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unauthorized charges to credit cards

I want to encourage everyone who has been VICTIMIZED by Norton (Symantec) to report the activity to your respective State Attorney General's Office. They are responsible for investigating and taking action against these types of crimes. Most of the state AG's have online complaint forms.

***Florida's AG's online form (copy and paste): http://myfloridalegal.com/Contact.nsf/Contact?OpenForm&Section=Economic_Crimes

If everyone makes a report, maybe something will be done! Good luck!

Resolved fraud and scam

I haven't used Norton or any Symantec products for three years and my credit card expired. They pushed...

order #[protected]

Ordered a CD (PC Power Boast Service) from Norton Symantec on July 1st. Order number is [protected] dated July...

discontinued service, want refund

I cancelled the service in May and was to receive a check in 7 days and so far have not seen or heard from...

overcharged for product

I was charge $131.98 for Norton 360 anti virus software. It should not have been over $77. Since it was less than 30 days, I would like to cancel my subscription and have the $131.98 credited to my charge account My order number [protected].

Robert Fidler

  • Na
    Nancy O. Ellis Apr 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Annual Subscription renewed without my consent.
    Did not want to renew subscription. Received charge on my credit card for $63.74. Would like the charge removed and I do not wish to renew this subscription in the future.

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product does not install properly

This is what I wrote in response to their "customer satisfaction" survey:

Oh yeah, I can tell you what DIDN'T work for me...

I purchased Norton Internet Security 2008 from you on June 18th. My order number is *************. When I click the "download your product" button, the product downloads and then installs the previous trial version I had on my computer. I have completed this process about seven times so far. It downloads, installs, and then "Your trial period has expired" is displayed on the old Norton program interface. And I cannot find any evidence of the new 2008 Norton Security program anywhere on my computer.

I have uninstalled the old trial version a hundred times, but as soon as the new 2008 version is finished installing, the only program available is the old, expired one! I have tried every avenue of troubleshooting. Your "help & support" link advised me to download Symantec Licensing Troubleshooter, which I did, and double-click on the SymLMTS file, which I did, and then follow the on-screen instructions, which I did. The instructions instructed me to put in a 25-character product key into those five fields. Well, in case you haven't noticed, the Norton 2008 program only comes with a 19-character product key. So that doesn't work.

I have tried calling you people, emailing, using the help & support chat service, everything to get this goddamn program up and running. But every single freakin' link DOES NOT WORK! Not even the survey link you sent me in this original email!!! That doesn't even work!!! So then I tried to get into my Norton Account (which I created when I first purchased the product) but the system claimed to not recognize my password. Now, I KNOW THE PASSWORD I CHOSE FOR MY NORTON ACCOUNT BECAUSE I WROTE IT DOWN AND I AM A RESPONSIBLE, ORGANIZED PERSON, WHICH IS A LOT MORE THAN I CAN SAY FOR YOU PEOPLE. But, nevertheless, your idiotic system didn't recognize my password, so I clicked on the "forgot your password" link and the system promised to email me a new, temporary password, WHICH IT DIDN'T. I tried to create a new password about ten times, but my Norton Account never sent a new password to my email account. So that doesn't work, either.

And then I got to thinking... If you incompetent, lazy, irresponsible, sloppy ###s can't get your website and its links in working order, then what does that say about your products??? Why should I believe that the product I purchased for fifty bucks is anything more than a poorly written, malfunctioning, clumsy, half-baked program that does nothing more than confuse and bugger up my delicate computer. I hate you people.

So, naturally and obviously, I am demanding a full refund of the Norton Internet Security 2008 "Subscription". I demand and expect my VISA to be refunded as soon as you have finished reading this email. Again, my order number is *************.

It's been a goddamn nightmare dealing with your company and it's software.

Angry Consumer.

  • Sh
    Sheryl Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Had same problem. Finally got it install. Have no idea how I got thru, but I did. Now my problem is my computer shuts off half way thru a full scan. Of course it's my pc...NOT...only time does this is with Norton. As son as I figure out how to uninstall (way that really works), IT IS OUT OF HERE. Nevre ever again to be seen

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  • Wg
    wguru Jun 25, 2009

