Red Lobster / I am complaining about the rude behavior of the staff and humiliation I endured as a result

Wolf rd Albany NY, United States

I took my mother in law out to eat for her birthday, we order $170.00 plus dollars worth of food. The waitress came to the table with one of the orders that I wasn't satisfied with so I told her how unsatisfied with the serving of food I was, as she debated with me and became very rude and aggressive I asked to speak to a manager. The next thing I know a woman is charging towards me pointing her finger at me in my face telling me she's the manager and I better not talk to her and her staff in any manner and she wasn't concerned about my dissatisfaction. As a bunch of people surrounded I became fearful and began to get away from the crowd and speak to a staff member whom was more reasonable and understanding. The gentleman heard me out and just printed up the receipt of the items that we did eat so he can bring some sort of resolve. As I was going to pay and leave, I was confronted by police officers who handcuff my fiance and forcefully handcuffed and arrested me. As I am asking why I am being arrested he told me the manager and another person said I assaulted them one of them went as far as to say I punched her in the face. I am aware that your establishment has video cameras and I would like for you to review the footage to see that I was wrongfully accused and arrested after taking my mother in law out to eat for her birthday. I've been coming to red lobster for years and to think one bad employee could cause such an uproar and bad business for the company. I would appreciate you look into the matter and are aware of the people representing the red lobster brand. I never experienced anything so degrading and humiliating in my life and to think I spent almost $200.00 on a meal and to be treated like that was inexcusable and inhumane. The officer said he knew I didn't hit the woman because he was standing right there but he had to arrest me because his superior told him to and then he let me go with an appearance ticket.

May 4, 2017

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