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Morrisons-Sutton / poor customer service combined with a racist attitude towards whites.

1 Sutton England Greater London, United Kingdom

I went to Morrison's this evening and as usual I used a basket to put the items in which I intended to buy and went to the self service tills. I rang the items including two bags and paid for it with my debit card. I then started loading my items into the two bags. As I was loading the second bag, a so-called asian customer assistant approached me and said in a very stroppy way "Did you pay for that?" She was looking at the first bag which was on the floor when she said it. I replied in the affirmative. why wouldn't I have?

Now I ask you why would she think that I hadn't paid for it? She has no reason to believe that I had not paid for it. She was simply picking on me because I was white. This is not my first time to experience this sort of nasty racist attitude towards me and there is one other black lady who treats me the same way.

What I was doing on this occassion was neither unreasonable nor in the least bit suspicious and therefore I do not believe that lady had the right to treat me this way.

After I finished loading the two bags I approached the lady and told her that I found that what she did was highly insulting. I told her that I have been coming to this store for the last six years. She refused to listen to what I was saying and did not appologise.

Due to the fact that I have been coming to that shop for the last six years, I find it highly insulting that this lady and her colleague should treat me as a thief, neither of these ladies are members of the security team. They therefore have no actual legal right to do this in the uk.

I have noticed on other occassions, that the only people that the big black security guard picks on are whites. Now I don't know the circumstances of those situations so I am keeping an open mind with regards to those cases. But it does appear that the only people they seem to target are white. And the security bloke was quite rough with those other whites.


Nov 8, 2016

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