    Having experienced the nightmare of NIS2005's even worse release of Symantec's so called AV, I vowed to 'never again use Norton products' (having more problems than it ever prevented, constantly needing NIS re-installs, causing I think more issues w/in the OS than it ever could have prevented, no support, etc., etc., etc.), it was only after trying other products and finding them failing in about the same respects, one of which was eEye's "Blink" that let me down (by allowing a USB stick's 'bar_311' trojan-virus onto my machine, which the nightmare continued when against my better judgement used the again hellish TrendMicro mand their online scanner to supposedly clean the machine and the USB stick (which it didn't and moreover it resulted in enabling the virus's trademark 'boot on & immediately right back off' routine, so that proved TM' sucked as well. Of course TM' refused to back up their online scanner's failure as they refused to even write back and they demand as most, a ccard before even speaking w/support. Thus after weeks of pulling my hair out, ie; countless hours of ueslessly seeking help, I figured out (on my own) how to go to the BIOS and disable boot from disk and then was able to do a complete system recovery. Again, no help from anyone (CNet forum and many other forums as well). So after the system format and re-install, I was still left with the infected USB stick and Norton's online scanner actually cleaned the stick. It was then I made the mistake of buying into the supposed claims that NIS had fixed their quirky software after 2005 and so I installed their NIS 2008. Aside from that I can't say anything good about Symantec's product. It slows down the machine to a crawl, interferes with iexplorer and video editing software mostly from what I can surmise by NIS's "pulse" updating aspect which can't be disabled (supposedly only the suto updates can be disabled, but once you miss either of the usually twice daily auto updates, the result seems the machine is plagued by not only incessant NIS warning popups on need to update, but it seems too that also the pulse update's are the cause of crashing my videop editor. Biggest annoyance w/NIS 2008 is the fact that in order to disable it, you must do so for each individual feature of the damned application (AV, firewall, EMail scanning, on and on and on, and if you use a password for NIS controls, well you know, just more needless exacerbation). NIS/Symantec, you product makes me want to puke. All I can say is just keep nothing on the OS that you don't care if anyone sees it, don't use your primary machine with a ccard, format & reinstall w/o any so called patches (that are bypassed as soon as their issued anyway) and just run your primary machine 'bare foot' and you'll be a lot ****ing more happier. Period.

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  • Hu
    hughLT Dec 20, 2009

    I got a message saying my Norton program was messed up and I should uninstall and reinstall. Did that- Now I cannot access my account with my original password OR the temporary they sent me. Disgusting. Hugh Trusty

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unauthorized charge

I recieved my credit card statement and found a charge for 66.98 on May 8, 2008. I called the credit card...

Resolved unrecognized renewal

This is a form of piracy or rico.I have paid twice for a byears subscription and it will not download into a...

charged me w / o authorization

Symantec Norton Antivirus company charged me $39.99 without my authorization. In fact, when they sent to me...

charged for product that I don't have

charge showed up on credit card statement a year after I cancelled my Norton antivirus and was sent a refund by the company.

  • Th
    thelma s. buell Feb 03, 2010

    I was charged for my Norton anti virus protection on Jan. 26, 2010 but have not
    recieved the service. This was charged to my Visa Card

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  • Th
    thelma s. buell Feb 03, 2010

    I was charged for the renewal of my Norton anti-virus protection on Jan. 26, 2010 but
    have not recieved the service that I have paid for.

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want a credit refund for non download

I orderd a Norton Anti-Virus which was prompted online since my factory installed was expiring 60 days after purchase of lap top. I gave all credit card info but when I tried to download, the download would not work. I may not have done it propertly -- but I am a senior citizen and I didn't need the stress. I sent an email the following day to cancel and ask for a refund onto my credit card. It seems I could not reply to that email address.
None of the websites or categories I find lead me to a place where I can cancel this order -- ONE DAY AFTER ORDERING. I want the credit now. My Symantec Order Confirmation # is #[protected]

  • Ro
    Rob Way Apr 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 1/5/08 I ordered PC jump start, instead of just renewing my excising Nortan subscription. When contacting tech to download, she said my computer did not have enough RAM. That was fine, my computer is old, I understood. She said a credit would be issued, so I went online and renewed my excising subscription. I have called and emailed all contacts I was given and no one seems to care. My situation seems so simple w/ easy resolution, credit me for a product I did not recieve. Nortan does not seem to care even though I continued to be a loyal customer. My initial case # was 487543928.

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  • Re
    REX P. DILLEE Nov 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Would like to cancel charge to my M/C for reference number 24692168316000357500831 for149.98 as I am also charged for your Norton 360 services which I wish to keep.

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  • Ha
    HAY James Russell Dec 17, 2009

    Please cancel my subscription. DO NOT RENEW repeat DO NOT RENEW I have instructed my bankers not to accept any charges from your organisation, ''

    James Russell HAY

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  • Ha
    HAY James Russell Dec 17, 2009

    Cancell subscription

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overcharge on credit card

I was overcharged on my credit card . I requested a downloadable Norton 360 version 2.0 upgrade. From DRI SYMANTEC STORE I was charged $119.98. My invoice says it is $59.99, and extended download service is $9.99. My bill should have been $69.98 total. I only want a one year program. Please credit my account. Order #[protected] orderdate Apr.- 05 - 08 Thank you
Karen Peterson

  • Ma
    Marge Elling Mar 06, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a new Dell computer in September and I did not subscribe to Norton Antivirus again. Best Buy did not bring the software on my new computer - They said I had to buy a different one. I have Spyware now. Please take the amount off my American Express Card. I no longer have that computer. Thanks
    Marge Elling
    6294 Melbourne Ct.
    Hudsonville, MI 49426
    616-481-5185 cell phone

    We are in Florida so I do not have my old contract with me. Thanks

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  • Ma
    Marge Elling Mar 06, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please take the charge off my American Express - Thank you

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  • Sc
    Screwed once again Mar 09, 2010

    we never authorized Norton Antivirus on our computer. We use McAfee and Spyware Blaster. We want a refund.

