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Complaints & Reviews

Prices are always negotiable

Don't plan on walking into a Raymour and Flanigan store if you have no intention of buying. I say this because they believe that everyone that comes in is a buyer and not just someone casually coming in to look around. a salesperson is instructed to pounce on you within 10 seconds of sooner of you walking in. You will be basically interrogated as to why youre here, what you are looking for, when you want delivery, being told about financing, being told about keeping the furmiture clean, have you ever been in a raymour store before. even after you just say im just looking. All this within a minute of walking in and looking around. Makes shopping a very unsettling experience. Another i witnessed was that you can get heavy deep discounts here as long as you ask and are persistent. I have had friends who shop there get discounts as high as 20% off and get 1 year or 2 years to pay for it. Also delivery charges are easily cut too. The thing is, the customer who walks in 5 minutes before you will pay one price and someone else buying the same exact thing will pay a different price. The reason? Managers dont want to lose any business. They will cut any deal whatsoever so dont be shy about asking for deep deep discounts. They also have what they say are private sales but these sales are EVERY WEEK usually only good on one particular day. You can get these private sale pricing anyday of the week. Just say you know about the upcoming weekly private sale and say im here to buy today and not wait a few more days. Guaranteed they will do the deal. This company can only exist due to the fact that everything is negotiable. So if you go in there you never ever have to pay the price thats listed. so this kinda makes up for the over bearing salespeople there. They probably are so pressured to make a sale they will give you anything that you ask.

  • Ha
    havesomecompassion Mar 10, 2011

    I've visited Raymour and Flanigan 4 times in the last few months. Two different locations and 2 different sales people. Both did greet me immediately upon arrival, both offered to answer any questions and were genuinely interested in what I was looking for and need. I did not feel pressured. I let them both know I was not ready to buy. They of course still offered to set up financing or hold the furniture for later pickup, I can't blame them for trying to push a little.. it is their job afterall! Between the two of them, they probably spent over 2 hours with me. I almost feel guilty having taken up their time. They are both very polite and personable people. I'm getting weary of reading reviews complaining about sales people. I understand it can be annoying having someone hovering around when you just want to browse yourself. But if you walked into a store and no one was around when you had a question, how would you feel? Everyone is different, some people are high maintenance and expect someone to hold their hand all around the store. Some people are shy and just want to look around on their own, but expect someone to be there when the have a question, but are too shy to ask. Other people may already know what they need to know about furniture and just want to be left alone. How is the sales person supposed to know what you need if they don't ask you at the door? I appreciate the input about the pricing, and will put that to good use, and maybe you had a super pushy sales person, but really, if you just want to look around... be honest with them and if they don't back down, just leave. Shop online to get an idea what you want before you go in.

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Terrible consumer service - westchester, ny

Less than a year ago, I purchased a sofa from Raymour and Flanigan. Recently, I noticed the cushions on the couch were wearing and falling apart. Still under warranty, I connected consumer service to have the sofa cushions repair. My experience started out innocuous; date scheduled and contact information confirmed. This was the last time I had any faith in its consumer service. The appointment was never met and after several call and emails to the Statford, CT service desk no one has yet to replied to me, explaining why they stood me up or trying to reschedule. While Raymour and Flangian may have quality consumer service in its stores (I had a great experience in the Yonkers, NY store), it saddens me that it does not stand behind its merchandise or value customers once the sale is complete. I would NEVER work with or purchase anything from them again because of the lack of respect if has for its customers.

Bad sales practices

I recently purchased a pair of recliners from Raymour and Flanigan in Syracuse, NY. From the moment I set foot into their store, I felt that something was wrong. The salesperson would not allow me to browse on my own and stayed within a few feet of me at all times. Since shopping is not my favorite thing, I quickly found a chair that I liked and told him I needed two of them. I told him that the color I wanted was beige. Well, when they delivered the chairs, only one was beige and the other one was green. I told the delivery driver to take back the green one and get me a beige one. He said they could not do that and that I would have to call the store and set up an exchange. Even after telling this driver that I was refusing delivery of the wrong chair, he rudely said there was nothing he was going to do about it and got in his truck and left. I called the store and talked to the salesman who wrote this order, and was told that if I got two different colors, I must have ordered it that way. He said that once the order is signed and the merchandise delivered, it is considered accepted by the customer and not returnable. After a lengthy conversation and several phone calls, they finally agreed to take back the wrong chair and deliver the correct one, but insisted that I would have to pay a second delivery charge as well as paying the regular price for the replacement chair since it was no longer on sale. After more phone calls and long conversations, they finally agreed to waive the delivery charge and exchange the chair. I cannot believe how terribly they treated me. Afterall, this was their mistake. They delivered the wrong item and kept refusing to admit their mistake. And they wanted to charge me more money! I was expecting someone to say they were sorry for the mistake and they would make it right, but that never happened.

