Raymore and Flanigan / paying for second hand furniture

lower southampton, United States

Purchased a mattress and told if I didn't purchased this paper thin mattress cover for 100.00 I could not return the mattress if there were any problems. Bed was way to hard, so they agreed to the return but my only option was to swith from the same HARD mattress to flush. TG it work out somewhat but still 100.00 for a paper thin mattress cover. Also I purchased a small chest for 600. I asked them to leave it in the living room .When my husband tilted it to put sliders under to move it a big 10 feet, I notice there were numerous chips in legs I could barely see and when we put it on our hard wood floors from carpet it rocked back and fourth. My husband re checked the level of the floor IT WAS DEF THECHEST.H HERE IS HOW THEY FIXED IT THEY PUT BUTTON LIFTS ON ONE SIDE ---- THEY SHOULD CHANGE THEIR NAME TO THE DUMP.

Apr 1, 2014

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