Maytag / otr microwave, model mmv4205dh

Gilbert, AZ, United States

4243 E. Terrace Ave.
Gilbert, AZ. 85234
23 January, 2017

Maytag Customer Service
553 Benson Road
Benton Harbor, MI 49022

My wife and I have owned a home in Gilbert for the last 22 years and bought it new. Over the course of that time we have had to replace all of the appliances except the OTR microwave once and each are still working relatively well. The handle on the GE OTR microwave finally broke last week and we tried all over the country to purchase a replacement for the molded handle worth in the vicinity of $20 dollars but found this item to be selling for $130. We agreed that we were not willing to be cheated like that so we went shopping for a new microwave. We covered the Phoenix market pretty well and my wife discovered the Maytag Model MMV4205DH and decided that it would do what she needed. We tried to find it locally in white but could not and she went on line and located the white version at a cost we could handle at a retailer in New York, P.C. Richard & Son and placed an order. It should be shipped this week.
Today I went on line to check out the quality of that product and found a page that was listed as a consumer affairs rating of the Maytag product. The website address is below.
The entire list of comments is about this model Maytag microwave and the door problem that has been in the product for several years and still seems to be a hazard. Why has this defective door design remained in the product line for all this time causing extra costs and misery for people who have purchased the Maytag product in good faith? Why is there still no fix to the problem described by these hundreds of people who used to be loyal Maytag customers? Can you explain to me how I am going to get this unit repaired when (not if) it breaks as these others have done.
I am now in a quandary. I don’t know whether to call Richard and Son and cancel my order or wait and hope for the best. There seems to be a high percentage of customers who are suffering from this poor door design, yet there seems to be no replacement door in the works to solve the problem. Please advise me on the current status of a design upgrade that will solve this problem once and for all. Thank you.
Roger Hart

Jan 23, 2017

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