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7/21/18 my husband's birthday our Bill 44.00 and change 9 top . I didn't like my meal our server Carly nice carried back O order what my husband having Chicken and Shrimp Caronara without shrimp Allergic. I asked server to make it a takeout order. Well got ready to eat my meal Monday order is chicken Alfreda. A small serving with 3 small pieces of grilled chicken barely any sauce!!! Disappointed.. Went back to Restaurant Managed very nice and told me he will make my meal and also insist on giving me a free frozenmeal. Well get home get ready to eat WELL HE GAVE ME 2 FROZEN CHICHEN ALFREDA with a separate container of fresh hot grilled chicken in it!!! Totally unacceptable well put in on microwave no taste season. Meals unbeaten O paid 44 for meal 2 and ripped 9.00 for a ruined Meal mines. I enjoy Olive garden but this was unacceptable will not eat there again. Disappointed. Thank you for opportunity to express my experiences in your Restaurant

Jul 24, 2018
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