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Helen, GA, United States
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In early 2016 I purchased an HP Computer from Best Buy which came pre-loaded with a trial McAfee subscription. Upon a prompt that the subscription had expired on the evening of July 12th I clicked on the buy prompt to renew, entered my credit card information and purchased the product. The next
screen that popped up informed me that the software was incompatible with my computer (really - it came with it) and instructed me to go to "My Account" and use the subscription on another device. I then contacted McAfee to get a refund (Sales Department) and was transferred to Technical Support. The person to whom I spoke could not understand me I guess (bit of a language barrier - I speak English) - he explained the requirements for the software (windows 10, HP computer - just what I have) and then transferred me back to the Sales Department - no one from either of these groups apparently aware that their website could or would tell me that the program would not work. Already feeling as if I had entered the Twilight Zone I was informed that I would indeed get refund in 7 to 10 business days and they could not do it sooner. I run a business - we issue refunds, they hit our customers accounts immediately. McAfee - now owned by Intel is collecting interest on my money which is the equivilant to theft in my book.
Do NOT buy this product - skip that step and find another company

Jul 12, 2016

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