McDonalds / restaurant grounds / lighting / parking lot / building envelope / drive-thru

Fort Atkinson, WI, United States

I find it unbelievable that there have been two main parking lot lights out for at least the past 3 months. (There are only 3 total) The parking lot is DARK after sunset and with the ice covered lot the past two days it is extremely difficult for customers to navigate in lot.

This McDonalds Building envelope is very degraded and neglected. The doors are all scratched up, the roof and HVAC systems are not well maintained including a wooden barrier fence that is falling over and is almost laying on its side. The floors always have a layer of grease on them to the point of being very slick to walk on. Also the side walk that crosses the driveway when entering parking lot is so fragmented that it resembles cobble stone.

In addition, after several requests to tell employees not to use our building steps for smoke breaks I am constantly picking up butts at the bottom of the stairs as new employees are not informed.

The Drive-thru runs adjacent to the building I manage and customers will throw garbage and Cigarettes on to our property and rarely does staff pick up debris and butts along this area.

I have been Maintenance/ Manager for the building next to this McDonalds the over ten years and find it very discouraging that this franchise has such blatant infrastructure deficiencies and management issues that continue to persist. I have witnessed first hand the gradual decline of this franchise in all aspects. At the very least please repair the parking lot overhead lighting.

I refuse to eat at this McDonalds any more as just walking in the door I am disgusted.

And I really should mention that the Ketchup dispenser has not worked for over 5 years? You have to pull up on the handle in order for it to pump!!! The very last time I went there the broken dispenser was gone and I had to use the stupid packets. That was the last straw. (excuse the pun)

Perhaps you should consider tearing this outdated structure down and start over west or south of town as McDonalds does not belong on our Cities Historical Main Street.

Jan 17, 2017

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