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The following complaint has been dismissed by Lisa 08238 Via phone call of 4/7/16. She did not see anything wrong with the activity described below.

I asked for upper management to review and call me. I received a phone call today 4/8/16. The following complaint has also been dismissed by Sandy Smith [protected]. She stated she spoke to the Captain of the Ship and the Captain said there were no groups or such activity on the ship.

November 17, 2015 we booked and paid for 3 cabins for a family cruise for the 1/31–2/7/16 Mexican Riviera on the Ruby Princess from San Pedro through Princess Cruises directly at [protected]. Cabin 301 MVL5G, Cabin 307 mVL6R, Cabin 309 MVL5V.

The ship was delayed leaving port from the standard 4:00 pm until 11:30 pm nearly 8 hours due to a major storm front out at sea. From the time we arrived, we were uncomfortable with some of the activity that was taking place on the ship from some of the on-board groups. I asked a crew member if we can disembark being I saw some people still boarding this cruise due to some of the activity happening on the ship that we were uncomfortable with that we saw and I was told NO. Therefore my family spent most of the time being uncomfortable due to Princess majority blocked out spaces to allow several extremist groups activity taking over and Princess being well aware of the activity that would being taking place on their family oriented cruise ship. This cruise was far from a family oriented cruise as advertised. This was a Princess organized more like a private sex club boat cruise.

The Ruby Princess January 31 through February 7, 2016 was an extremist drag queen bear gay themed cruise quite full and it was undisclosed to us when we booked the cruise and it was undisclosed to us when we checked in at Registration. We understand that Princess does not ask travelers about their religion, sex or creed, and we do not have any issues with the LGBT groups, however we discovered after being on the cruise that this cruise was preplanned and advertised for nearly a year in advance for Princess to host extremist side of the gay community groups on this particular sail and to close off many public areas on the ship for the 5 or more separate these extremist gay groups that were on board. Some of the passengers from some of the groups were even unaware themselves of the other extremist drag queen groups and massive extremist group bookings on this cruise as well as other gay couples we talked to during supper and they were insulted as well and in speaking with other gay couples during dinner, they made a comment that this themed cruise was not their cup of tea and they were insulted that they were not informed of this extremist group activity. The couple also noted that there was open sex in public areas and there were children and family around in these areas. I am NOT exaggerating or making this up.

Princess Cruises forced me to feel uncomfortable as I was sitting at the pool area watching the public demonstration of sexual conduct and lewdness. There were adults and children of all ages surrounding the pool and food areas. The extreme lewdness behavior of sexual conduct was offensive.

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Princess Cruises forced me to feel uncomfortable as I was sitting in the main theater trying to enjoy a show.
I wandered into the Princess Main Theater to sit down and watch a movie. Just before the movie started, there was some sort of comedy stage show taking place such as Michael Jackson shaking
his cum off his baby over the balcony railing of his hotel room. I was shocked of the live content of the sexual comments. There were dirty cum jokes and etc. The movie started and I noticed the theater was filled with extremist drag queens in drag beating the air with hangers throughout scenes of the movie. I was so insulted I walked out of the theater.

Throughout the cruise in the evening hours in the clubs were mostly dedicated by Princess Cruises to these 5 gay hardcore groups. I am NOT exaggerating or making this up.

One of the nights Happy Hour was noted in The Princess Patter in Sky Walkers, which is near the children's game center. Upon entering Sky Walkers, I walked into Sky Walkers of nearly 300 men naked down to G Strings. I walked in and looked toward the right at the dance floor and I saw raw sexual conduct taking place. I asked one of the crew “is this happy hour.” I have never seen happy hour like this before. The crew said this is a private club and I said “No it is not, it is in the Patter.” And, one of the extremist Drag guys said they were just thrown out of Club Fusion. I said “WOW” I can see why. Right next to the shops and open public area. One of these extremist group members got into a conversation with me and said we are all going “ALL BLUE.” I asked what Blue is.? He said we are stripping down?

