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Morrisons / staff treatment

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My partner is (Was... I'll come to that bit) a team leader on a fresh counter. She stepped down, only to find that the 3 staff members in 3 months that replaced her all walked due to the pressure - so she stepped back up. She has a team of - and I don't know how to say it in pc terms so I apologise - total #s who look like they have trouble to remember to breathe - and the senior management treat her like total dirt. It came to a head a few weeks back when she just totally lost it after working some 70 hours the previous week - no day off in 4 weeks - and walked out. I went and had a "chat" with the sm who basically told me that she was a liability. However, she returned to work and nothing was said. Until this week. Apparently, since then she has been demoted (With no being told, no meeting, disciplinary, nada) since the day of her "episode" and as such she's no longer being paid at a tl rate. Which was news to her considering she had been working like a slave and doing all the extra hours that were required of a tl (With no overtime!!!)

Sorry to rant and sorry if its a bit long going but I have to say, I work for a rival company and I think the tools that run the particular store are totally incompetant, rude and arrogant. They have no concept of the term "staff support" and they believe that anyone who comes to them for help is showing signs of weakness. I hope the company goes belly up, because all of the staff could do so much better than work for these gangsters!!!

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  • Ka
      27th of May, 2010
    +3 Votes

    Agree 100%
    Didn't realise such behaviour was company wide. I like my job but having to deal with untrained, ignorant supevisors and managers makes it very difficult. My one supervisor is great and doesn't allow her staff to be bullied. However, there are "the two" in personnel who must have masters degree in hope to upset and intimidate people. They are extremely rude, make decisions on a whim, and interfere in areas that are not their business. This year they changed the policy for holidays - we have to take n0 less than a week at a time. It wasn't like this before. Their sick certification rules change all the time too. I think there is a lot of sick time because of the behaviour of supervisors and managers. As I said, the two or three top managers do not fall into this category, only the personnell people and sum suprvisors.

  • Un
      19th of Jul, 2012
    +1 Votes

    we are the same at the livingston store we have a new manager who is a dictator no less than 4 department managers have been off sick with stress/depression since december and one duty manager does that not tell y ou something also members of staff off with stress too. also the amount of holiday forms that have 'disappeared' one flying out on monday not getting their holiday and being told if they go they will be AWOL. personnell manager is very unaproachable. i thought personnell should be interested in staff but they say no time come back later...when is later when you need someone. also someones partner was in labout they got told to finish shift wouldnt let them go and also another father-in-law in intensive care dying got told couldnt go to his bedside. what kind of staff do you have the morale is really low and i mean really low. when the shop manager is off its a totally different atmosphere even the duty managers are relieved. DO SOMETHING PLEASE!!!

  • Zo
      22nd of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    we have two hr staff in the office, i thought it stood for 'human relations' but for one of them it should be 'inhuman relations!!!i havent a clue what is to be done about the store i am in all i can say is sack the whole management and let the staff run the store and oh joy what a happy little store it would be

  • Re
      13th of Jan, 2016
    +3 Votes

    Having worked for Morrison's for 44 years I am currently of sick for 15 months the management have told me thy wont pay me of I have to resign and if I wate till after 31 march I will lose my holiday pay . on 8 february 2016 I will have bean 45 years with the same company

  • Cr
      22nd of May, 2016
    +1 Votes

    with the new "management " changes put in place. I find my current position at a petrol station unattainable. I'm training as well as doing my full time job making availability available. When given staff not wanted in store (due to either issues with management or other issues). I have to train them to competent ability. The petrol manager is now the utility manager, so extra work load comes down on me. Seeing as there no team leader rate for my job I'm very much vexed. So as I'm looking for new employment my tenure will soon come to an end. Not impressed.

  • Ar
      8th of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    God, I couldn't agree more. One big set of bullies. My wife has just returned from a reconvened meeting at Ecclesfield store ( she worked at Hillsborough ) she was spoken to like sh t on the shop floor by a manager in front of other staff & customers, got so upset she walked out, went to her GP who signed her off with work related stress, she called the store to explain she had gone home &vtge same manager came on the phone only to talk over her & very abrupt so she hung up on him. Then at a meeting she was accused of ringing up & impersonating a customer pretending to have seen a manager shouting at a member of staff. She attended a disciplinary & was given a verbal warning & again was accused of making this call. The note taker conducting the minutes even left out information & the minutes where never given to her to read before leaving. At one point the managers even bullied & pressurised her into going back to work whist been signed off by her GP only to drag her into a formal meeting without a representative on the first day she returned, bullying set of liers. Don't work for Morrison's they treat people like something you step in & it stinks.

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