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Rent-A-Center / terrible service!

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My husband used Rent-A-Center when we moved to a new town. My husband then went away on military duty. While he was gone, I paid the bill. Now that he is back he pays it, it is his account. Once my husband returned from active duty, he fell into a little financial crunch. So he was late on his payments. I don't deny that HE owes them money, but why are they harassing ME!

His payment was due one Saturday but he couldn't make it to the store to pay it because I was in labor with our second child. They knew what was going on and still called my cell phone, 3 times, that day. I then spent 3 days in the hospital and for the first time he had to take care of our oldest child by himself - so he didn't make it. They knew that but instead of calling HIS cell phone, they called MINE, a total of 9 times during that hospital stay.

By the time I came home, they were POUNDING on my door, even though I had a 'New Baby Sleeping - Please Knock Softly' sign on the door. I ignored the door cause the baby started screaming and I then went to the store later and paid it.

The next time my husband was late they once again called MY cell phone 5 times in one day. When I spoke to them, I told them my husband will be in on his next day off, since when he goes to work and when he leaves work they are closed. They told me that I should use HIS credit card to pay it. Since I'm his wife, it will be fine. I told them that it was fraud for me to do that. I am not an authorize user on his card. They weren't happy and continued to call MY cell phone. By my husband's next day off, I received a warrant for the price off the computer - IN MY NAME! I didn't rent the product. My name wasn't on the application. It wasn't my account!

It got so bad that they came to my house when my mother was house sitting. She was instructed not to open the door to anyone. The Rent-A-Center employee banged on the door screaming 'I know someone is in there and I'm not leaving till you open the door.' Finally, my mother said something and they told her that they were looking for ME and she better open the door. Only after she explained the situation did he go away.

I don't doubt that my husband has this account with them and sometimes he is a week late. What I want to know is why they harass me but are so pleasant to my husband? They try to intimidate me and I am not connected with this account.

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  • Al
      17th of Feb, 2009
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    this just happened to me In Prospect heights illinois...i had 2 rent a center employees try and brake into my house while i was home with my 5 year old son...They were beating on the door and telling me to open up, like they were the freaking police or something...they would not go away and told me that they were like loan sharks and that they would be back to my house if i didn't pay. I called the police and filed a report with them because it scared me to death. The police said it was illegal for them to do this and harrass me like this. They actually tried to use a credit card to brake into my house . I could see them through the peak hole. I was terrified. It was like a scene from the godfather. The police did go and tell them to leave me alone. DO NOT EVER GO TO RENT-A-CAENTER
    I went to the one in Niles Illinois. they are unproffesional and take part in illegal opperations
    Prospect Heights IL

  • Je
      2nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    My fiancee has done the same thing with his payments. He used my parents number as a reference and they call their house three to five times a day if he has been late with a payment. I get anxiety when he is late with the money. They have come knocking on our door a couple times. Thankfully we have a big dog and they are scared of him. And I always find their notes on our door. The writing looks like a 5yr olds! I hate them so much. Oh yes and to make it better. The harassment started three days before the payment was even due!

  • Th
      10th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    if anyone does go there get a laptop and see if you can take it that day and if you can pay roughly around 12 weeks into it and then just quit paying for it. Because with rent a center they will not prosecute you after 8 weeks and yes they will blow up every reference that you have put down. but all your refernce has to do is just tell them to quit calling and if the peopke are good at whichever one they will not call anymore. because depending on how which store operates rent a center usually just charges the merchandise off i said laptop because it is the easiest.well beside a living room or a bed room.if you do that you will walk away with a new laptopfor little less than 500.

  • An
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Maybe if you losers could learn to pay your bills on time there wouldn't be people calling you and coming to your home. Try learning that you have to pay for your toys. For crying out loud, at Rent a Center if you can't afford it all you have to do is give it back! Get real people!!!

    If you're not paying for something that you're keeping, you are stealing!

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