PlayerAuctions / playerauctions is a scam

ON, Canada Review updated:

I had made two orders one for 50m runescape gp and another for 100m gp after waiting a long time for a message from both sellers I had decided to cancel both orders to avoid any problems but turns out this only made it worse after I had canceled the orders I was suspended within the hour this happened march 10 and im still suspended today with no reason or messages from. iv sent multiply emails to try to un suspend my account but they just ignore it so I go to customer support to ask if im still getting refunded for the two orders I had canceled before being suspended and they had said yes all orders are canceled and will be auto refunded so I thought ok but a few days later I got nothing back so I went back and this time they had said there were unsure if I was to get refunded and I had asked why and they never gave me a clear answer and just keep ignoring it then today I had went on and now there saying I will not be getting refunded at all because I had never responded or something to the orders which is stupid how am I to response to the orders if I cant get onto my account? they did send me two emails about the orders and I had replied to both but the support still said I never sent anything so now my account is still suspended and my 100$ will not be refunded I suggest not using playerauctions they are 100% not legit btw the sellers never provided any proof of giving me the gold because the trade had never happened if playerauctions was smart they could look at the messages between the seller and me and see that they had never sent me 1 message so how would I know where to meet up in runescape and they didnt give an msn or other way to contact such a scam

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  • Mi
      27th of Apr, 2012

    Well like peixe01, I also had a problem with buying an eve account from them. One week after I buy it, petition opened, eve account is taken back, and playerauctions dinks around does nothing, seller gets paid, they get paid, and im out $.

    The entire system of "hiding" your information from the buyer is TERRIBlE in this industry. You need to know why you are buying from otherwise you have no recourse to get the account back.

    Ill never be buying from this company and warn others to stay far away!

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  • Gh
      9th of Jun, 2012

    After waiting days to get 30m on runescape for verification I decide to cancel it and im still waiting for a refund after 2 days...terrible website do not buy from them pleaseeeee!

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  • Al
      20th of Feb, 2013

    Paid $82.28 for an account. After 24 hours account information was not received. I filed for a refund. Now they are saying that it takes over 2 days to received any type of refund. I do not know if this is the new china or what. This has to be one of the most poorly ran companies I have seen so far. I have been in this type of business for years, and have never come across a company that is ran this bad. I would never do business with them ever again. How many companies out there say to you "Oh well you gave us your money but we are going to hold onto it for a few days before giving it back." If I had to rate this company. It would be a "F".

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