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Pizza Hut / some customers are just downright rude and psychotic to be honest...

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As a pizza hut employee Ive heard most and almost all of the complaints listed below. I understand what some are speaking about but you have to understand that these people are making minimum wage so if they forget a sauce they really aren't going to be that concerned. Maybe if pizza hut or other places in general payed there employees a little bit more they would have better workers, although some people like myself are just hard workers and no matter what they are payed they work hard and try to serve the customers in a polite and efficient manner. But some customers are just down right rude and psychotic to be honest. Who wants to serve a rude and uncompromising ahole not ME!

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  • Wb
      1st of Feb, 2007

    AMEN SISTER! I agree with you 110%! I am a manager in the hospitality industry and keep in mind, I do my job and I do it well! However, there are times when you just want to BLOW UP at some of these customers! Just because you are coming into my business DOES NOT give you the right to treat me like a doormat! When I train all of my employees, I try to instill that mentality in their brain that DO NOT smile and apologize IF IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! Apologize for it happening, but do not take the blame and DO NOT let them chew YOU out for something that you didn't do! I believe in providing excellent customer service, but at the same time, I will not stand for ANYONE, customer or not, mistreating me or my employees! I can't tell you how many times I've asked guest to leave or had them escorted off the property because I will not tolerate this! So, I understand what your saying!

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  • Ki
      4th of Jun, 2007

    Fantastic! Finally someone complaining about customers!! Yippeeee! Yes, pay is very low and customers also need to remember that a lot of the employees are barely out of their childhood. So some horseplay is going to happen. My pet peeve is the drive thru customers complaining about their orders not being right.

    All too often, customers pull up to the speaker with a car that has a loud engine. Factor in the fact that they crank up the stereo to drown out the kids in the back seat who are screaming excitedly about the line of police cars and fire trucks going by. And then they get upset if you ask them to either wait for the traffic to quiet or if you ask them to please turn down the stereo so you can hear them correctly. And when they don't give the order taker that courtesy... then they come flying into the store making a scene about there messed up order making business for everyone come to a screeching halt!

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  • Di
      25th of Sep, 2007

    Because you don't have the skills to get a high paying job we should eat pizza of very low quality. Is it my fault you believe you are worth more than your employer is paying you? No. Do your job to the best of your ability and deal with complaints properly!

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  • Un
      22nd of Feb, 2018

    I just happen to glance at pizza guys complaint after reading your rude statement towards me and saw your name Go Figure lol Is that all you do is sit it chat all day putting people down looks to me like maybe you should get a job and i mean a paying job

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  • Li
      16th of Nov, 2007

    It does not matter if you want to serve a customer or if you like/dislike a customer. You are a PAID EMPLOYEE doing a job. Your job, that you voluntarily and willingly chose, is customer service. It is not my problem or concern as a customer whether you are pleased with your wage. Your job is voluntary, you chose to go to work at this restaurant and you choose to accept the wage you are earning. As a customer, I don't care if you dislike me or any other customer, just do your job, and provide me with the pizza I paid for within a reasonable time frame and meeting the required health standards. It's really not that hard.

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  • Bo
      26th of Feb, 2008

    "Dileo Pran" and "Customer" are the examples of why CSRs give bad service. These people are probably disliked by the majority of people in their lives. If you can't be pleasant, why do you expect anyone to be pleasant towards you? Most of us are mirrors. We gve what we get. Then there are those who are just bad apples all the time. Screw you!

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  • Ju
      2nd of Apr, 2009

    I have taken customer service. And you Employees forget how to act. It is your job to make your customer's happy. Smile, wash your hands and look presentible. NOT HARD! Don't bring your drama to work. Simple eh? That attitude in my Resturant Bonfyr would give you walking tickets.
    I have been to resturants that GIVE excellence in Customer service, thusly fast food or not, I give tips.
    The old saying goes... Can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!
    If you have the "screw you" mentality to life, you wont amount to much. fast food jobs are stepping stone careers. you learn skills from these jobs to better yourself. and if "screw you" is your result, you fail at your career, and you're an ignorant child that needs walking tickets. and Manners! I give what I get, YOU have to remember, people are eatting that food, do it wrong they can have bad reactions to it. Food poisioning, Allergies. Ect ect. I guess those people up there who say they have "excellent" customer service skills, are egotistical. And truly are not competent, try working constuction if you want to act like a brute.

