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Pizza Hut / employee caused son to lose job!

1 Ashley River Rd.Charleston, SC, United States Review updated:

My son, Brian Collins was working at the pizza hut on Ashley River Rd. One of the employees, Trina, seemed to have an attitude problem with him. She didn't like him for some unknown reason. She berated him every chance she got. She complained when he first started working that he messed up cutting a pizza and told him to never get on the cutting table. One Saturday, a few weeks ago, the GM Shannon was on vacation. Steven from the Savannah Hwy store was sent to fill in. He told Brian to get on the cutting table and he liked his work. He then told him to make a pizza and he was satisfied with that. He was showing Brian a lot more that he was being shown, because Trina told him he was only hired to wash dishes.

When Shannon came back from vacation, he was going to try and transfer to the Savannah Hwy store to work for Steven. On Monday, Brian went in to get his check and Trina lit into him screaming that he was getting written up because he went against her orders. Brian told her to talk to Steven and she said she didn't have to she knew what happened. She was told by a friend of hers that Brian messed up 3 pizza. Mighty funny Steven didn't know anything about it. I talked to Steven myself and he had no problem with the way Brian worked and wanted him to come to the Savannah Hwy store. Trina said Brian cursed at her after she cursed at him. He doesn't remember what he said but he was willing to tell he he was sorry.

He went in later to get his check and was told he would not get it until he turned in his uniform because he was fired. He was shocked and very upset. There is no excuse for him cursing her, but she didn't have to scream and curse at him.

Brian's dad died in May and I am not physically able to work. He was helping out with some of the bills. We are getting ready to lose our home. He loved working at pizza hut, but now he can't find a job.

I know this will not help him get his job back, but I felt like Trina should be held responsible. He wrote a letter to Shannon, but nothing was done about it. He was hoping she could help him get his job back. It seems to me like she should have waited until the General Manager came back and let her handle. I understand, Trina is not supposed to be able to hire and fire. I have been in the store and friends of mine have ordered pizza and have complained about the rudeness of Trina.

He called this morning to get his last check and Trina was sweet as sugar to him. Now that she was instrumental in getting him fired, she wants to be nice.

Thank you for letting me vent.

Lucille Collins,
Brian's mom.

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  • Br
      14th of May, 2008
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    I'm starting to think every pizza hut buisness is the same! I worked at brynn marr pizza hutt here in jacksonville nc, first time every waitressing and they through me out on the floor on a saturyday night! people wonder why they dont get the best of service blaming there waitress when they should be going to managment. 6 months later they put me as a shift manager which was a joke. i was told i was goign to make 7.50 an hour 6 months of asking when my pay was going to change from 6:50 my general manager dawn said shed call the office. i get my check and it is 7.00 so another month goes by and i tell her. by now im 8.5 months pregnant so what would be the point of hounding her to fix her employees pay? i told her i wouldnt be coming back after teh baby she wondered why?> theyre always wondering why people dont stick around its because they dont take care of theyre employees and when they do find out somone is finished they act like children. i went in to get my check on monday which is the day we always have been able to get our checks. but my assistant manager has teh nerve to say i have to come back at 2 because after working there for a year and 2 months everyone has to wait till 2. i understand how your son feels and i hope he finds a better job that will appreciate his hard work!

  • Co
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    Hey Brandi, my name is Tabitha, I used to work with you at the Brynn Marr Pizza Hut, I live in Joplin Missouri now but I remember working there, I also worked at the one on Gumbrach which in my opinion is A LOT better than Brynn Marr, Jill is so much better than Dawn, but I heard that Dawn got moved to one of the delivery Pizza Huts across town? Not sure though, anyway, take care!

  • Pa
      7th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    get a better daughter that doesn't cry as everything, [censor].

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