Norton 360 Multi - Device / being scammed by them

700 East 10 th street, Coquille Oregon 97423, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 541-404-5044

In October 2013 i purchased the Norton360 Multi-Device from Walmart to protect my.
New laptop. I installed it at that time I w. given a set of phone numbers [protected] as my Norton service number. At that time I called and was sold a years worth of 24/7 protection for my computer for $200.00 which was paid by gift card and from my checking acct. They did finish setting up my service at that time. Approximately the middle of june they ( Nathan) Contacted me again with an offer of a second year of coverage for $199.99 which I did authorize. This past week I was called and informed that Norton was going out of business and they were going to refund My money. I agreed then they informed me that i would have to send them $600.00 dollars because they couldn't refund $400.00 only $1000.00. I told them I was not giving them more money and they would have to send the check for the amount they owed me. They said they couldn't do that because of company policy . I told them to figure it out because I wasn't going to give them any more money or bank numbers. They could call me with their answer. They called me back on saturday September 16, 2014 and just repeated the same story. I told them I didn't like being scammed. I hung up on them and havent heard anymore from them. I intend to attempt to remove Norton from my system.

Aug 18, 2014

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