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Maytag Jetclean Ii / not happy with your product

1 United States

To Whom It May Concern:

When your first Neptune washer did not do so well, I admired your integrity when you sent your customers a rebate on your recall. My husband and I took the money and put it toward your Neptune II. I regret that. I hear that you no longer produce that model and I am not surprised. I have had a number of irritating, time-consuming and labor intensive problems with that machine. I really enjoyed the front loading of the first Neptune and was looking for the same thing without the odor problems that came with it. My husband and I were told by a salesperson at the Home-Depot in Keene, NH, that the Neptune II was such a machine because though it was a top loader, it had no central agitator, just these neat paddles. I have had enough of the paddles! Rarely does a load of laundry go through that I don't have to re-arrange the contents (dc). So I wait...and wait for the machine to unlock, re-position the contents, and the paddles promptly do their thing and the whole load is unbalanced again.

Okay.., so I remove ALL the water-logged contents into a plastic bin , dripping all over the floor, and let the machine start again. It empties the water, using about 90 seconds, at which point I hit the Pause, put the clothes back in--minus a LOT of the water--and Press Start. The load usually finishes. I shouldn't have to do this.

I do have an option. I can fill the machine to the brim, and then it usually runs through. But then I have to dry the clothes in two cycles to get a dry load. This should not be necessary. The only cycles that get me anywhere near what I need are the Bulky and the Handwash.

I'm looking for you to do something for me that will clear your name and re-instate your integrity. As it is, I am not happy with your product. Please change my mind before I replace this appliance with one from your competitor.


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