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PNC Financial Services Group — mortgage loss claims department

My loan number is [protected]. I had a water loss on my property on 12/21/2017 which was covered by my...

PNC Financial Services GroupI have not received payment for something that was pncs error

I had my checks stolen back in November 2016 so I had called to cancel them and placed an order to receive NEW checkbooks. I received three new check books in January 2017 that I had paid $19.99 for, well they were supposed to be new. The first two checks on my new checkbook were the same numbers as the last two checks on one of my old checkbooks that I had cancelled. Not knowing, I wrote a check for my rent with my supposedly new checkbooks and since the numbers overlapped, the check had bounced when my leasing place went to cash it. I received $80 worth of fees from the place I lease from all because the bank messed up and was not supposed to print the same check numbers twice. I understand that banks make errors and everyone is human so I called the PNC bank I use and was extremely patient and explained what happened to multiple people including the branch manager about this. She understood what happened and called the place I lease with and took responsibility and asked them to remove the fees and make it able for me to pay my rent with my checks(since they said they could only accept money orders from me after the check bounced). Since they would not remove the fees, she had left a voicemail saying to send her a ledger with the stated fees from my leasing place and she would get it taken care of. I was extremely patient over the week and a half this took for them to get it sorted out for her to come back and say that it wasn't their responsibility to pay for the check bouncing since I should've "kept track" of my check numbers and notified them if my new checks had been the same as my old ones so I wouldn't use them. This is a bank error or, what she had told me was a check printing error, but not my error and I should not be held responsible for their error. Needless to say this is not my mistake and I should be reimbursed for those fees.

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    my name is christopher carter, in dec 2016, i tryed to deposit my paid check from the university of scranton, pnc bank does our payroll, it was a pnc payroll check, teller refused to take the check, i asked her to help me, she refused . and gave me a hard time, she throw a deposit slip at me and told me to fill it out, i told her i dont have my glasses can she help a second time her tone of voice and body langauge was out of line . im cant understand the way i was treated .
    Christopher Carter

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      PNC Financial Services Groupatm machine took my $360.00 on 1/28/2017

      I made a cash deposit at 6:13 pm at the PNC ATM on 7906 Tara Blvd Jonesboro, GA. I deposited 20 $20.00 bills and the machine gave me back 3 of the $20.00 bills and did not put my deposit in my acct and nor did the machine send me an email showing my deposit. My email address is [protected] When i did a balance inquiry I did not see my cash in my account. This is my first time ever depositing cash into this machine and I am very upset and I want my money to be deposited into my account. I work hard for my money and it seems as if this machine is not or has not been serviced for any type of problems. Why did this machine take my money? I have never experienced this before with any of my other banks ATM. I need someone to contact that bank and give me back my money. This ATM machine needs to be taken out and replaced or fixed but I want my money back ASAP.

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        PNC Financial Services Groupmortgage


        I'm a new costumer with you all. I am hoping my loan gets sold quickly because working with you all has been so difficult. No loan statement was sent only a coupon book not specifying information and an online pin and user id, which doesnt work of course. I have been on the phone for an hour causing me to miss a family function with out of town relatives. It is just ridiculous that a company is able to be so impersonal. You make your workers do the run around and add so much extra work for them because of your inability to take the time to give a customer all the information. I have never been provided such minimal information from a loan company.

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          PNC Financial Services Groupauto loan

          The Loan was paid off in December of 2016, and I received a letter stating that. However, in January of 2017, they continued to withdraw the automatic payment from my checking account. When I called them, they said it was my fault...(What)? I followed their procedure on paying them, and they changed their system midway through the term, so I could not longer even log into the system, but somehow it is my fault that they continued to withdraw money after the loan was paid... Instead of an apology, I got an ignorant CSR. I rarely complain, but do not use PNC if there is an alternative choice.

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            PNCno more walk up service

            I have a complaint about the new banking process at the 1919 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Branch. I don't know why you all decide not to have at least 1 Teller at the window for quick service like simple a withdrawl and/or deposit. Most folks here at the George Washington University uses this branch to do in house banking and now that services has changed is really doing a dis-service t us who do not need to sit and talk to a banker. It take up a lot of time when you only have a 30 minute lunch break as most of us do. I ended up being late from lunch because there was two other people before me and someone still in the office, geting a little comfortable in her conversation for as many people that was waiting. I ended up leaving and going down to your 20th and L street branch to do my transaction that would have taken only 5 minutes. Recently I lost my ATM card and it is taking so long to get it back and now I have to run to the bank before they closes. And to have to deal with this type of service made me very upset to the point that I feel like closing my account wiuth you all after doing business with you all for so long. Please re-think that service, it stinks!!!