As I walked out a crew member peeked in the doorway and I asked him if Princess allows this conduct because I have never seen anything like this on any family cruise. This resembles a private sex club in an offbeat area of a major city. The crew member said there are so many on this sail, smiled, shrugged his shoulder and walked away. After 9pm, throughout the cruise, this ship turned into nearly a total wild hard core sex club at sea. Most of the families on board tried to stay only at the center of the ship atrium area due to the issues on board.

One day I walked into a full sauna, looked like a grizzly bears den. After 10 minutes as I was walking out to go to the shower next door, I overheard a comment from one of the Bears “that little guy is hung like a horse, ” another guy said “yum yum”. This activity on the ship was unacceptable and I was very uncomfortable.

Princess Cruises should have disclosed to us that this was a special themed sail to an extremist group. There were many families with children on board and I witnessed the exposure of this activity to children on board.

The food in the formal dining room was appalling and beyond a disappointment. Fire the chef. We are seasoned platinum level travelers with Princess and the quality of food was just awful. Princess / Carnival is a billion dollar company and the food and service should be 5 star. The food quality was atrocious and the selections were less than a low end cafeteria. Shameful. Cruisers / Families take cruises versus hotels and other travel ventures for the 5 star service / food and entertainment.

The waiters’ lack of attention with non-existent table service made it worse.
We had to ask more than once for water refills. Why would we even have to ask?
We had to ask for butter for the bread. Really! Asking for butter for the bread?
We asked for hot tea and never received. Shame.

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We asked for Chocolate chip cookies for dessert and the waiter said no. HE SAID NO. The chocolate chip cookies are in the buffet area and the chocolate chip cookies are in the Cafe on Level 5. HE SAID NO. The Waiter should have gotten the chocolate chip cookies from one of those two areas. HE SAID NO. Shame.

One person in our party is lactose intolerant and it was prearranged during our booking. On the first night, the head waiter told her that he would give her a menu each night for the following day so they can review together. WELL THAT NEVER HAPPENED. She was unattended and on her own for guess work. CHECK OUR PREBOOKING. AND E-MAILS. IT WAS NOT A SURPRISE. Definitely NOT the excellent guest experience. Princess did not care about dietary needs. Princess needs to re-address their quality control and retrain staff.

We chose to leave our formal assigned seating and eat at the anytime dining. The service there was just mediocre fair. Shame. Training. Invest in your employees and train them.

The Lido Deck on the first day was good, looked very nice, clean and very good service. The days following it was like a light switch went to the OFF position and we are like the crew on a Cargo Ship. Felt like Bait and Switch the following days. Poor service, low quality choice of foods, oily, very slopping presentation. The service in the Buffet area was very poor.

The attitude from the female cook at the hamburger grill at the pool area was rude all week. Not shy, not a language barrier, just in spirit and mean. She was not friendly, no smiles, no hospitality and she gave off a poor attitude and caused us to feel that we were just a bother. Order and move on. NEXT. That is how she made us feel. She needs customer front-line service training with a SMILE.
The hamburgers were very plain. The Veggie Burgers normally excellent were sloppy and disgusting. Did you change food vendors?

My mother got very sick on the cruise. She was taken to the Infirmary. They ran tests, drew blood, administered an IV and administered pain medications. The Doctor noted gall bladder issue and was referred to a medical center for emergency surgery.

I made a report at Pursers Desk for lost items and filled out a Lost and Found Report but have had no response. Additionally, my wife walked away from the treadmill for a moment, came back and her black Sol Republic Ear Buds were gone.

There was not much about this sail that we enjoyed. The extreme lack of service, the poor quality food and the disappointment is all that remains. We are very embarrassed that we brought other family members with us. I refunded some of my family members out of embarrassment as they thought we pulled a bad tasteless prank on them and put them on an extremist sex club cruise.

We are not the only cruises complaining. During the cruise, we heard many negative comments about this sail.

We are requesting full refund and future cruise for myself and our family. This was all paid by me for our family.

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Please see below grafic pictures and videos takin onboard the princess ruby sex club cruise not disclosed to us !

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Apr 11, 2016

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