Maytag French Door Refrigeratorit quite working and having issues getting it fixed

I am having a major issue with a maytag frenchdoor refrigerator model# mft2976aeb00.

I purchased this item from home depot on 2 / 19 / 13 and purchase a home depot support plan at the same time.

This item work fine until aug 1, 2014 when the ice maker quit making ice, i placed a service call 2 days later we had ice again so i cancelled the service call.

On august 28, 2014 the bottom freezer unit failed due to a complete ice over, the fine folks of the home depot support plan dispatched a repair man to repair it. Good old boys show up with a hair dryer and a couple of screw drivers chipped the ice out. All fixed.

On december 28, 2014 the ice maker quit, again, and freezer quit functioning again. The home depot support plan dispatched a repair man to repair it, again. This time we were informed that we needed to have a number of parts replaced to fix the situation, parts were ordered and they were delivered to the house about 5 days later. We contacted the home depot support plan again to have them send their repair person out to install the parts. The repair person was unable to return to install the parts until january 14, 2015.

On january 14, 2015 the repair person showed up and informed us that the problem was worse then they originally thought and we now had a freon leak and the evaporator coil assembly needed to be replaced. The repair person ordered parts and said it could be a week to 10 days to get the parts and once they were delivered to the house that we should call the service provider and arrange to have the new parts installed.

Its now january 15, 2015 and after contacting the home depot support plans customer service folks, worthless waste of time, i proceeded to spend an hour on the phone with a home depot problem resolution specialist. This resolution specialist contacted the service provider and was able to gain some assurances that the parts would probably (Well maybe) be delivered to my home on january 22, 2015. At which time i should contact the service provider and schedule a time when they could come out an install the parts. The estimated time to install all of the replacement parts 6 hours.

I was also informed that there was a slight chance that it might be necessary to order even more parts,

Would i ever purchase another maytag product, no way and i strongly recommend that others research products before they buy them.

For an expensive product such as major appliances an extended service plan could be life saver (The cost of parts and the labor to install them is currently sitting at around $1700. 00) .

Would i ever purchase another major appliance from home depot, that remains to be seen. It depends on how the repair to the refrigerator goes. I left the home depot resolution specialist with the following, i would give them until january 25, 2015 to repair or replace the refrigerator after witch i would be filing complaints with the bbb and the texas attorney generals office.

I will provide an update once this issue is resolved.

Jan 15, 2015

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