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Pizza Hut / employee advancement

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This is a concern of my son company. He has been working at pizza hut maybe for 4 years and still counting. He likes his job and it seems like that other employees that been there maybe at least 1months has become shift leaders instantly stepping trough the door. And they are all white. I don't want to make this a racial conversation but if you do the research and you will see for yourself. And he suppose to have been shift leader after a manager meeting 2 years ago and nothing happen. But as his family we are trying to get this resolved as soon as possible. His evaluation is 2 months in the hole and we are still waiting for that to happen as well. His area manager name is ron ward, we are pleasing to him. Please make my son james davis a shift leader. He has been a hard worker there for you. And he does manager work when the manager is not there 65% of the time and he is very dependable and if you have any questions about that, please refer to rebbecca massengale.

Thanks for reading this small concern!

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  • Ma
      16th of Nov, 2007

    This company is totally screwed. My husband I were both drivers, and I swung by one busy night to visit him and give him some support since he was sick and the ONLY driver that night. The other driver was having trouble with his brakes, and the shift manager (Jason) did not call in any other drivers, as he was supposed to.

    He agreed to allow me to help out with a couple of deliveries, - note that I was not clocked in, nor in uniform, nor did I have a car sign or the money the company is supposed to give me to make change for the customers.

    Yes, I was going to take my own car, but my husband and I chose instead to use teamwork and ride together. Since he was so sick and exhausted, we agreed that it would be best for the company, and us, to just have him drive and me to do the legwork. But when we returned, Jason yelled at us for riding together, though we had asked several times before this night for written proof of this rule that had never been enforced before and did, in fact, happen all the time, even with other drivers. In our defense, I pointed out the many rules he broke all the time; not preparing food while sitting and talking on the phone for way too long with his wife, smoking inside the building, etc...
    He replied with, a perfect managerial response of, "### off" and walked away.

    Infuriated, I followed him inside and demanded the keys to the car I had given him in exchange for $350. He never pad even one cent, though he had managed to buy an expensive new phone plan with even more expensive Blackberry phones. He had gotten the title from the original owner of the car whom I bought it from, signed it, and claimed that the car was now legally his and that I had no written proof that he owed me money for it.
    Thoroughly pissed off, I threatened to slash hi tires among a slew of curses and I went out the door. He then sent us home without finishing my husband's shift.

    Then the police arrived at my home, accusing me of slashing his rear tires. Now, there is a busy bar, a Blockbuster store, a gas station, etc. and many other busy places on this major street where the restaurant is located, and with all the high bike and foot traffic, anyone could have slashed his tires when they hear my very loud shouting.
    The police were threatening to arrest me, (innocent until proven guilty, indeed), so after telling them for the last 20 minutes that I am innocent, I said that I did it, just to get them to go away and not arrest me for a simple accusation. I am, of course, still not guilty of slashing the tires.

    Since then, we have been suspended then fired without any notice, (though the store manager Cassie claimed she left us a voicemail, (I have proof of no missed calls on our phone bill and, of course, no voicemail), and no one, not even the regional manager, gave us the opportunity to explain our side of the story.
    We are pressing charges, calling lawyers and Pizza Hut Corporate, to explain this very story and outrage, as well as the various health code violations and legal violations committed by other employees, including management. Among the violations: smoking inside the building, allowing an admitted and known, (by the entire staff), alcoholic driver to make a 15-20 minute run to the liquor store during business hours while still clocked in, and allowing another driver to work for the company without a valid driver's license since day one until the day he quit.
    If anyone knows of any good lawyers willing to work for us as well as suing for his wages as well, please, please, please let me know.

    Thank you!

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  • Ma
      16th of Nov, 2007

    Oh, and please send this to EVERYONE you know! Please help us to get this out there!!! I promise you that I am not lying about or omitting anything in this story. It is truthfully and honestly objective.

    Thank you again!

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  • Ja
      16th of Jan, 2008

    I am getting this out there as soon as possible so please wait.

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  • Am
      4th of Jul, 2008

    Yesterday I took some of my guests to Pizza Hut, Johar Town Lahore which is your franchise. I have certain comments which I would request you to seriously consider for improvement.

    1. A group of people were smoking inside on second floor. When requested to stop smoking, they refused. Supervisor was helpless. Finally with some efforts from serving boys / waiters / stewards, this group shifted to ground floor, still refusing to stop smoking.

    2. There was severe shortage of manpower on second floor. Only two waiters were available to handle about seven families. Only billing took more than 10 minutes (without exaggeration). When I reported this to supervisor (Ms. Fizza), she very arrogantly asked me to fill up the comment card, which I did. I quote her comment ” to phir card bhar dain na aap”, unquote. I think, the supervisor in particular has to be extremely soft spoken and well trained to handle customers. The waitors were however very courteous.

    3. The wash room hand drier was out of order and was room cleanliness was not upto standards.

    4. When I tried to pass faxes to phone numbers (Lahore and Karachi) given on comment card, they are not responding

    Amer Farooqi,
    Lahore, Pakistan

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  • Am
      3rd of May, 2009

    OH don't even go there, did you ever think about the possibility that maybe the other employees were just better suited for the job than your son? regardless of how long he has been there, it doesn't mean that he is better for the job than someone who has'nt been there as long. You are not there at work with him you do not know how good his job performance is. Anytime something like this happens people always play the racial card, it gets old.

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