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              PNC — misrepresenting bank policies

              At PNC LaPorte main office a Larry (patroski) unsure of the actual spelling of his name. For the past 3 week...

              PNC bankingproduct service rep or manage issues

              transitioning from military life high profile life to civilian they are terrible rude and not loyal. Not the tellers.
              This started in ft bragg, nc with virual wallet then they messed that up. IN part the corp fixed it then kept it simple. I honestly don't like the staff in west carollton, ohio not the tellers the product service rep talks down to you. We expect our life to be private and personal with this lady asking way to many questions and to a high profile person. They should be fired and apologize She was asked for some materials and she wouldn't provide. if you are a fan then act like one don't be rude. or condescending. No one wants to do business with banks who are shady only with those who treat clients as such. making remarks to try and argue or say things liek " We won't upgrade you" when she harassed with phone calls to come in to offer better services from them.
              in part as a reviewer and informed from such. Courtney was her name. Already forgotten. And she also seemed racist. The client was thinking about pressing charges. This employee should be held in penalty for such performance. She wasted her time.

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                PNCallotment funds old account

                In 2003 I transition from the united states army and for got about my allotment in the amount of 268$ going to my account I followed the instructions that were given to me by customer service and the end I was told that I was charged 10 thousand dollars for something that I have not gotten a recipe, , your bank can not charge me with out rendering a service that is stealing

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                  Pnc Bank Lehighton Branch Office — opening new account

                  I currently have an account with pnc, so when we decided to open another joint account, we went back to pnc...


                  PNC Bankbranch safety

                  On 09/17/2016 I went to the branch in Aquia Towne Center. The branch was set to open at 9:00am. I got there close to 10:00am. The lights were on. I walked up and the door was locked but I slipped and fell on my way back to my car due to the ice on their sidewalk. No where was it salted like the other establishments in the area. When I tried to call the number there was nothing stating that the bank was closed. Considering a bank down the road was open for business you would think PNC Bank would be open too. Apparently not. When I went to another location - inside a Giant and explained what happened there was no empathy. Just stating that "The branches may just be closed due to the weather" but no notice to customers - even via automated message.

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                    PNC — mortgage loan number [protected]

                    I have been trying to work with PNC Mortgage since early October of this year to have my October Mtg Payment...

                    PNCcustomer service for personal account

                    11/22/2016 11:30 AM New Zealand Time

                    I was in a foreign country and I needed cash. My CC company needed to route to my banking account to transfer money. I called PNC to get my personal account details. As such, the "Lovely lady" whom I had the "Pleasure" of working with 1) Could not keep track of my SSN, and I had to give it to her twice. Now I am concerned she wrote it down and due to PNC having incompetent employees, my ID will be stolen. to resolve this, I want ID monitoring for 1 year, free. 2) She did not believe who I was, even though I gave her all my details, twice. She questioned weather I could answer questions on my own, since the account I was calling about was a joint account. 3) I called to get my Account number and routing number, and I made this clear, she seemed to understand at first, but then after stealing my identity, she told me she could not move forward with out me telling her my account number. I feel like she was faking her employment at PNC just to steal my money. Now I was in a foreign country, having to worry is some broad in America was taking all my money without my knowledge until I returned to the States to confirm she didn't (yet).

                    I used to brag about your bank. I am opening a business in the spring and I had no doubts about working with you as a small business, but now I have my doubts and will most likely take my business else ware due to this experience. If this had happened State side, it would not be such a big deal, but since I was stranded overseas without cash, and it felt like PNC gave me the finger over the phone, I question your motives- Do I really want my business stranded like I was? No. Nobody does. Nobody should have to feel like that with their own money.

                    Luckily PNC only locked me out of 1 of my accounts, so I was able to log in online and get my other banking account information to get by.

                    Your resolution- Free credit/ID monitoring for my accounts/ myself for 1 year, to ensure your employee does not steal my money or identity.

