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Our manager Christina is by far the rudest, most ignorant person I have ever worked for. She argues and reprimands people in front of other employees, she only gives negative feedback, and she makes a hostile work environment for all her employees. Today, I witnessed her yelling at an employee for asking to work with her schedule. She did not bring her in the office but continued to rant in front of other servers and kitchen staff about other employees and how she doesn't care about the people who work there. First of don't care...yes we all know she doesn't care because during difficult times, she has been so unempathetic that I question if she has a heart at all. The same person she had a loud discussion about her schedule also had a death in the family recently and instead of showing any empathy, she reprimanded her about sending an email and calling to let the management know she wouldn't be coming into work. She told her it was inappropriate...all while the employee was in tears. She doesn't of her other employees had a panic attacks at work. Instead of making sure she was okay, she told her to get herself together because she (Christina) has a business to run. A server assistant who had autism was fired because she never stands up for her employees. What kind of company hires someone to be a general manager who doesn't care about her employees? I am on the verge of walking out because I cannot continue to take the abuse from the GM anymore but I also fear for my coworkers. Let me make something clear...we run that restaurant. If it weren't for her staff, she wouldn't get paid because we keep the business going. If everyone walked out and didn't care about red lobster, just as she doesn't care about us, then what job would she have to go to in the morning? Humiliation, belittling, not caring, are just a few of the things we as staff have to put up with daily. I love what I do but I don't appreciate being abused.

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    The reason I know about Christina reprimanding the employee when she had a death in her family is because she (Christina)was loud and had the office door open for everyone to hear. This is so unprofessional and inappropriate. She should definitely not be in charge of any group of people in any business. It's sickening how terrible she treats us.

Oct 08, 2018

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