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I moved in 2005 and transferred my the account to new phone number but these idiots forgot to make changes. I tried to call their number [protected] and only way to access these stupids is the phone number and pin. and once that does not match then the phone call is terminated. There is no way to tal to any customer service person. This typical ### Indain attitude. Indian business men wants to global with this shiity customer service attitude. There are dime a dozen phone companies.

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  • Ni
      Apr 28, 2008

    100% agree

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  • Sk
      Aug 05, 2008

    I HAD the same problem. they are cheats ! Reliance sucks... They cheated my money whrn I cancelled my account and asked them to refund the balance. They asked to recharge again so that they would track my credit card and refund the entire amount. But what happended! After several months of complints by over phone and email no response...BEWARE OF reliance.. Fradsters

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  • An
      Oct 17, 2008

    They give a damn to their customers. I have remarked that in their site they have "call start time" but they don't provide the "call end time" and they provide the duration. It's difficult to calculate how many seconds they cut from your account unless you use a stopwatch..which is frustrating. And they cheat your cents while you make calls. I called one of their customer service employees about this and they did nothing and later on, another day, I asked another guy to pass the telephone to his superior and he replyed "I am not authorized to transfer the call". Calling for service is nothing but wasting your time .

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