PNCmisrepresenting bank policies

At PNC LaPorte main office a Larry (patroski) unsure of the actual spelling of his name. For the past 3 weeks Larry has been giving me false information. My mother has had an account there for several years, My brother Tim Conn had POA of my mothers accounts Mary Ann Conn, I am also her son and when we checked her checking account we found several checks written to Tim Conn's wife which Mary Ann Conn knew nothing about. So My mother revolked Tim Conn's POA and took the papers to PNC bank Larry Patrowski said they had to be recorded at the court house so we did that. My mother also tried to add my name on her account along with my 3 other brothers with her POD and listing 3 them for access at time of death and refused to add my name on her account at Mary Ann Conn's request, larry (pnc) said we had to have an attorney to add anyone to this accounts of her's. When I went to my attorney he told me an attorney was not needed to add a person to her account and that Mary Ann Conn has the right to add any names she would like. When I went back to Larry (PNC) and told him I checked with my attorney and he told the bank has to accept any person the account holder wants with out an attorney, Larry (PNC) said no you misunderstood what I said, I didn't misunderstand what he said, he just refused Mary Ann Conn's request to add my name. What Larry (PNC) was doing was stalling me while larry (PNC ) knew a grandson of Mary Ann Conn was applying for guardianship until this was done. My mother has dementia ( short memory loss). I am now seeking guardianship for my mother Mary Ann Conn and to remove Tim R. Conn as guardianship, If I'm able to do this I will take all her accounts of over $400, 000.00 to another bank.
Charles Conn

Jan 09, 2017

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