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Optimum Cable Vision / charges for another person bill

1 Brooklyn, NY, United States Review updated:


I was living in the same apt as another person during 12/14/05-9/28/06. the person living in same apt with me moved out and her
service was disconnected. I resumed service under my name 11/22/08
before service was connected, I had to pay a bill under my name from
10/2/02-6/2003 which was $249.46
I've since transfered to another apt also transferred my cable service.
now I receive a bill in the mail from
200 Jericho Quadrangle 2nd fl
Jericho NY 11753.

letter is stating that I am now responsible for the bill left by the person
who lived in the other apt with me from 12/14/05-9/28/06.
balance $209.63

I called the number listed and was told by Michael, I am responsible
for bill in other person's name because I also lived in that apt at time
service was rendered. although this person used her name and social security number. I wanted to make a complaint and Michael told me
I had to call [protected] cablevision to make complaint.
when I called I spoke to Harriette 1/29/09, gave acct#. Harriette then
informed me that acct# given belongs to me. I informed her this is not
my acct# with a balance owed. when she looked up person's name who
used to live in same apt as me, she found that her acct info had transpired over to my acct listed under my name.
I wanted to know how can this be legal?

this person opened her acct using her name, social security # and date of birth, how can Cablevision put her balance on my acct. at a different apt in which I now reside.

I also had a problem with Cablevison previously.
before they restablished service with me where I paid the balance that
was left under my name from 10/2/02-6/2003 $249.46,
Cablevision had me listed as living in the Bronx in 2003.
I live in Brooklyn all my life and have only been to the Bronx a couple
of times. just because Cablevision saw someone else with the same name as me, Cablevision stated that I had to prove I never lived in the
Bronx. I sent so much information to prove I never resided in the Bronx.. when I asked what information Cablevision is basing this on.
exp. did the person sign up with social security number. I was told
no. the fact that my name matches a person who resided in the Bronx
who owed a balance is what info is based on. until I could prove I wasn't
this person in the Bronx, Cablevision placed this person bill on me as well. this cannot be legal is what I'm thinking.

I had such a hard time with clearing this Bronx location issue up,
that I then signed up for legal services when they came to my job.

this current issue with the bill left by another person is being billed to me, I am letting my legal people handle this. I want to get the media
involved in this. I was told while trying to recfify issue in the Bronx,
Cablevisionn deleted all there records some way in 2003, and info
isn't matching in there systems. therefore, Cablevision is making the
customers clean up there records for them by having to send in info to
prove your not someone else. this is unaceptable and ridiculous.

As hard as times are with this recession going on and all, I can't
believe the nerve of these people.

I also think Cablevision customer service reps treat customers
as if this is welfare or something. they're so disrepectful it is truly
unbelieveable. I had Direct Tv which was cheaper and had no problems until my management wouldn't allow anymore antenna
s outiside of windows or on the roof which upset me, but i kinda understood. antenna's can look ugly depending on how many in one area. This is probably why Cablevision treats their customers with so
much disrespect. does anyone at Cablevision ever look on their sight and see the amount of complaints against their company especially
the customer services reps. I hope they all lose their jobs in the recession. Cablevision has no compassion for people and is a really
bad company to sign up with. I tell everyone I come in contact with
about how lousy this company is.

will give update of issue.
have a good day all.

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  • Pa
      5th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I don't know about this particular case, but it is highly possible the stated complaint is true. because optimum has very poor billing system. they messed up my account totally when i transferred my service from one address to another address. they created three accounts and charged me three times, i had to fight a lot with them (5 calls to customer support and one personal visit to their norwalk office) before they agree theie mistake (infact they couldn't even figure out what their mistake was, only after i pointed out then they had no choice other than accepting it)

  • Fi
      24th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yolanda to answer your question... yes yes we do look at this (site); you issue doesn't seem as big as you make it seem. you must realize that this is not face to face customer service you call us to have info clarified and the only way to clear up any mishaps would be to provide extensive proff on your behalf that way you're not robbing us and vice versa!!! its the same way if you had your credit card stolen or lost credit card companies wants to make sure you're not falsifying your claims!!! now if you do have a roommate and live in a dwelling unit with another person no matter what someones responsible for what ever services has been used... just like light and gas; they dont care who is living there before and who is now they want to get paid!!! what u should do instead of # about it would be to find your ex-roomie and get your money (if you've already paid the balance) or have the # pay it!!! its that simple... we're only customer service mam' we can educate u on our products and policies but we can't teach you common sense. and maybe instead of watching cable all day and stressing pety things go out and enjoy life.

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