Optimum / bill!!!

I'm getting tired of every time that I open my bill it's higher. I just got another increase and all they have is basic service with the Triple Play I don't change anything I don't add anything but yet my bill went up again. When I called customer service they told me that's because your promotion has ended that's the excuse every single time that my bill goes up that the promotion has ended. I'm never told that I'm on a promotional service aren't they supposed to ask me or speak to me about any kind of changes that they are putting on my bill? When the rep said that the promotions are supposed to save me money they never do the bill just keeps going up and up and up that's not saving me money I'm really disgusted with this service I've been a loyal customer for 15 years this is ridiculous. I want to know who to contact so I can speak to them about stuff being put on to my bill when I'm not even notified!

Nov 14, 2017

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