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Rent-A-Center / stalking their customers!

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I am also renting some merchandise from Rent-A-Center and I ran into some medical difficulties and was not able to pay for my merchandise a couple of times, but the kicker is that I ALWAYS kept in contact with the staff there to keep them informed of my situation and they were understanding... AT FIRST!! I agree with another article that one posted on this site that states 'as soon as you've had the merchandise for a long period of time and are almost payed off then they want to start acting shady.' Now that I have been paying on my merchandise for over a year - they are all of the sudden not as understanding about late payments. Before it was like 'okay - that is fine pay us next week' or 'no problem we will just tack it onto the end of your payments' (which I hope everyone is aware that they are able to do that and believe they do), now that I payed them a month's worth of payments in one week they are still demanding more and want to come and pick up my merchandise. They will literally stalk you - they take their call of duty a little too far for my taste. Now what if they stalk the wrong person and get killed in the meantime? Is it really worth it to one of them? They have been known to block out their number when they call the house, sit at the end of your road until they see some movement and then try to jump out on you, they have been around the back of my house to look in windows, and they have even came in one of their own personal vehicles. Enough is Enough. Do they really pay these associates enough money to risk their lives by stalking their customers...

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  • To
      15th of Jun, 2008
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    Your tardiness is your theft. I hope you know that in the Rent-A-Center contract, you sign and agree that you understand missing a payment means you are officially in possession of what is Rent-A-Centers merchandise, and the companies money. Of course they will do whatever is in their power to do to get back what is rightfully theirs according to the contract that you signed. And yeah you may have gotten away with lateness for a while, but they, as a company, have certain numbers to hit and just because they let you go a few times, doesn't mean it's okay to go late whenever you want. Use your brain, be on time.

  • Su
      11th of May, 2009
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    i am thinking of buying a 27 inch toshiba high def T.V and stand from rent-a-center and had a salesman at my house to look at where my current T.V is which is a 20 year old RCA oak wood swivel base console
    and want to replace it before it go's out. the salesman said they would sell
    me the T.V out right no payments for 90 days and if not happy with it
    i could return it and pick another T.V.

    I am retired military and disabled i have not recieved my pension yet due to age and live off my and wifes social security and disability ao i cant afford to a $2000 for a T.V

    I would like any input from anyone who has dealt with rent-a-center in the past or current and know if they keep thier word stand behind thier product, basic info that i may should know before making this
    purchase please feel free to email me at ( )

    it looks good on paper but what are the hidden agendas i should look for.

    thank you very much

  • Co
      11th of May, 2009
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    Make sure it's new on box.
    Yes they'll offer to sell you a used one at a discount, but if you ever saw some of the houses they have mdse in, you wouldn't want it on your lawn let alone in your house.

    The majority of renters don't take care of the mdse because they know it's not theirs.

  • Jo
      11th of May, 2009
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    As someone else said, your tardy payments is basically theft of their money and equipment. You mentioned several times about the safety of their employee's as if you have intentions of hurting someone for trying to claim their property. Rent-a-Center is what it is, they rent out to high risk consumers and get paid very highly for their equipment. Anyone with any worth of their money would avoid rent-a-centers all together.

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