PlayerAuctionspayment cancelled/not received - thieves

Upon looking into many other peoples cases and the disgusting mess that is PlayerAuctions facebook page. It's obvious that Playerauctions is a kek "company". More like the bandits from skyrim, where they seem organized and all but they're still bandits?

But my story anyways.
So I just sold Runescape currency on their site about a week ago, and the buyer got it and all and gave me 5 stars. Everything looked like it was going great. Got that disbursement countdown "your money will come in xx:xx".

But the timer ticks down and at 0 it just says "queued for immediate processing - now processing" So anyways that went on for a couple days whatevs. So 3 days ago I wake up to an email at like 2:55 am saying "Playerauctions sent you your payment" and I was like say worrrd but right above that an email at 2:57 "PlayerAuctions has cancelled their payment to your paypal" so I was like awe nawwwww. So I sent them an email asking whats up since live chat or phone numbers don't exist anymore in customer support? like wtf we're humans. But yeah no response tot hat one yet, doesn't even say "Seen" *cough* 24/7 customer support lies *cough* more like 1 hour in 52 weeks customer support. But I mean its only been a week I could be jumping the gun, but based off other people who haven't gotten their stuff after years. I think it's gg for me.

But yeah sent 2 more emails and messaged them on facebook, no response. Payment still say "now being processed" Thank god for me it was only 20$, my heart goes out to those that lost more money because of these thieves.

R. I. P the gwop stolen by PA, hopefully one of the probably 2 bandits that work there got a good dinner or something.

Basically, Dont buy or sell on playerauctions, yea it might workkkk maybe, like a chance? you might have a sliver of hope. but you're honestly better off standing outside your house with a paper sign that says "SELLING RS GOLD GOOD RATES" because that way if someone wants it you will at least actually get your money.

Peace yo

May 16, 2017

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