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McDonalds / lack of customer service!

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It has been going on for too long and must be rectified ASAP as far as I'm concerned and I believe many customers are being mistreated by McDonald Stores. Almost every time I've decided to go for a quick meal, it has taken too long to get it. It seems that the company is giving priority to the "Drive Through" service and let's people who come to the restaurant to sit down wait forever to get the service deserved for getting out of the car. I've watched the process enough to complain about it, and will do whatever it takes to take the issue to the management every time I see it happening. As mentioned before it's unacceptable to be so careless by Mc Donalds to continue this disservice. I'm prepared to go to the media to help nudge the company into doing the right thing or will create some negative slogans by displaying stickers or other forms of discontented signs to expose that sort of behavior.

regards Reinhard (Not Happy)

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  • Mi
      2nd of Oct, 2007
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    "In local news an area man is mad about waiting a minute extra and wants a restaurant that is DESIGNED to be run through the DT to completely change" Wow theres a good story, Number 1, people that come in do wait longer, but thats because they generally order waaay more food then DT, a one meal is smaller then an entire familys food. Its not rocket science, I cant beleive some of the people on this site, the world doesnt spin around you, get over it.

  • Di
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    I completely agree. However, I have the same complaint with drive thru...everytime I have gone through the drive thru I have had to wait a very long time, just to make the order, get to the window and still have to wait to recieve my order at the window. The food wasn't ready, and having to wait to have it made fresh is one thing, but to wait and still recieve old dried out food...that is ridiculous!
    Then if you order a 10 pc nugget you get 2 sauces, if you order 20 pc nugget, you get only 3 sauces. If you ask for an additional sauce...(which equals one sauce per 5 pcs), you are charged 0.25 cents. ARE YOU KIDDING?????

    I have been very disappointed everytime I have gone to Mc Donalds anywhere. And I have to to many throughout the states. I now refuse to go at all

  • So
      5th of May, 2008
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  • Pa
      15th of May, 2008
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    I just wish McDonald's would serve breakfast items until at least 10:30. I have sat in line on many occasions the time being 10:15 only to be told upon placing my order "we're serving lunch now".

    Maybe all of them are not this way, but the one in Muscle Shoals, Alabama does this consistently.

    I'm not ready for lunch at 10:15 in the morning and with my job sometimes it's after 10:00 before I can get there.

  • Sh
      13th of Oct, 2008
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    for months my friend and i have enjoyed a chicken wrap and free pensioners coffee, only to be told recently the rules have been changed and we only have a free coffee with a burger or (bacon andegg mcmuffin) which doesnt appeal to us, so not to be robbed of our enjoyment we now go to hungry jacks and get our favourite chicken wrap and free pensioners cuppachino . Sadly changing rules has cost the loss of two customers and occasional visits with grandchildren, shirley bergeman

  • Li
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    its not always the employees fault, i work at mcdonalds and i work hard, and it gets bussy which causes people to wait for food bc theres a certain amount of food cooked and to cook more it takes time which causes all the waiting. the workers at mcdonalds are human too. our salaries in there are low and job is too hard so b4 you take things out on a worker put yourself in their position they only have 2 arms. i work really hard and im always nice to costumers but i get a lot of complains for things that i have no control of, and i get yelled at for trying to do my job. i just think that people should understand that it all takes effort to make the food and provide the service

  • Me
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    I don't go to McDonalds anymore cause they always get my order wronge. How hard is it to get a cheeseburger with just meat and cheese, but it never fails I get home and it's got everything on it and you can't take it back cause half the time when you go through the dirve thru you dont get a reciept...I just stoped going cause it does know good to complain...