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  • Ca
      24th of Jul, 2009

    To "Customer"...

    You really think that people CHOOSE a career in fast food? Please shelve the Capitalism 101 drivel. If someone's working at a Pizza Hut it's usually their last choice for gainful employment.

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  • Sc
      28th of Jul, 2009

    I'm a shift manager at a pizza hut and I deal with all kinds of customers and there is realy no way to have set rules about how to deal with them because they are all different. I will say this much though... Wether we are paid or not to do what we do and wether or not it is voluntary is irrelavant. You do not have the right as a customer to be rude and disrespectfull to anyone who hasn't been that way towards you. Some customers need to understand that wether we employees like or agree with the policies we have to follow we still have to follow them. Now as for excessively late food, cold food, the wrong order, or any other legitimate problem... yes it deserves an apology and guess what, most of the time as long as your calm and collected about it you'll get the apology and then some. I agree with the comment above about not tolerating rude or disrespective treatment towards or from team members. I will not allow my team to treat customers that way nor will I tolerate it from customers, paying or not. There's such a thing as common courtesy that is being quickly lost in this country that customers and servers alike could use a good dose of. My general rule of thumb is, "If I acted this way how would I expect to be treated?" There are some customers that are totaly unreasonable and impossible to please and there are some servers that have no business being in customer service, it is a two way street. Both sides need to learn to be a little more understanding of the other situation. Hell, I was told by a customer the other night that I should discount her pizza just because she was, and I quote, "the Queen", of what I don't know. I explained to her that we have to track discounts and that this was not a legitimate reason for me take 1/3 off her total and I was threatened with "well this is very poor service, I'll be calling your boss!" Now you tell me, was this reasonable? We in food service deal with customers like that almost daily and we move on to the next customer with as big a smile as we can muster. Me personally, I laugh it off, but not everyone is able to that and these kinds of things stress them out till they snap on the next rude or unreasonable person. Servers, keep in mind that people get grumpy when they're hungry and usually when they're ordering food... they're HUNGRY. So don't take things to heart and just be as calm as you can knowing that at the end of your shift you get to go home and that stuff doesn't matter anymore. Just my thoughts on the subject, I know they jump around a little bit but what do you expect at 1:45am

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  • De
      2nd of Oct, 2009

    I think it's ridiculous. Stupid. Don't act like you're so grand that you deserve to be treated better than everyone. Rule #1 in any situation where you deal with your customers, the customer is ALWAYS right. If you start reacting poorly to how they're acting, then you're just as stupid as the stupidest customers you've ever served, and it also reflect on how the customer will CONTINUE to react. If the customer sees you get upset, then clearly, they feel as if YOU feel they deserve to be treated like cattle, and not given the service they've paid for.

    My pizza hut locale has screwed up my order no less than 50% of the time I've made orders. Whether delivery, take out, or eat in, they have screwed up my orders 50% of the time. And yes, I have kept track. I used to work in a food production plant. Knouse Foods to be exact. And I learned some VERY important things while working there. Regardless of WHAT place you work in, if you make food, whether manufacturing, or just cooking it, your employees, EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE, is WHOLLY responsible for QA and QC. Do you know what those are? Quality Assurance and Quality Control. And ALL of them MUST comply with the GMPs of their work place, Good Manufacturing Practices.

    The job of these OVER paid whiners, is QUALITY ASSURANCE. Your job is to make sure your customer gets what they order. You want to get paid more to do a better job, but would you let them pay you less for doing a ### job? Of course not. The world owes you NOTHING. If you take on a job, do it well, and do it right. Don't slough and say, "They don't pay me enough to do it right." They pay you what EVERYONE ELSE in your line of work is getting paid. And you are OBVIOUSLY over paid.

    Remember, without your customers, your business serves no purpose, and therefore does not exist. Your customers are your life blood, mistreat them, and you'll be sorry.

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  • Ch
      14th of Dec, 2009

    Just typical, lazy American mentality!! These horrible customers you speak of pay your crappy minimun wage salary!! When a customer goes out to eat, or orders fast food, they do so for a reason, because they want food and a little respect and effort on the behalf of those paid to do so. If you are not a people person...GET A DIFFERENT JOB!! It's that simple, otherwise do your job and stop complaining!! How hard is it to put a sauce in a bad, or say I'm sorry, or to simply make a wrong a right with little effort. Most customers don't want more than they are paying for and that is good food with good service!! If you are not capable of completing a simple fast food order, then maybe even a minimum wage job isn't for you! Grow up already! Every job involves doing things we don't want to, but we do what we have to do to get the job done. Besides, with the economy the way it is now, you might not even be able to get a crappy minimum wage job before long, then you might have a real reason to complain!