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  • Du
    dudertonmcnally Mar 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yeah. Give out your phone number and almost no information. You really expect to get your problem solved? You've got to be the dumbest person on this site. Go eat a dick.

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  • St
    stacy4girls Mar 12, 2010

    To whom it my concern:

    I jsut recently added some cash tto my PayPal card an thought I would check it, I wasn't able to run my card online and wasn't able to used it at any stores, etc. Thought I should check my balance an this is when I noticed that I had this charge on there that I didn't authorize. When you purchases a new computer Norton offers you a free trial which I took but have only had the computer a few says. NEVER did I authorize this transaction. The free trial I did do but that was only for a few days. Please take this chargeoff my conputer.


    Stacy GRieco

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unauthorized charges

I was charged for an annual renewal for norton and i do not have that on my computer. I have norton but it i...

unauthorized withdrawal of funds

I have an unauthorized POS funds removal of $53.98 from my checking account. I haven't had any Norton Products for over two years. Please refund my money to my account ASAP.

Resolved awful scam!

March 2007 I used a debit card linked to my bank account to renew Norton Symantec. That debit card wa...

hacked into my bank account and stole the renewal charge!

After 3 unsuccessful attempts in March 2008 to charge an old dead debit card number Symantec had on file for...

scam billing!

I have taken norton off my computer 5 months ago, on 3/12/08 I was bill on my visa card. How can I get it off? Plz advise smb!

fraudulent charges on debt card!

I ordered Norton Anti-Virus over the internet a year ago. My subscription was not up until january 24th 2008...

error product download

My norton internet security 2007 subscription was running out so i upgraded to norton 360.
Norton 360 product code TH63MC2XFYC6VF7V2QX6P4RXY
Norton AntiBot prod code 32GTVEDDSX3RJ9XPARMWJX4FU
I have lost my Norton System works program
Under instructions i installed the removal tool and tried Reinstall Norton 360
I encountered Error (9999,17x)
I encountered Program Error (3038,105)
(1) could you please help me with my problem
(2) could you please send me a CD ROM of the program
(3) return my money if all fails A$139.94
Thank You
Ron Atkinson

  • Sc
    Scott Johnson Jan 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have you tried to search the Norton website for specifics about your error message?


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  • An
    Ankur Maniar Jan 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a problem while trying to install as well. It removed my Systemworks and completely messed up my Windows XP. I eventually had to do a System Recovery. Avoid this Software. Try returning it.

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  • El
    Elizabeth Anne Jan 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On January 20th I had to reboot my computer. I lost my Symantec Norton 360 in the process. I purchased a two year service contract last July, and am not anxious to do it again 7 months later.

    I have two sets of instructions on how to activate it, but I'm not having success at trying to do either one of them.

    A live chat would be helpful. Hopefully it doesn't take 2-3 days.

    Elizabeth Anne

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  • Ou
    outlawdex Jan 30, 2009

    Chat ID: fe17cf6d-f8e1-42ff-b6c9-3c143e600373
    Problem : need help
    Nancy: You are being transferred to Nancy.
    Nancy: Welcome to Norton Spyware & Virus Removal Service.
    Is this the first time you are contacting us or do you have a Priority ID?
    Mr. dex barker: no
    Nancy: May I have your Priority ID please?
    Mr. dex barker: and no
    Mr. dex barker: dont have it sorry
    Mr. dex barker: i just need help with how to make a complaint
    Mr. dex barker: about norton 360
    Mr. dex barker: and this is my complaint
    Mr. dex barker: As I have just had a lovely chat with your support team at symantec. I’m off to trading standards as it states (easy access to FREE email and live chat technical support) on the packaging of the product, it does not state just for the product and you have to pay for virus support £69 when I have paid £59 for the product. So the stated FREE technical support you get is not free at all. I hope this can be resolved before I do.
    Dexy Barker
    Nancy: Ok, Please verify your email address for quality assurance.
    Mr. dex barker: [email protected]
    Nancy: Please provide me your alternate phone number or mobile number.
    Mr. dex barker: 07817980892
    Nancy: Are you connected from the computer, which is facing this particular issue?
    Mr. dex barker: yes
    Nancy: Thank you. Please wait while I look up your Priority ID.
    Nancy: Thank you for staying on hold.
    Mr. dex barker: thats ok

