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Pizza Hut / first there was late pizza then there was none!

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On 6-26-07 I ordered pizza hut online (Delivery), my order was expected to arrive a 7:21pm but it came at 8:40pm and it was the wrong type p'zone. The driver apologized and said,"the other driver refused to come delivery to n. W. Moultrie!" (The majority of the residents are african american).

The next day 06-27-07, I ordered pizza hut online again. Order was due at 9:21pm order arrived... Never! I loaded up the kids and we went to pizza hut but they had closed. For years I have done business with pizza hut never knowing that if you stayed across the street from a public gym (With a police substation on the side), have hungry kids waiting on food and live in n. W. Moultrie, that your meal will only be delivered if a certain driver is working.

This is ridiculous. I will once again go to pizza hut, but this time I won't order I want answers. I've always stayed in n. W. Moultrie, ga. 32 the same place ordering pizzas, shopping, etc... I'm disgusted!

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  • Kp
      19th of Dec, 2007
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    Don't take it personal that you live in a bad neighborhood and drivers don't want to risk being robbed, or their lives over pizza.

  • Bo
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    Next time, go pick it up. Anyone who has been robbed in a certain location is not going to want to go back. Lives ARE more important than pizzas.

  • Sh
      17th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Last night went to pizza hut, ordered a pan supreme and had very scant amount of toppings, was very dissappointed, two weeks prior ordered personal pan supreme, another customer came in after me and ordered large pizza got his pizza in 15 min, got mine in 30 min

  • Mi
      9th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Today I had a horrible experience with the store manager Noel located at 220 Marrietta Hwy, Canton, GA . My son and I placed an order to your Canton store (770-479-8775) we were told that our order would be delivered by 4:04. Around 4:15 my son called back and was told he never made the order? When he told the young lady that answered the phone that he remembered her voice she told him that he was wrong! He then asked to speak to the Manager Noel who decided that she would set him straight by telling my 18yr old son that he must not know how to dial the phone ( dripping with sarcasm) and then hung up. I called back to understand why she felt the need to be so rude and I also wanted to make sure that we were dialing the correct number. I guess Noel felt that we were getting on her nerves and decided that she was going to start yelling at me! Noels felt that if she yelled in the phone several times like I was an animal that would make me go away. No it did not work it only made the situation worse. Now I am angry and asking her if this is the way she treats all of her customers when things go wrong and her response was " I TOLD YOU YOU DID NOT ORDER A ###ING PIZZA FROM THIS STORE"!. This was not the right choice of words at all! I then called the store back and asked for the name of the area manager or the owner of the franchise and again Noel decided to be nasty and hung up on me! Two minutes later a delivery guy calls and tells me that he has is trying to find my home so I give him directions and hope that he gets here soon. Then I get a call from yet another one of your people telling me that there was a mix up and the call went to the wrong store and he would not be able to deliver to my home we are to far away and he will have to call Noels store so she could send it from there. I declined that order. I would greatly appreciate a response from you.

  • Ka
      11th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Pizza Hut pizza is so poor in quality for the cost. Years ago it was awesome, now it's like eating cardboard! You can send all the coupons you want, we would rather eat from a local shop that is made with real cheese and an abundance of toppings when you order them. If I order a mushroom pizza I'm lucky to get 2 mushrooms sliced up. And time and time again, when I've had onion on it, it has been the damn skins...gross, cheap, tasteless. In these economic times you best watch your step or you will be asking for a bailout! We won't miss you when you go...

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