SUBMIT A COMPLAINT, PlayerAuctions LLC, PlayerAuctionspokemon go gaming accounts is a huge scam!
- fraudulent company - buyer beware!
- stay away!! Save your money!!

I purchased 7 pokemon go accounts on The accounts I received were banned accounts. The seller knew this and said they would provide me with replacements and told me to wait. 4+ weeks went by and I still haven't received anything. I asked for a refund several times and the seller ignored

I then disputed all the orders in question with playerauctions dispute process. Waste of time! Over 1.5 months of sending them emails back and forth, playerauctions did absolutely nothing. They ignored my emails, ignored my refund requests, ignored all the evidence I provided, and released the funds to the seller without resolving my cases.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Los Angeles, CASo I disputed all transactions in question with paypal and escalated them to claims, and playerauctions suspended my account. I provided paypal with all the evidence they needed. I filed as items not received and items not as described. All 7 cases were awarded in the seller's favour. I appealed their decision two more times and they were still awarded in their favour!
I spent about $350 usd on all of these accounts and I got nothing for them!!! I didn't get any functional, working, playable accounts, and I didn't get my money back that I paid for them. What I did get is a bunch of headaches and a thinner wallet. stole my money and didn't give it back. robbed me blind. is a scam that everyone should avoid like the plague. is the a fraud company.
You have been warned!, PlayerAuctions LLC, PlayerAuctions

  • Updated by PLAYERAUCTIONS_is_a_SCAM · Apr 30, 2017

    This is contact information for this company for others who wish to post their only complaints online and who wish to contact them directly:
    PlayerAuctions LLC
    11301 West Olympic Blvd Suite 337
    Los Angeles, CA90064
    [protected] (in case the number above doesn't work)

Apr 30, 2017

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