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Took my van in for sparkplugs and check engine light and was given estimate of $200.00. All day they kept calling trying to sell me brakes, (just done by me) fuel filter, (done by me 2 months ago) new plug wires which I agreed to.

Upon going to pay I was advised there was $24.99 shop charge (what is this) and an extra $99.00 for installing ths sparkplug wires. ( avery easy job on my vehicle) which brought the bill to %376.00.

After much protesting they agreed to give me a 10% discount (big deal).

Beware that they think all customers are unaware of their vehicles and they will rip ou off big time. I will never deal with Pep Boys again and am also filing a complaint with the BBB on them.


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      Aug 15, 2010

    I work at Pepboys yes they treat employees like [censor] so in return u get bad service. Basically anyone that complains gets a free job and in the end the things the tech did get taken away . They shoulve adviced you on the rate for wires, as a tech I don't care if it's easy I need to get paid for things I do or else I would stay home. If you think it's easy you should do it yourself. It's not Christmas and next time check out the dealer and see who's the rip off...

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