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Olive Garden / horrible service

1 Allen, TX, United States Review updated:

The Olive Garden at the shops of Allen was once a go-to. I just WALKED after yet another evening of OBNOXIOUS service, this time at the hands of business-card-to-the-far-right manager Angelina Diaz.

Our last meal was comped after a reportedly newbie server "Meghan" took clueless to a new level. The restaurant was EMPTY and we couldn't beg this girl to leave her chat-post by the kitchen to beg for food. We were at Olive Garden an hour before we received our melted cheese and toast. I'm no chef, but I can melt cheese and make bread turn brown. The GM, Ron Burke, came to our table to accept responsibility for the nightmare of an evening and graciously take the blame for their inability to produce toast: "We put it through three times, it wasn't just right." At any rate, the evening was horrific enough for them to comp the check. I would have gladly paid double for a pleasant evening.

Tonight, we made it PERFECTLY CLEAR to the front that we did NOT want Meghan. They seated us and one of our regulars...a charming waiter...came to our table to take our order. Meghan was in her usual position, chatting it up with another (usual) waitress.

Did I mention we are SERIOUS regulars?

So, after we ordered tonight, MEGHAN came over to tell us that she knew we'd already given our order, but she'd be taking care of us. We asked for a manager.

Enter (eventually) Agelina Diaz, smug, loaded with attitude and (in all seriousness) wearing pants tight enough to verify her underwear brand. Advising me this was the first time she'd met me...we've eaten there every other night on particularly busy weeks...she went on to be such an condescending *** that we chose to go to the front, request our check and leave.

Not satisfied to leave completely destroyed alone, she followed me to the front and said, "All fed up then?"

"There's a reason I didn't ask for you, " I replied, then reitterated my request for the check from the innocent employee manning the front.

"Okay, well that's FINE with me..." she started, flipping her hair back with hrand drama.

"I didn't ask you, " I replied.

Suffice to say...I'm done. When I get finished sharing this story, I'll drive across town to Kenny's, where they DO know my name and treat me with the respect any customer should deserve.

Plus...they hire competent servers and the food rocks.

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  • Br
      17th of Aug, 2015
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    Olive Garden has always been my favorite restaurant. I have visited locations throughout the entire United States and it has always had impeccable service until I visited the location at 10800 West Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135. I have gone 3 times to this location and every time has been horrible. I haven’t complained until now because I was giving the benefit of the doubt.
    Yesterday Sunday August 16, 2015 we went at around 1:30pm for lunch. The server was too giddy and spacey right from the get go. She didn’t offer a wine sample. We gave her our drink order (6 of us- My brother, my best friend, husband, their 2 kids and I). She came back 10 minutes later with only half of our drinks. We asked for the other drinks and she said she’d come back. Another 10 minutes later she came back to take our order WITHOUT THE OTHER DRINKS! We again reminded her of this and she said she’d take our order and come back with the drinks. We placed our order and I asked for extra tomatoes and onions on the salad. 15 mins later she comes back with the salad and cold breadsticks AND NO DRINKS AND NO EXTRA ONIONS AND TOMATOES. At this point I got really aggravated. 35 minutes into the meal and half our table have no drinks! Totally unacceptable! I looked around and it was not busy at all. Even if it was busy (which Olive Garden usually is) there is no excuse for this kind of service or lack thereof. I figured ok maybe she’s new, but, she said she’d been there 4 years. At this point I’m thinking “ok where’s she disappearing to?” We waited another 10 mins and she finally came back with the other drinks and no onions and tomatoes! At this point those of us with drinks were empty, as well. So I asked (shouldn’t have to ask) for a refill on my drink (I was drinking bellini tea) She comes back a few minutes later with a coke for me and olives and tomatoes! I ordered belini tea and ONIONS and tomatoes. How many times do you have to repeat yourself until you get what you asked for and are paying for? I finally grabbed another waiter and explained what was going on. We waited several minutes again and no one came back. I finally went to the front door host and was very angry.
    Finally the manager came over and we got drinks in about 5 minutes and opur onions and tomatoes. We are now an hour into the meal the salad is warm because it sat there waiting for tomatoes and onions. I have not been offered a wine sample. I’m hungry, cranky, mad, aggravated, and impatient. I finally ask the manager for another waitress. Why didn’t he offer to bring us a better waitress?? Why didn’t he offer us anything in return for the unacceptable service we’d had up until that point?
    The waitress he sent us as a replacement was fantastic! But, by then I was too angry and upset to even enjoy my meal. I ended up getting most of it to go.
    The 2 times before were very similar to this. On Mother’s Day again we weren’t asked to have a wine sample. I love wine and had planned on buying a glass or 2. When I asked the server for a sample he said, “I don’t have time. You should have asked for it at the beginning.” Excuse me! You don’t have time?? And since when do I have to ask for it?
    I am very disappointed in the service and the experience. I don’t think Olive Garden is my favorite anymore and I think I’ll start going to Applebee’s and Chili’s more often.
    Very disappointed and angry,
    Brandy Schmitz

  • We
      25th of Jun, 2016
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    @Brandy - wine sample? You just went on and on about a freakin wine sample! I have been to Olive Garden in about 8 different states and NEVER have I been offered a wine sample. Is this something new?

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