customer I said yes. Because my husband had a good job and we wanted a tv. We made all the arrangments and on the day it was to be delivered no one ever showed up. I called to see what happen and they said that because I would not give them my landlords name i could not rent from them. I said well if you need it i can give it to u i just didn't have the number at the time. SO i did and again made arrangments and again no one showed up or called so again i called and they said they could not deliver so far out i was an hour from the store but they had delivered to me before. So i asked for gm name and called him and he again said they could not deliver so far out. So i decided not to do bussiness with them again. But a couple months later who is calling me again rent a center. offering me to come back to them to do business this time the manger called me. I explained what happen before and he said he was the new gm and wanted my bussiness. I declined and hung up, later that night my husband and me were talking and decided to give them another chance. I called him back and he even offered us free time so we decided to get a bedroom set for out new home we are buying. Well here it is a few day from delivery and guess what oh we can't deliver it that far out when he swore to me they could and he would make good on that promise. I have already sold my current bedroom set and the my husband and I are sleeping on the floor. My husband works 12-14hours a day and has to come home and sleep on the floor. And they yell at me as if this is my fault so I filed a compaint how much good it will do i have no idea but we have no money for a bed because of the closing cost fees...

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  • Ge
    Gee115 Feb 02, 2011

    I was trying to make a payment an the women if I should even call her that wouldnt take my payment an kept saying I was late an that I had to make two payments. I wasnt late at all, she yelled an hung up on me. When I called back to the store I could hear her in the back ground calling me out my name. So I talk to the manager who told me I wasnt late but didnt do any thing about his employee. So now every time a payment is do this female who was so rude calls my phone in such a nasty manner. Rent A Center has nasty employees an does crapy customer service. I tell people not to go there because they are very unfair.

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  • Lo
    loveslife0688 Apr 25, 2011

    I have had troubles from the start with the Rent-a-center that my fiance and I have been going to. We got a fridge and a stove and have had to return the stove 4 different times and one time there was a dead mouse in the stove that they had brought us which I find so unsanitary and gross. The employees at the rent-a-center in Modesto/Ceres, CA on Hatch Road are terrible. I am 4 months pregnant and have been getting very frustrated with them because they say they are going to be coming at a certain time so I wait for them, and wait and wait and they never come I have to call multiple times for them to come out. When I was really upset one day while my fiance was on the phone the guy laughed at my fiance because I was upset that I didn't have working oven. Which of course I am going to be emotional I'm pregnant you jerk. I just want to take back all of the appliances that we got from rent a center because they are just a hassle, and there motto is supposted to be "Hassle free or your money back" Bull sh*t I sure hope we can get all our money back for having to deal with these idiots.

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  • No
    Notasstupidasyouthink May 03, 2011

    Good con game they got going. Only owe 2 payments of $81.00 because of a sizeable down, and now I'm told I owe $320.00!!!
    For a washer that is substandard, not new, and using a loaner! They can go to help, and kiss my Black Add on the way down!!!

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  • Re
    RENANA May 17, 2011

    i have owed the 350 at one time for 5 accounts well i paid off hd tv and a labtop and i took the deepfreezeer and heating furnace back on my own now i have 2 accounts owe 174 i took 65 in they said they couldnt take it and threatened to come take my merchandise a fridge and a touch screen they threatened for the touch screen and not the fridge wtf???? so i called headquarters customer service and complainted right before i posted this and i paid 90 and payment due saturday and today and iwas in there yesterday and said i be back thursday this week and they called this morning are you serious???????????

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    customer for like 15 years! May 19, 2011

    I pay in full each year for a VERY short term rental on a refrigerator. (I only need it for 2 weeks during Passover) Every year, they call me afterwards to tell me I missed a payment!! Last year they rescheduled the pick up three times. This year, I switched locations to rent the refrigerator. Yesterday I got a call that I am late with my payment! The item was returned three weeks ago with zero balance. I said to the guy on the phone, "You have got to be kidding me!!" He admitted that he then saw I don't owe anything. Jerk.

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  • Co
    commer13 Jul 02, 2011

    Kurt Schmidt (store manager) at 413 W Rollins Rd., Round Lake Beach, IL tried to CON me by telling me that since I only want to rent a refrigator for a month, I will have to pay 4 times the monthly charge. He said this is the company policies. HE LIED!!! NEVER WILL I GO TO THAT STORE AGAIN AND I WILL TELL ALL OF MY FRIENDS ABOUT THIS STORE THAT CON CUSTOMERS!!!

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  • Jh
    jh894 Aug 21, 2011

    Yesterday i went to the Myrtle Beach, SC store and got a touchsceeen acer desktop pc, was assured it was wireless internet ready pc, felt i was lied to to make a last minute sale once i pay off my other stuff i will never shop at Rent -A-Center again

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  • He
    HeatherAnglin Mar 18, 2012

    I purchased a computer, that I paid off...a refrigerator, that I paid off...then I bought a dryer and a living room suit. They would call me several days before my payment was due (I made my payments for two or three months in advance) and remind me that my payment was due (like Im stupid and didn't know). I was 3 days late on a payment and they called my aunt and discussed my account with her, also, they said I had stolen property even though I called them and told them that I would pay my entire account off the next day. The manager said that it was breach of contract and he didn't want my money. (I was about to receive $5, 000.00) so I took my money and went somewhere else, bought my furniture outright with my money and I don't owe a payment. I had given them around $1, 000 just a month before and that was supposed to pay off my dryer, but they say that they applied it to my living room suit and they're getting the dryer back too. I intend to file suit and take it as far as I can take it in court. I would advise anyone not to purchase anything from them. They cheat and harass their customers.

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  • Ma
    Mad in Carolina May 08, 2012

    Rent A Center is continuously harassing me at my work. They come up to my job (after repeatedly requesting them not to) and yesterday Chelsea came up here and was escorted off the grounds. I have asked them not to call me at work or come to my place of employment, but for some reason they refuse. Isn't it against the law? Do I have any rights? I just got another call just 15 minutes ago. Someone please help. I call their customer service line and the people there are just as rude. I reported this to the Better Business Bureau and also the SC Consumer Affairs. What else can I do? This woman calls me at least 6 times a day at my job. Isn't this harassment?

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    Reviewer90574 Sep 22, 2015

    I was in the Caro, Rent A Center on tuesday (9-22-2015) when i was approached by a shorter older woman and said hello, how can i help you? I said just browsing when she began to assist another customer. I stood over by the front of the store looking at the T.V's when the other customer left and looked upset. She then went into a room and i heard her (or a female voice and it wasnt mine) say things like B&TCH!! and other offensive language. And then a round of laughter and a slim man came from the same room she went in he was smiling looked right at me and kept walking through a swinging door. I was going to buy or rather rent a t.v. for my daughter at college but after that not only was i offended i thought to myself nice way to talk about a customer and shame on the other employee for his part of not correctting her. I will report back to my local BBB and chamber of commerce to let them know about this incident. oh as i left noone even knew i was in there i think because she was still laughing when the guy went back in that room a moment later...

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