    Your Priority ID is 491395363 . Please make a note of it for future reference.
    Mr. dex barker: ok done
    Nancy: As I understand from your issue description your computer is infected with virus and you are not willing to pay for the support Am I correct?
    Mr. dex barker: yes
    Nancy: Dex, The money you pay is worth the efforts put forth by our Consultants in resolving the issue on your computer. You would have one of the experts in this field to assist you in resolving the issue. Once they are able to remotely connect to your computer, you just need to sit back and relax while they do the necessary steps to resolve the issue. Your presence is only required if we need to restart the computer and to ensure an active Internet connection.
    Nancy: We do not charge you on an hourly basis like certain other similar support services, and we offer you a 7 days support which is a great value for the money you pay and you could get back to us during that time if the issue persists.

    Moreover once the infection is removed our technicians would provide you expert advice, based on the specific configuration/settings of your computer, on how to stay protected in the future from similar threats.
    Mr. dex barker: ryt nancy plz stop reading of a sheet coz this i know all ready
    Mr. dex barker: so plz help me sort out my comlaint
    Mr. dex barker: as i said u state free and its not so help me plz sort this out
    Mr. dex barker: im trying to be nice as this is not ur folt
    Mr. dex barker: so plz do the same for me
    Nancy: I can provide you a free support link offered by symantec.
    Mr. dex barker: on the back of the box on norton 360 it states free tachnical support not u have to pay £69 im i ryt
    Nancy: When you purchase the product, the cost of the product is for the software, updates to the software and for the virus definitions. Apart from this, there is an additional charge for value added services.
    Mr. dex barker: lets try again does it state on the back of norton360 free tachnical support
    Mr. dex barker: ???????
    Nancy: Virus and spy ware removal support is a fee based service.
    Nancy: Virus and Spyware Solutions is a value added service provided by Symantec. We have well-trained consultants who would put in their best efforts to resolve the issue.
    Mr. dex barker: so yes it does tell me the free TECHNICAL SUPPORT ur going to give me that FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT
    Mr. dex barker: OR are u saying the box is liying
    Nancy: Symantec provides free online support that has 'step by step instructions' to remove the threats from your computer.

    The free online support is available to you at http://securityresponse.symantec.com.
    Mr. dex barker: ryt so plz tell my where u make my complaint to symantec and hit them with the book (trading standards)
    Nancy: For complaints you can get more details from the Symantec website.
    Mr. dex barker: no i have tryed that
    Mr. dex barker: or are u say u dont know
    Mr. dex barker: this is not looking good for u guys at symantec is it
    Nancy: You can get more information from the Symantec website.
    Mr. dex barker: so u cant help
    Mr. dex barker: ??????????????
    Nancy: I have provided all the help from our end.
    Mr. dex barker: thanks take hole convo has been copyed see symantec soon
    Mr. dex barker: that
    Nancy: I understand your concern, As per the company policy I can transfer you to the expert technicians only after the payment.
    Mr. dex barker: thanks that last bit was all i needed to hear techincians only after the payment
    Nancy: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    thats it i think that says it all dont we

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  • No
    notron Sep 08, 2009

    Your comments is what I hear every time I call Norton service too . They will keep you on line telling you how sorry they are. Then after a long while they transfer you to another agent and they start asking the same questions all over agai. I do tell them to please read the chat log for the earlier chat tech. and then lets start from thereb but no, they ask the same questions. I have contacted Norton aleast 18 times this year along and evern today I have log in issues with Norton not remembering my carded passwords. I get errors, freeze up (lots) i have to always turn off my computer off manually because of it. I have DLS (might as well have dial up) and I have always a slow computer (get my blood going). I tell them I am from the USA and they still patch me to India ( I guess no one in the USA can work on computers right?) and those people there can speak some English but man don't think in English or something. Only one time did I get a guy that I thought he was born in the USA, or talked like he was street wise on talking. Heck the remote help takes from 1 to 6 hours of my time. Then a few days later, have the same problems over again. I tell them that is why I have Norton 360 to keep my computer running fast and free of ziruses. Then they still ask for $99.99 to help me get rid of the trouble that their Norton lets in. Then they end by saying will there be anything else ? Thanks you for calling Norton. yea right. I still have 130 days left ( Norton won't refund me by pro-rating days unused) and even though I do, I am going to get Fios by Verzion. My buddies have changed to that and there computer runs great( all the time). RT

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liveupdate function problems

I have now spent at least 20 hours trying to get the LiveUpdate function of Norton 360 software to work! At...