McDonald's / the staff at one of your restaurants

Derby, CT, United States

Hi I visit the ansonia McDonalds three times a week all varying between 12 and 4am. Everytime I go there they are only accepting cash. Kinda sketchball to me. One night we sat in the drive thru for 10 min before they took my order. Another night it took twenty minutes to go through the drive through. Yet again on another night one of your employees did a drug deal with the car in front of me. This night also took considerable time to get my food. The list goes last night where the employee said he gave me extra food that would of been wasted. Yet he didn't give me what I ordered. It took 5 minutes of banging and yelling on the drive through window to get someone's attention. Then she told me she was in the middle of closing and disregarded me. How is she in the middle of closing a 24 hr restaurant? The service is terrible and they should all be replaced because not one of the staff is even remotely satisfactory.

Oct 23, 2018

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