  • Im
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    McDonald's Corporation
    2111 McDonald's Dr
    Oak Brook, IL 60523

    Friday 31st of July 2009

    Inhospitable behavior by employees

    On Tuesday 28th of July 2009 around 14:30PM CT I decided to threat my 5 years old daughter and 2 years old son visiting McDonald's, we visited the restaurant located at 6720 W Archer Chicago, IL 60638 (Store #805), I was ordering the food at the counter while my kids ran to the playgrounds offered to children inside the restaurant, a minute later my daughter came back frightened because an employee (her name is Charlotte) had yelled to them that they needed the wear sox. I kept my children with me until I got the order ( KS#3 7/28/09 14:30 order 905) and we walk to have a seat and eat in the dinning room.
    After a while I had by them observed others kids going to the playgrounds without sox so I allowed them to go, 3 seconds later a McDonald's employee approached me with a very unpleasant mood yelling at me that I must call my kids back from the playgrounds and make them wear sox in order to be allowed to play. What first stroke me was that my kids were barely getting to the games which made me felt that she was watching us all the time and waiting for them to get back to the playgrounds, and as I said, I had observed others kids going without sox. In an effort to stop my kids from getting to the playgrounds she ran over to caught them up which scared me and I asked to her not to talk to my kids, if there was something to be ask she should ask to me, my kids had done nothing wrong. This must had been a shock and felt overwhelm since she called upon the manager on site ( her name is Clarissa) and another employee (from whom I didn't have the chance to get her name). Once again I felt intimidated by the three of them, I firmly believe that is not way to handle the situation, certainly no way to threat customers, specially this third employee who sweared at me upon the point that the manager had to stop her from kept on yelling at me and sent her back to her task. I always thought that if a manager needs to handle a situation, it should be in a friendly and polite way in order to assess the customer's point of view and not standing along two employees in an intimidating way. It was a stressful, unprofessional and out of hands by them, she decide to call the police. They had gave me enough reasons to believe that it was better for my family to call my husband to come bring my van's key . My daughter was crying believing that she would get arrested and I honestly did not care anymore for what these employees had to say, we were ready to leave. I had ordered the food to be eaten in but I did not had the chance to eat and since I've been asked to leave, I asked for a bag to carry out my food but that was too much to ask and none was provided.

    By the time my husband and the police arrived a few customers had stand up for us and questioned the manager why they had called the police, nobody understood their actions, all the parents had called their kids from the playgrounds and decided to leave, unquestionable the mcdonald's employees had become hostiles to the customers (not only me but also the ones who had stand up).
    When I had the opportunity to explain to the police and letting him know that I was waiting for my husband, it was outrageous to see that they even when as far as to ask the police to have me arrest, in front of my kids. Of course that did not happened since no law had been broken and they used a better common sense.

    Nowdays we are dealing with our daughter to forget the whole experience and go back to mcdonalds since she used to loved and it was a weekly visit, she still is frightened thinking that she would get arrested.

    I would like to know if this is the proper conduct to have for the McDonald's employees and more than anything if my kids will be welcome.

    would like to hear an apologize from McDonalds and to know that employees that do not represent McDonalds's culture do not have an opportunity to work on the favorite spot for our children.

  • Mc
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    As a previous McDonald's employee I have a message to all of you with complaints. YOU CHOOSE TO GO TO THESE RESTUARANTS THAT ARE UNDERSTAFFED AND OVERWORKED AND THEN ARE RUDE, INCONSIDERATE, AND MEAN WHEN THE LITTLEST THING GOES WRONG. Well you know what? We do prioritize our drive-thru. Got an issue with that? THEN GO THROUGH THE DRIVE-THRU GET YOUR FOOD AND THEN COME INSIDE TO EAT IT. McDonalds hires unskilled teenagers to be their crew and poorly educated (if at all) managers and it is obvious to anyone. So next time you go to a McDonalds realize this restuarant isn't run well. THEY NEVER ARE.