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  • Ch
      14th of Dec, 2009

    I would say about 75% of the time that I order fast food or pizza, my order is wrong AND they forget something that I ordered after me stressing beforehand to PLEASE don't forget this sauce or that sauce. But, GUESS WHAT...they forget it anyway and blame each other and there we are with food that is not good without certain sauces, and if you want to wait until they bring some back, you entire meal is cold and ruined! It is simply a matter of incompetence!! How long does it take to match up an order ticket with the order being delivered? 15-20 seconds ?? Is that too much for a customer that does not have to spend their money with this business to ask for? It is getting to the point now that I don't order pizza or fast food at all because I'm so sick and tired of being treated like I'm a bother to these workers and this business. I will fix my own food unless I'm out somewhere and have to choice. If more people did this, these companies might come down off of their high horse and realize who the boss truly is in this situation!! Besides, it's healthier anyway and a lot less expensive! A win win situation all the way around...think about it.

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  • Wy
      28th of May, 2010

    I worked at pizza hut in Attalla Alabama. Their motto is slow cold and rude, at least that is what the training video said. The manager would tell people we weren't delivering because we didn't have a driver there when I was the delivery driver. I quit when my wife got robbed delivering a pizza and the manager was more worried about getting the stores money than letting her leave to go to the hospital. My wife got fired the next day because she was a "liability" for getting robbed, in the 3 1/2 years prior working for Domino's she never got robbed. Pizza hut doesn't care for customers nor employees. Just my 2 cents.

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  • Im
      16th of Aug, 2010

    I m also working for pizzhut in London, All I can say is that I always try my level best to do my job with honesty. I m working hard and I love my job though I am not earning enough.
    When serving customers I always respect the customers and welcome them with a smile. I give good customer service to all customers always because I believe that they deserve that.

    Imran Khan
    Islington Pizza Hut

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  • Ab
      21st of Feb, 2015

    I haven't worked at Pizza Hut but I've been doing customer service for over 15 years. I don't make minimum wage wage either. Trust me. And I will openly say that some customers are impossible to please. Not all but a few yes. These are the people who demand respect from themselves and give none to anyone else. I have no problem with doing my job but there is a limit. When you deliver bad news customer they take it well, become indifferent, upset or psychotic. Its the psychotic I have a problem with. The yelling, the cursing, the belittling, the personal attacks . Its like screw you. No matter how much I get paid, its never enough to put up with abuse. At this its not about solving the problem and all about them treating you like an animal so they feel better and thats NOT what we get paid to do. It just isnt. It gets to the point where they arent even interested in being assisted by you and just want to get a rise out of you. And its disgusting. I go above and beyond to help customers, but when they start acting like that I do my job and nothing further. They get nothing EXTRA out of me. Nothing! So I sympathize with all of the customer service representatives here regardless of which type of industry you work in. Customers can and will be douche bags but you don't have to buy into that customer is always right crap because its not true. Customers are NOT always right but they sure use that motto to try and abuse us. And for all their grand standing, there is no way they would be okay with being treated the way they treat us, on or off the job.

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  • Ph
      1st of Mar, 2015

    I am also a shift manager for pizza hut and I am in complete agreement. In my year of working for pizza hut, I have experienced a lot of abuse. Not only from customers, but from the company as well. I have experienced countless of 8+ hour shifts with no breaks. I have experienced being thirsty for over 5 hours at work because I am not provided anything to drink and I cannot leave the store. I have closed the store until 2 am just to come back in six hours at 8 to open alone. I have been told by numerous bosses including my franchise manager that my work comes before my college education and personal life. I have met hard-working amazing employees who have not had a raise in the 4 years they have worked there. In 2014, my store made over 1 million dollars and none of us received any recognition. But the worst part is, the employees who work the hardest make the same amount of money but for 3x the stress and work. The people who do their jobs get the worst tasks for the same pay. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the constant abuse from customers is not helping the situation. I understand and take the time to resolve all customer complaints, and I realize that you expect proper service if you are paying for something. However, I have had customers blatantly lie to my face about not receiving things that they never ordered. I have had people argue with me for 20 minutes even though I have proof that they never ordered what they claim they did. And I have heard, "But doesn't the $2.80 delivery charge go the drivers?" as an excuse not to tip countless times, even though we never see a cent of the ### delivery fee. I have had people scream at me on the phone about their order, only to discover that they did not even order from our store. I have had my drivers threatened by people. I worked ALONE at night while my company knew that they had over 7 armed robberies of nearby stores in the past couple weeks. Pizza Hut basically left me alone after 3 armed men had seriously injured other employees nearby. If you get nothing else from reading my story, I want you to understand this: Customers are abusive at times, but at least they have a right since they paid for a service and really do deserve what they paid for. Pizza Hut is abusive ALL the time, without any reason.

