Norton / technical team scam.

United Kingdom

I tried to download a Norton security deluxe protection costing me £30.00 on 1st June 2017, a message appeared that referred me to the Norton technical team, I was persuaded to pay £199.99 which I did to get my laptop protected once again with Norton.
I was told that I would have a two year guarantee by 'Paul' I was told the Company was Network Layer DB info, telephone [protected] ex 203 Password DB2526. This telephone number does not exist!
12 months later I have again tried to download another new Norton security antivirus on the same laptop and again was referred back to the Technical team asking for money by 'Peter' on telephone [protected] I suspect these people are operating from India, but I can't understand how your product can refer me to these conmen. Can you PLEASE EXPLAIN.
Stephen Pitts.

Dec 29, 2018

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