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Little Rock, AR, United States

I want to start off by saying that our experience tonight was one of the worst overall experiences we have ever had at a restaurant period.

We tried to visit our local red lobster in Little Rock, A.R. last Sunday October 21st 2018 on West Markham Street around 6:15pm, upon our visit (which we only visited because we were given a gift card) we were told there were no fresh lobsters available, so we decided to go elsewhere as I wanted to enjoy a fresh, steamed lobster. I understand on a Sunday after the weekend rush that there is a chance no fresh lobsters would be available.

Tonight, Saturday October 27th at 5:15, we wanted to again try to use our gift card for dinner and have a fresh lobster dinner. Upon entering the facility I immediately noticed there were no fresh lobsters. I asked the hostess and she confirmed there were no fresh lobsters. This time we choose to still order food and use our gift card for dinner to-go.

We ordered the lobster tail dinner and the Cajun chicken Alfredo. We went to the bar to order a drink while we Waited for our food. I ordered a bourbon and coke and immediately noticed my drink tasted off. Apperantly salt had spilled in the ice well and other guests at the bar confirmed the drinks that they had received recently had the same problem. I ordered another drink and this time it was fine. We received our food at the bar and left.

When we returned home, I opened my lobster tail dinner to completely disgust. To say that you as a company charge someone $30 for fresh, rock lobster tails is a completely and utter lie. The product I received could be called nothing short but a lie from what was advertise by your menu and your overall marketing as a whole. The Cajun chicken Alfredo also could be confused with a cheap TV dinner .

Where is this restaurant chain going? What is your long term strategy? At this point, you are only trying to trick honest people out of their money for frozen seafood that is over seasoned and prepared by employees that have no training in how to prepare the items on your menu. I can easily tell that the lobster tails that I received were dehydrated and had been frozen for some time.

I would appreciate any type of call or post feedback by your customer service staff. Though after this experience there is a 99.9% chance I will never return to a Red Lobster ever again. Your chain has become Applebee's, you have completely lost your identity and will sometime soon have a severe food poisoning incident that will completely ruin the last bit of reputation left from this logo and chain known as Red Lobster.


Red Lobster Hospitality
Red Lobster Hospitality

Oct 27, 2018

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