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  • Yu
      10th of Mar, 2016

    I disagree. Today, I ordered from my local Pizza Hut wjo has been delivering to my house for 18 years. Yes, they have often forgotten items such as sauce or icing, but in the past they always apologized and tried to complete the incomplete order. Until today. Today once again our sauce and Icing was missing, so I call our Pizza Hut. Instantly I am put on hold, this is fine, I am used to being put on hold by them. They take me off hold, I explain the issue, the manager mumbles something about the problem that I could not make out, then without warning, she puts me on hold again. Then I am shortly hung up on after that, nothing resolved. So I call back, say no I do not want to be put on hold because I was hung up on. I mention my incomplete order, get an insincere apology and then am put on hold for probably a good 5 minutes. The manager finally picks up, and after I complain that I was hung up on by her earlier (she was the one handling my earlier call) I get to, d by her, "I didn't hang up on you, it's not my fault."

    I have worked in customer service, fault or not, it is her problem. She proceeds to argue with me, I am getting frustrated and my voice does raise by now, due to my frustration at her refusing to resolve my problem or take any responsibility towards resolving it. I ask to speak to her manager, only for her to tell me she is the manager. She has repeatedly argued with me, thrown my own words back at me, refused to complete our order there are other orders that she needs to deliver before she can complete my incomplete order that arrived well before those orders.

    She then proceeds to hang up on me because, in her words, "I am yelling at her." Yes, my voice had raised in frustration by this time, no, I never cursed or called names.

    What happened to, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, let me fix this for you?" I was never offered this service by this manager. What I was told was that none of the mistakes were her responsibility. It's discouraging when you have a customer service problem and it becomes no one's fault to resolve it, not even the managers.

    And yes, I have worked in Customer Service, I handled jobs in a print center. Mistakes were made sometimes, not always by me. But they were always my mistakes to fix when dealing with a customer, regardless of whether the mistakes were my fault or not. Never would I have once considered telling the customer, "I didn't do the mistake" like this Pizza Hut manager did me. Fact: the customer doesn't care who is at fault. They don't want to hear excuses on why the mistake happened. They just want the mistake fixed.

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  • Je
      1st of Aug, 2016

    As a CSR and driver at Pizza Hut, I will encounter 1 out of 100 customers that are just impossible to please. You get the same thing at fine dining establishments and Applebee's. The key is to make the customer feel bad for being a jerk by smiling, being polite, and giving excellent service. Minimum wage or not, it's a job and you have a choice of where to work. If you can't take it, then quit.

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  • Pi
      7th of Feb, 2018

    I’m a shift manager at a Pizza Hut near Atlanta. Seeing some of these comments just turns my stomach. Customers have a right to be annoyed if their order is messed up or if they’ve received crappy service. As a CSR, server, and especially a “manager”, it is your duty to provide the best hospitality to each customer regardless of their gruffness. Their grumpiness is likely due to an empty tummy, which I take great pleasure in filling with our food.

    With that said, I have encountered customers who are impossible to satisfy. One lady called up to our store complaining about a hair in her pizza. All of our staff wear hats or hair nets so I told her to bring the pizza to the store. She refused and demanded a credit. Mind you, this person has done this before. I told her to bring the pizza to the store and a fresh one would be made. She wasn’t having it. She kept calling the store demanding her money back and we put her on hold each time. She eventually came to our store screaming and cussing and even threatening to hurt us. I told her she had 30 seconds to leave the property or the police would be called.

    If a customer is being unreasonable or threatening, you’re well within your right to refuse them service. Most times, they’re friendly and understanding unless their service has sucked.

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