Defect on leather sofa

I purchased two leather couches from these jerkoffs nice couches the brand name of the couches are simon lee...

No interest for 12 months - not so

We went to the store based on the one year free financing advertisement. We then bought furniture for...

Niskayuna Furniture

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High price poor quality

In December of 2003 we replaced our 40 year old bedroom set with what appeared to be a long lasting beautiful set from Raymour & Flannigan's Quakertown PA store. The cost of the set was in the neighborhood of $5, 000, so we felt we were purchasing a quality product. In September of 2009 when we pulled out a drawer the drawer and its contents fell to the floor, this continued to happen with other drawers. We found that there was no way that we could reinsert them as their plastic track guides were broken. We contacted customer service at the purchasing store and after several months we were told we could order the plastic drawer guides. In November I ordered 30 four piece drawer guide sets from them for $74.20. In January 2010 I received 24 of one part and 26 of another but no side guides - guides were finally delivered in March 2010. However none of these parts were correct, I was told they no longer deal with this manufacture and they can only supply me with near to original parts and I will not be able to even get these in the future. It appears that I have an expensive bedroom set that will soon be unusable. I am amazed that a firm of this type would allow the firms purchasing agent to acquire these sets without checking its durability. We still have a bedroom set from my wife’s childhood that still functions perfectly.
As I am a 75 year old retired person I do not wish to throw out a $5, 000 bedroom set that I had hoped would last our remaining years.
We contacted the R&F President but he chose to not answer our letter.

Pressure sales tactic, lying

Raymour and Flanagan, a corporate culture of ripping off customers - I'd rather shop at a local...

Salesman changed price 3 times

My wife and I went to the R&F Clearance Center in Bridgewater on August 1, 2010 to purchase a bedroom set, 3 box springs and 3 bed frames. We picked a bedroom set that the salesman by the name of James said was $2, 246 which included a dresser, chesser and a bed bench, while we wered looking at the other items metioned above he informed me that the chesser we had just picked out with the bedroom package had been sold and he would have to order a new one and the price went up by $300.00 then while he was taking my information he got on the phone and after hanging up said that the king bed set that was in another store had a lot of blemishes (this is a clearance center so merchandise is not perfect) and he could work out a deal on a new one for an additional $290.00 which my wife and I agreed to. We tagged all the furniture that was in the store that we would pick up and finally when we went to the counter to sign the papers I noticed the total was higher than what he had said. I questioned him and he became very nervous and started to sweat, some of the prices had changed and he said he had forgotten to add the bed bench which was included from the beginnig at the $2, 246.00 price. In total my wife and i spent almost three hours in the store and finally walked out. The price of $2, 246 had gone up by almost $800.00 and to top all this his manager which was sitting in front of us at the counter and did absolutely nothing about it and let us walk out of the store. I wasted my time and got a run around, the salesman's greed let me walk out of the store when I was willing to spend over $2, 700 on all the items I went there to buy. I have been in sales for over 30 years and if I did what this salesman did I would have been out of business long ago. I will never shop at R&F ever again and will warn everyone to be very careful if you intend to do so. I will also file a complaint with Better Business Bureau.

Bug infested dinning room set

Purchase March 2007 a 10 chair large dining room set. Paid $6800 for it. As soon as it got warm in May 2007 sawdust started to appear. I researched the dust and the holes coming from the set. Mainly from the china cabinet and server. And it turned out it was infested with Powder Post Beatles from China. I called Raymore & Flanagan and they came the next day and took it away. They treated my house for 1 year with very harsh chemicals and refunded my money. My older son got very ill from the monthly bug treatment to our home. But like everything else in this world there was not enough proof. To this day I have never purchase anything from them and tell everyone I know. They are protected by some law that you cannot sue them.
--So if you love your FAMILY you will think twice of purchasing from Raymore & Flanagan

  • Ka
    KathyBK Jul 14, 2010

    Years ago I was given a jewelry box from Potter Barn. As it sat on my dresser I notice sawdust. I cleaned it thinking it was some lose dust from when it was made. Next day, same thing. I wrapped it in saran wrap until I could get over to Pottery Barn and the following day there were loads of worms crawling around inside the saran wrap. It was very gross.

