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Reliance Broadnet - Wimax / un-reliable trouble max

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I booked a Reliance Wimax connection in Pune on 25th September 2007 and eversince have been facing a major problem.

There are a few things they dont clarify at all :

1) The stability of the connection takes 10-12 days minimum (and the number of days increase depending on the days you've spent waiting for it to getting live... they'd say 25 days if you spend 20 days waiting for the connectivity to go good)

2) They have a constant problem with something called as a BTS (whatever it means) and the net stays out of order for days at length.

3) When you need it the most, it will show its real colors by getting down the drain.

4) They dont get ur customer id registered until the connection is live and running... Its been almost 10 days since the connection has been installed at my residence and even today if i call the customer care, they tell me that they cannot help me and that i should contact the local sales rep.

5) The local sales rep will shrug his shoulders as if he is the last person to know about the situation and will forward you to some senior of his who inturn would blame the customer for everything (dont be surprised if they start blaming you for your urgency and their commitment... one person even blamed me for his installation team didnt get a drilling machine to get the device setup)

I have my business work which suffers badly with an average loss of Rs. 10000 per day if i don't get online during USA working hours. And thanks to the hopeless non-reliable wimax connection, i have already lost a lifetime.

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  • Vi
      18th of Oct, 2007
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    I agree with you fully as I am also one of the customers who had experienced this FRAUD NET from Reliance Wimax..They charge a flat fee for some plans,but most of the time,there is no connectivity at all. The customer responsiveness from the Customer care is very poor and dismal!

    It is not about getting first but to give good service to the customers, Reliance Wimax is a big no.

  • Ba
      1st of Nov, 2007
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    Hi, I am Balvinder from pune & I paid rs 562/- cheque to Vincent, who is of the sales exc. for Reliance Wimax broad net connection in pune on 17/10/2007. He assured me that I will be getting the assured speed of 150kpbs 24*7 in my area. Later on 19/10/2007 tech team of reliance came at me place to install it but after there hard time of 6 hrs installation no connection was found in my area, I contacted Vincent on same & he said to contact reliance customer care on 02230337777 & asked for refund of 562/-. I called on the given number but the reply i got from the customer care dept. was that I need to contact the sales exc. who collected the cheque. I called Vincent & he asked me to call his supervisor Sarang Joshi on 09326440928 so i called & he resend the installation team at my place but again no resolution for same. I call Sarang Joshi & asked for refund to which he replied that he will do something to get it install correctly, again on 29/10/2007 tech visited my place & suggested me to cancel the services as this are is not feasible for Reliance Wimax...& now m trying to call Vincent & sarang Joshi both are not answering my call & once Joshi answered & he said nothing can be done & you need to call the customer care on 02230337777. No one is ready to help me from Reliance Wimax dept. I am so much frustrated that where should I go...

    If anyone is reading this Please help me... plz.


  • Vi
      20th of Nov, 2007
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    Hello All,

    I am also one of the Unlucky fellow, fell in to dirty well of Reliance Broadnet. I am using Wimax.

    I truly agree the pathetic service provided by the Reliance Broadnet. Actually it is Fraudnet.

    I got replaced by Dish 3 times, nothing works properly.
    Now they are saying that adapter need to be changed for good connection. If i call up customer care, they are very generous in giving complaint number only. But none of the complaints get solved. They are bunch of jokers sitting at customer care.
    Now if i see my mobile bill is more than the broadband bill as i frequently call the customer care, hoping i will get proper connection, But again loss only.

    But they are very good in following payment only..
    I opted for 2000kbps (1.9Mbps) plan, but i get a speed from 30kbps to maximum 500kbps, it is not constant.
    Most funniest tool reliance provided is speedometer, to check the speed of the current connection, it shown me 232MBPS, can you believe this, anyone in the world has now.

    My favorite business enterpenaur is Ambani Brothers, but they are spoiling their name.

    Some one should get initiative to resolve.

    Hope in future we all get..


  • Ja
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    I got a reliance broad net connection back in october.. I had raised more than 4 cases with reliance since the 1st day and we have spent more money on our telephone bills calling reliance than we would have on a leased line..

    Every day I would have to call the reliance customer care to get my connection working. Once i call them they would put me on hold for at least 10 mins and then ask me to try after sometime. Eventually my connection would work after that (in ~1 hr.. not sure what they do..) but only for sometime and starts giving trouble again.

    When I raised my voice to the floor supervisors at the customer care, they would promise me of fixing my connection permanently but that would be a fake promise as I will face the same problem again..

    This has been the same every time I call them and I've written a concern mail to the times of India also reg my issue.

    I have lost hope of my connection getting fixed.I've applied for a BSNL connection and waiting for that. But I don't want reliance to get away with my money I spent..


  • At
      21st of Dec, 2007
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    Hi guys,

    I too am a user of Relaince BroadNet since 1st Nov 2007.
    I stay in Bavdhan & have till now got UNINTERUPTED service from Relaince.!!!

    Right from day 1 I have been getting Top Notch Speed of about 130KBPS for the rate of Rs 750 per month.!!!

    NO COMPLAINTS with Relaince for atleast this connection of mine!!

    Hope they keep it up & try to give better service to the guys who are facing Problems!!!

  • Sa
      25th of Jul, 2008
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    One of the biggest mistake I ever done is my life is, by choosing Reliance Broadnet,
    Since I got this connection each and every had proble, now I don’t have connectivity since 2 weeks. While contacting customer care 3 things happening.
    1) Customer care person raising the complaint #
    2) Getting call from technical department
    3) Some other person is CLOSING the COMPLAINT # without resolving, not even bothered to contact also.

    I planning to file an compliant complaint in consumer court, if anyone has details about please help me to do so.

  • Bg
      11th of Nov, 2009
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    DO all these ISP providers trying to cheat there customers out of their money like our great politicians?. And provide a poorer service as the customers do not have a choice? . Damn these politicians and the business men who swindle our hard earned money.

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