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I went and bought a shabbos meal deal from a Ralph's branch on hazeltine and ventura
In Sherman oaks ca
And I paid for the merchandise at the deli counter at the kosher section like everyone else who bought from there
They were all dressed professionally and none of them got searched
I left wearing a t-shirt cargo shorts, slippers and Im darker a bit with a beard
And right away when I leave the counter
Management of Ralph's starts following me and waits for me to get on the escalator to tell me "sir you have to pay for this stuff" which I told him I did and he searched me and asked for a receipt
Which I showed
I am very offended by you guys
And the racism in that branch

Sep 13, 2017
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      Apr 05, 2019

    The Ralph's Branch at 211 E. Foothill in Arcadia, California has a manager named Esmeralda that needs to be fired asap. She has no tact, customer service savvy or respect. She refused me service and was horribly mean. She also went to her fellow employees and bad mouthed me. She should not be allowed to interface with the public. She is ugly on the inside and out. She has worked to make my daughter and I uncomfortable when we shop there. She has an accusatory demeanor and should be made aware of her shortcomings right away. I am a caterer and I bring thousands of dollars of revenue to this branch and to Ralph's in general. Her actions made me switch me major purchases to Vons and Trader Joe's. I was there yesterday again, and she was just as bad. I have to make returns at times when I over buy and have too many surplus groceries. I never ask for cash because I just turn and get more groceries for my catering dishes. She refused to return my goods and told me that I had too many items. This is highly ridiculous. Why should it matter if I am not asking for cash but credit towards other purchases? She embarrassed me in front of my family and others around near me. It was a horrible was to feel. She needs to be repremanded, demoted or fired with no chance of return. She is making your company lose money...lots of money.

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