  • La
      27th of Sep, 2009
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    i am a current mcdonalds employee and i domt agree with the last statement the mcdonalds albury, lavington and wodonga biralee have improved dramatically over the space of two years and yes we do prioritize our drive thru at times when head office goes through.
    Incase you dont remember the restaurant is run on service times and how long you have been waiting if you have been waiting on a cheeseburger for 100 seconds and drive thru has been waiting 103 seconds then drive thru will get it.
    And yes we maybe teenagers but not all of us are un skilled thats what training on the job is for Evidence to support the face that we are not all stupid i am 16 years old i have worked there for 2 and a half years and i am the head crew trainer of the front counter mccafe and drive thru areas and i am the casual mccafe manager and am in charge of the mccafe stock order and am vice president of the safety team and vice president of the crew trainer team.
    As for rude people in the stores i do not believe you and sometimes you people deserve it you think you can just walk in and demand everything WELL YOU CANT you stand in line and wait like everyone else and if you think raising your voice will get you want then YOU ARE WRONG again we are trained to tell you that if you speak to us in a way that is not of a nice and friendly nature than we dont have to serve you and then if you refuse to stop then the police will be notified
    thank you

  • Me
      9th of Oct, 2009
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    Hi there, As a family of 4, we do like a treat once and a while, so we pack the kids in the car and decide to travel down to mc donalds in Trowbridge, First obstacle, Actually getting in the drive thu, past the mile of cars, 10 minutes later were asked what would you like, hummmmmmmm what are the choices burger burger or burger oh yes and fries, I will have a double quarter pounder with cheese twice please, and two hamburger happy meals, Then we receive our drinks and happy meals and asked to go and wait in the bay, where they chuck you if you have the cheek to ask for a double quarter pounder with cheese, by the time the staff arrive with your burger and fries, Your children's happy meals are freezing cold, " sorry kids " and wait there is more, We get home ... The order is wrong, What could possibly be wrong, we wanted our double quarter pounders with cheese after waiting at least 5 mins for them we were handed big mac's with medium fries . How could this be when we wanted and paid for large double quarter pounder meals !( This happens more often than not ) On average we spend at least £13.00 - £20.00 every time we visit we always take our meals home and then by golly its to late. So after receiving the same lame slow standard treatment from mc donald's staff in trowbridge, we choose the most un-economical un-environmentally friendly way to have a mc donald's, By travelling to Melksham For our Once a week treat . There the staff are faster and more efficient . Please note we live in Trowbridge !...Rather than righting you off, Especially since the lovely re-furb, we decided to save our petrol and our carbon admissions and once again put our trust in you ! Big mistake ...Less than a month ago. The last time we visited ! we ordered 2 sausage and egg mc muffin meals with coffee, first we were given 4 coffee's . Not a good start ! Excuse me ...urmmmmmmmmm we didn't order 4 coffee's. A problem we could clearly see, and sorted...Then the meals arrived ...oh lovely double sausage and egg mc muffin wrappers but one was a bacon in a muffin roll ? And the other was a single mc muffin, "for gods sake " I say to my patient partner who says " don't worry about lets just eat it and never come back ! " GOOD IDEA " I say . No refund, No COMPLAINTS ...We are simply out of patience with you ...I would love to know as a costumer IF or WHEN Trowbridge mc donalds will ever improve, So once again we can enjoy its pleasure . Awaiting your reply for the thumbs up !

    miss m Edwards .