    I returned it to Pottery Barn and found out it had been made in India. The problem is everything we buy is imported and we have no clue about quality control. So sorry your son has had adverse reactions to the chemical resolution.

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I purchased 2 couches and a recliner from Raymore and Flannigan 3/2009. When looking I was approached by a sales person who stated that they had "the best warrenty around" He proceeded to tell me that they fix or replace furniture "no questions asked" He then told me a story of how a guy he sold a couch to just had it replaced because his dog ate the arm. I continued to look and left to consider the very large purchase. I came back 2 weeks later and was approached by another sales person. She stated the same fact that "we replace or repair our funiture no questions asked for the time period of the warrenty". I purchased said "platnum protection plan plus" on the word of both of these sales people. I explained to them I have 2 teenagers and it gave me comfort to know my large purchase would be protected. I was told "no problem you are covered for 5 years no questions asked". Well fastforward 1 year 2 months later. I noticed that the back of the seating area on both the couches were lower than they had been. I looked and the bracing from front to back on the seating area had pulled out of the back of the couch. The nails had pulled straight out of the board in the back. I called and scheduled a day for them to come out. The tech called the night before and said he would be out at 8 am. I explained I was told it would be in the afternoon and could he put me somewhere else on his route. The answer NO. I called back and rescheduled.. well it was 3 weeks later. In the mean time the braceing broke. The tech came out and took a picture of 1 couch and said they would be in touch. He was here for a total of 5 min. I recieved a call 2 hours later that said sorry not covered as it was due to excessive wear. I asked about what I was told my the sales people of "no questions asked we repair or fix". I was told the sales people would never say that and it did not cover this type of damage. So now I ( a single mother of 2 kids) am stuck with over $3000 worth of crappy furniture! Oh and the recliner is broken too! NEVER NEVER NEVER BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! They lie to get the sale!


I purchased a bedroom set 0n May 11, 2010. I also was talked into buying a mattress and box spring since they...

Raritan Mattresses

Avoid doing business with this company

Their products are just what everyone has said. Junk. Not only is it not the same quality that is displayed...

Bedroom set

I brought Three Bedroom Set in December 2007. I have to have Raymour & Flanigan's out once for the full...


It is ironic that I came across this site the day I started looking for a new living room set to replace the...

Ordered and paid for furniture that never arrived

We went to purchase furniture on 12/31/09. We found a leather set that we really loved. We asked if it came...


I work for this company. I can understand customers frustration if merchandise arrives damaged, but out of my office we really do go above and beyond trying to satisfy the customer. It is always our intent to deliver undamaged furniture and we do inspect the furniture prior to delivery, but sometimes minor cosmetic defects may be overlooked. Also, take in to consideration, the high cost that it takes to deliver merchandise. We certainly would never deliver damaged goods intentionally, because we are loosing a tremendous amount of money everytime a delivery is declined and drive teams don't get paid. Customers also don't understand the process of furniture delivery and just how many people are involved in that process. Much of this furniture goes through an enormous amount of transit before it reaches our facilities; some of it is shipped from oversea's vendors. Companies like Raymour's are often at the mercy of the vendor. It is just as frustrating for us, waiting for special orders to come in, but it is out of our hands how long the vendor takes to ship replacement parts or special orders to us. No one in the company likes having to make a customer wait for parts or special orders. Please remember we do care about our customers and we will do everything we can to help you. Remember that the voice you are talking to on the other end of the phone is a real person. Speak to them with some respect, it is not ok to be verbally abusive to anyone and thats what many of our Assocaites face from impatient customers. We are just trying to do our job the best way we can, with the resources that have been provided to us, but there are guidelines and steps that must be followed just like any job. We also have to work within the manufacturers warranty guidelines; just like you research the warranty on your car, you should be doing it on your furniture. We do care about our customers and realize that without you, we wouldn't have jobs. We are here for you and it feels so good to help a customer, especially when they're appreciative. It's only too bad that there are not more websites that offer praise for companies and associates, because I can guarantee that the situations that you all have described are not the "norm" and our happy customers far outweigh the dissatisfied ones. Our companies successful deliveries are in the 90th percentile. For the furniture industry as a whole, the standard for successful delivery is in the 70th to low 80th percentile. So people can certainily shop wherever they want, but in reality, you have a lower chance of having a successful delivery elsewhere. I'm sorry if we've even let down one customer, because our customer satisfaction is truly of the utmost importance to us.