                    Thanks for taking the time to read about the most horrible experience I have ever had with PNC in the past 25 years.

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                      PNCclass action lawsuit - yes! mortgage loan process slow and maybe unlawful

                      Nov 2016 - I wish I had looked first at the online reviews. Maybe I would have suspected that after we’d passed the first "30-45 day” close mark, and two other dates, that the process would be the nightmare described by others. The documentation re-requested by their underwriter was uncalled for (like transcript of 60 days past PayPal transactions, a note from my mother, etc) I questioned the PayPal request due to email addresses and private information displayed from small gift monies to family and friends. (Like, what if I bought adult toys??)

                      PNC wouldn't accept electronic signature on documents they emailed, but neglected to tell me until weeks later. When signed a second time in "wet-ink", the documents were rejected again and sent back for my initials (next to my existing signatures) Ridiculous.

                      My credit score is always around 780. I make good money, and more interesting, PNC holds my checking account. It's why I thought I could trust them with a mortgage loan.

                      So... now my elderly parents are packed to move, and PNC home-close failed a third time. PNC also required me to get home insurance on a home I still don't own. On top of that, I paid another month of furniture storage with the moving company waiting to drive it out-of-state, reschedule cleaning crews, construction, and new appliance deliveries etc (over $3000 extra expense). My elderly parents are sleeping on airbeds in an empty house, they’re stressed, and mom caught pneumonia last week. She recovered, thankfully.

                      At this point, wondering if I was just having bad luck, I read the reviews and found many other hapless PNC customers. I shuddered to see that the close date in their complaints was pushed out for three or more months. I decided that night to go with another bank and start all over again, knowing that at least there would be an end to it all in 30 -45 days. PNC responded with a flurry of activity, and a promise that we would close in another week.

                      So here we are, two weeks later, at a fourth attempt "ready to close" and they forget to send the loan package to the attorney for sign-off. I'm a week out from having to pay more exorbitant fees for the delay. Stay away from PNC.

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                        Live Nation- PNC Bank Arts Center — concert on 9/10/16 - cheap trick, joan jett, heart

                        Event was oversold and understaffed. Paid for VIP parking, but VIP lots full, had to park anywhere I could...

                        PNC Merchant Services — clover go

                        William S. Demchak PNC Merchant Services Two PNC Plaza 620 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...

                        PNCrefusal to listen

                        On 4/30 I was calling to report an incident of fraud. Last month I was contacted through an online service I register with to provide childcare. The woman made a whole long story up. She didn't come when she said stating her mother died. She said she would be here in 2 weeks in the meantime her employer was going to send me a check as they were covering her childcare. Well, I thought it was sketchy but ok. When the check came she texted me to ask if I got it and told me to go and deposit it my account. The check was for 3, 000 dollars over our agreement. So she wanted me to withdraw the amount she was supposed to pay me and that was all she said. I don't have a PNC acct but I went there because the check was drawn from there. I went inside handed it to cashier who calls someone out from the back. The guy asked if I received that check from a job I got off the interne. I told him yes I did and he said it was a fraudulent check. I asked could I have a copy of it, the guy said no.
                        I left called my Sheriff's dept. They informed me that the bank will do it's own investigation. I told him ok but I've got a lot of evidence and would it not help the bank for him to get it he said no. Fine, I called PNC 1-800 number after being on hold disconnected and telling the story 3 times it turns out that Customers cant speak to the investigation dept. I said well don't you guy's care and he said they did but really there was nothing that can be done. I got irritated a little I don't get it . Here I am wanting to provide all this info to try and stop these people and they don't want it. I myself have never nor would ever use a PNC bank.

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                          PNC Bank, Zebulon, NCcredit/debit machine service

                          Due to a fire in May 2015 we lost our credit/debit machine. It is now April 2016 and we still have not received a new credit/debit machine from PNC Merchant Services yet we have continually been billed for the machines and services. We have made numerous calls to the providing company and to our local PNC branch who informed us they could not help us or offer any support to us to receive new equipment or cancelling our contract with Merchant services whom they recommended to us. The monthly charges are always paid yet we have no service. The customer service for this company is the poorest we have ever experienced.

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                            PNC Flemington New Jersey — customer serv.

                            I just close my and my kids accounts. There is no way people spend more time on the phone (text's, play...