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McDonalds / USA / South Africa / service response

1 South Africa Review updated:

Making a complaint to McDonalds - hit yourselve on the head it would be easier - I was promised by email I will be contacted - they just never said when, it has been a week already since the first phone call, and still nothing happens.

I see the store hygene and quality is not only lousy in South Africa - McDonalds - I'm Pukin it
I feel sorry for anybody eating at McDonalds - along with the old oil and stale burgers. Its a ripp off.

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  • Le
      28th of Jul, 2009
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    I agree. I complained to the south African call center about the fact that you cannot get any Ice Age 3 toys with the happy meals that they are advertising at the movies and they come up with a sorry for you attitude, but we are not getting any more toys.

    Please explain this to my Kids...

  • Ca
      12th of Oct, 2011
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    I just bought a Cajun deluxe meal from the Cavendish branch here in Claremont... The chicken is worse than rubber.. I tried to eat it as I did not have the time to go out again and get other lunch, but could not get myself to eat even half...
    The chips were fried in old oil, as I can clearly taste it... This is so bad... They have permanently lost me as a customer... I know they wont feel the loss, but they should maintain some sort of standard if they wish to provide value for money. Failing that, they will lose more customers.

  • Sh
      3rd of Dec, 2011
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    What has Mcdonalds become?! Always getting orders wrong, food not up to par, time consuming drive thru's, no ice cream at night, beggars next to pay point and food collection, bad service, the list could go on forever. Bout a month ago I purchased a m/coke at the greenpoint branch which I would expect to be up to par, luckily I tasted it before being inconvenienced.. It was gasless/flat coke, who drinks flat coke?? We're paying double than a normal vendor so is it too much to ask for fizzy coke?! Today at the Somerset branch the same thing happened, again luckily I noticed (my friends were stuck with flat coke and fanta) this is really not acceptable!! Most of the time there is something wrong with food but we just have to settle than end up with someone spitting in ur order, that's the kind of overworked unfriendly staff in most branches. I will never support McDee's again! Its enough that the food tastes like paper but how u screw up on fizzy drinks? Always a excuse for there being no ice cream. At this rate old faithful Mcdonalds will be losing much more customers

  • Kh
      8th of Sep, 2012
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    concerning the delivery here in Egypt i faced a very strange situation, i was making an order thru the phone n they said they cant deliver my order because I'm living out of zone?? in the same tI'me a restaurant is very close to McDonald's is delivering food without this unbelievable wicked answer as if McDonald's is trying to differentiate between classes of society from middle to high class, ain't this called racism, keep continuing in loosing more n more costumers, and buy the way prices ain't differ from district to another, and as also if its a big deal u can ask for extra money for delivering the order instead of loosing, other wise take a c.v from customers to be sure if they deserve to eat your sandwich or no, I'm sorry that all this tI'me i was purchasing from McDonald's without knowing that you support racism

  • Mr
      21st of Dec, 2015
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    To: Whom it may concern.
    RE: Mc Donalds - Umtata/Mthatha
    Date: on 20 December 2015 around 14:00
    Pathetic Service:

    Attitude of the person serving me after waiting on the line for my turn for about an hour:
    1. Drive through was supper slow & I opted for the walk-in option.
    2 After waiting for my turn almost 30 minutes. They told me that they were out of stock and couldn't provide me with ice cream Mc Flurry. I then opted for caramel & chocolate source. I then waited for my order.
    3. Customers that arrived long after me received similar orders and left while I was still waiting.
    4. When I asked when I was going to receive my order, the lady preparing the order responded with an ATTITUDE informing me to wait for my turn (as if I hadn't waited enough or I was waiting for a free-bee/ as if she was doing me a favour.
    5 Supervisor was present and aware of the complaint and did absolutely nothing about it.
    5. I then requested that they cancel the order as I was not chuffed with the treatment and will never buy from any Mc Donald's franchise ever again! I have had enough of their bad service & the "we are out of stock excuse" used after you've waited on the long ques.

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