Poor service - crappy bed

The company sold me a defective bed that had warped wood and begin to split. They refused to replace but instead made me a verbal offer of $500 to replace it. Mindfully, the set costs $1722.55. Go Figure, their math is as crappy as their products. I would stick to the trusted furniture stores, because this company is one step above value-city furniture stores.

They do not care about their consumers and take pleasure in citing the one-year warranty to you when you complain. Wood separation occurs gradually so one year may not be soon enough to see the effects. Duh! Also my bedroom set has mold on it because the wood wasn't dried completely before designing it into a bed so now I have an air purifier in my room. If I could afford to throw it on the garbage pile and buy a new one...I would. In the meantime, I wash it weekly to avoid spore build up...and all the company has to say, is that it has been more than a year.

Delivery time

Found a leather sofa and love seat at R&F on January 2, 2010. The sales rep assured us that the furniture would be delivered before January 23. We were having a party for 24 people that day. There was no reason not to believe her, the R&F adds on TV even boasted 3-day delivery!!! Well long story short the furniture FINALLY arrived February 24th, long after the party. I had given away my old couch, believing that the new furniture was promised on a certain date. The day of delivery Feb 23 I took the day off off work they said delivery would be between 9:30am and 3:30. That a HUGE window! At 4:30 there was no sign of a delivery truck or phone call. I called customer service, they "let me know" that the truck had run off the road and was stuck!!! "you'll be the first delivery tomorrow" she said. SOOOO now the next day I can't go to work again!!! The stuck truck did arrive the next day after 10:30 am--I don't think that was there first delivery!!!
This big box chain store will never get my business again. I'll keep the smaller guy in business and deal with humans from customer service who give a damn!!

  • Al
    alles613 Apr 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a very positive experience with my sales rep +Anthony in the 14th Street store in NYC. He was extremely patient with us the 3 times we came into the store before purchasing our dining room table and chairs. Our table and chairs arrived damaged the first time and we refused the entire set. We were able to re schedule our delivery for 2 days later with a stated delivery time of 12-4. At 3:25 I called to see how far away the delivery was and was told that they had contacted the driver and I was next and it should be 20 minutes. After 1/2 hour I called back and spoke with Althea - i explained that I had called previously and thought it was about 40 minutes - Althea told me I was wrong I had called at 3:25 and it was only 1/2 hr. She told me that she was correcting me -about the time - I responded that she should not be nitpicking about the time - it was now 10 minutes to 4 and still no delivery. She told me to hang on and NEVER CAME BACK ON THE PHONE! I called again on my other line - the representative told me to hang on again - then she came back and told me that it would be another 45 minutes - I told her No- that my building did not allow deliveries after 5 pm - and I wanted to speak with a manager - of course - NO MANAGER was available - I asked that one call me back - well =- i am still waiting for that manager to call!
    Delivery was finally made at 4:30 pm -
    Someone did call to see if it was a pleasant experience - Ha!

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Customer service/back orders

I bought a lovely bedroom set at Raymour & Flanigan i was told 3day delivery i told them i would call to set...

Sofa with 3 legs!

We ordered a sofa bed for our daughter and it was delivered with only 3 LEGS! We had to call customer service multiple times, they were nasty, and we paid for a new sofa bed but could NOT use it until for many many days and nights (and we had given away the old sofa bed) until the fourth leg arrived by mail (and we had to install it ourselves). You get what you pay for, most of their crap is made in CHINA--buy from Thomasville, more expensive but BETTER quality and not as expensive as Ethan Allen and custom made and lasts!

  • Br
    Bronxie Feb 16, 2010

    You are so right! Their so-called customer service stinks!
    (I called Poughkeepsie NY I think).
    They are bad for upholstered furniture, so unless you need it very fast, go to Thomasville. I too had a bad experience with a sofa bed at Raymour, but a great sofa from Thomasville. Maybe table or bookcase is okay at Raymour??

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