Morrisons / moraisons peanut butter

Crawley, England, West Sussex, GB

I bought your own brand of Peanut as the label showed it to have no added sugar or salt, assuming it to be a healthy option.
When I opened the jar there was a large pool of oil covering the surface.
In fact the Peanut butter was just a thin crunchy oil.
I decided to separate the oil from the Peanut butter.
As you will see from the photo more than half the jar was oil. The remaining Peanut gloop - still very oily - hardly filled a third of the jar.
You can clearly see the amount of oil in the plate.
This is one of the worst products I have ever bought anywhere.
I regularly shop at Morrisons and have never been so disappointed by a product. Disgusted would not be too strong a word which is why I am bothering to complain.


Apr 01, 2017

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