Mcdonalds Wellingborough - Estone Court / fly in my milkshake

Estone - court, Wellingborough, United Kingdom

On drinking my milkshake, I couldn't get the last bit out so took my top off to get to it, and saw something black inside on closer inspection discovered it was a fly, I then took it to the serving point to show the manager, who told me it had just gone in there, to which I replied no it wasn't as I had only just opened the lid on it, to which he replied he would give me a fresh one, which as you can understand I refused the offer as I was feeling physically sick, he then offered me a voucher which I refused as his whole attitude was not how this could of happened or how he would deal with the problem, but it had just gone in there, if that was the case I would of gone up before finishing my drink in the first place, I have been there many occasions over the last few months and have had no problems, but I will probably not be going back to a mcdonalds outlet again in the near future as this was not dealt with properly and also made me physically sick after discovering a fly in there and will find it hard to accept not all outlets are the same.

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