  • Aa
      28th of Jun, 2010
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    I work at a mcdonalds and i can tell all you people that 90% of the problems you have are caused by administrators and supervisors who are not present in the store when you go into it. franchise owners only care about statistics and money. they force them to understaff the stores during peak hours so that their labor percentages stay low and then when customers end up waiting and getting mad everybody blames the crew. i know to you people a plain cheeseburger seems like something that would be impossible to screw up but when you consider that you want it plain, another guy wants extra onions, another wants no onions, another wants substitute onions, another wants extra pickles and you have to put the correct slips on each one and make it accordingly and you have less than 30 seconds to have them all made before the manager starts [censor]ing at you, a plain cheeseburger can get lost in the mix. and if the drive thru worker doesnt greet you with a smile its not because theyre a selfish [censor] its because the last 3 customers screamed at them for things that they had nothing to do with. anybody that is complaining should try actually doing the job. people think its so easy a monkey could do it and yet there have been countless college grads and smart people with good work experience who have gotten jobs at my store who have been incapable of handling the pressure and performing the job. i have worked there for 3 years and i know i could do anyjob out there now because of it. i work an 8 hour shift and most of the time other than my lunch break i can never stop moving. there is always food to make or cleaning to do and if you stop working for even 5 seconds a manager will yell at you. as ive said a number of people with bachelors degrees have been coming here for jobs within the last year or two(state of the economy i guess) and i love watching the way that they come in arrogant thinking that the rest of us are [censor]s and that theyre gonna get promoted quick and go straight to the top. they think that because they use to work a high paying job that theyre better than the rest of us. the best moment is the first time they face a serious rush, bust their [censor] to the limit for 2 hours straight only to have the manager come back and scream at them for screwing up food and moving too slow, or a customer yell back to them that they are [censor]ed cuz they put too many pickles on their sandwich. you people are complaining about the employees not showing you respect but i know first hand that less than 1 out of 5 customers show the employees proper respect. i swear any of you that have yelled at a mcdonalds employee need to take a look in the mirror and realize that your nothin but a piece of [censor]. what were you yelling about? did you even order your food the right way? a plain big mac comes with cheese, a plain quarter pounder comes with cheese. many of the mistakes are caused by customers not knowing how to order the food and thats your own fault. were you pissed off that you had to wait more than 30 seconds to get your food? or was it because they overcharged you by 50 cents? keep in mind that the girl on counter that your screaming at and insulting is 16 years old and is isnt even getting paid enough to buy a case of beer for that weekend. too many people in this world are selfish and spoiled and think that when they walk into the store every employee in there exists for the sole purpose of making them happy. we work to satisfy the majority. drive thru does come first and thats because we can only serve one customer at a time in the drive thru. if we make your food for counter first then u get it 1 minute faster and all 8 of the customers in drive thru have to wait 1 minute longer. majority. we care more about keeping 8 customers happy as opposed to one. as for being given the wrong order its easy enough to fix just look into the bag before you leave. if you cant do that then your a [censor] and its your own fault. and as for the playground thing why the hell do your kids not have socks on? barefeet are dirty and even though you dont care about anybody elses safety its the managers job to do just that. if all the kids went up with no socks on the place would be scummy and ridden with fungus and youd be writing a complaint asking for an apology for your kids getting foot fungus. theres a famous quote that goes "dont judge a person by how they treat their equals but how they treat theyre suboordinates." and i can say based on that that this country is full of spoiled [censor]ing [censor]s who dont give a [censor] about anyone but themselves.

  • Sa
      29th of Oct, 2010
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    Broke a tooth on a Big Mac May 2010 ... had a Root Canal... now Dental surgery and they are being [censor]'s about paying the costs

  • Au
      29th of Oct, 2010
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    Good Gravy Marie! People actually *expect* good service and good food from McDonald's? Auntie has yet to have ever been in one in the past 20 years where the service and food *were* good!

    @Sandra Valente - How in the name of [your favorite deity] did you break a tooth on a Big Mac? they're all squishy and soft and stuff?

  • Au
      29th of Oct, 2010
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    @Stealth Pilot - I want it fast and fresh, honey. Like your last date!

  • Au
      29th of Oct, 2010
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    @ Stealth Pilot - How nice for you dear! You'd think after all that you'd be a touch less [censor]y!

  • Jb
      21st of Apr, 2011
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    Store #29795 KS#3
    A cashier stole $15.65 from me today. I ordered a kids meal which came out to $4.35. I handed him a $20, and he claimed I handed him a 5, he said he would count out the register and HE goes in the back and does it comes back and tells me nothing is missing. My fiancee goes up and asks to speak to the manager who goes and re counts the register and says only $4.00 is missing.I find this interesting because like I said before my order was $4.35. They made us wait for over an hour. Mealwhile the employee responsible leaves. The manager says she can look at the store cameras and that we need to wait. So we wait and she leaves without saying anything. I went to call your customer service line but you were already closed. I have the original reciept. The manager never gave us her name, nore the name of the employee.

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