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Maytag / French Door Refrigerator / problems with the ice maker!

United States Review updated:
I bought my maytag ice2o French door refrigerator from home depot 8 mos ago. Loved it when I got it, but soon after had problems with the ice maker. They replaced the ice maker. Now the ice maker is still having problems. Its not strong enough to break up all the ice. The ice cubes freeze in big blocks causing the system to clog. Last night the thing took on a mind of its own. All the lights are flashing on the control panel, the ice and water maker don't work at all. The flap is constantly opening and closing all on its own, constantly making a clicking noise all night long. Finally we had to unplug it so we could get 4 hours sleep. Plug it in this morning and its still doing it. My biggest concern is what happens after the warranty runs out. I already know this thing has mechanical problems. Did I get a lemon or is it junk?? Either way I'm stuck with a $2,800 refrigerator that seems like it has bad engineering.
Maytag Customer Care's Response, Mar 31, 2017
Dear Valerie: We are sorry to hear of the issue that you are experiencing with your Refrigerator.
We would be happy to look into this matter. If you could email us at Maytag_Reviews@Maytag.com with your name, phone number, and address along with the model and serial number of the Refrigerator.


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  2nd of Apr, 2007
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I am having the exact same problems with my 9 month old ice2o. No ice, no water, the lights are all blinking, and the clacking noise is so loud that you can hear it throughout the house. This is not the first time we've had problems with this fridge. First the door alarm wouldn't work, then it worked too much, then it seemed to fix itself as we were waiting a couple of weeks for someone to come look at it. I'm starting to think that mine is not a lemon, maybe they are badly engineered pieces of very expensive junk.
  3rd of Apr, 2007
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Add me to your club. My Ice2O (nicknamed Ice2NO) fridge started flapping and flashing today. Although another symptom that we had was the ice fan was not running so the fridge was not cooling. No sooner after I crammed a wooden spoon into the ice chute to silence it, it started to scream like a banshee, beeping every few seconds. A while after that the compressor quit running, so I emptied it and unplugged it. I'll see if a new control board fixes my problem.

BTW, I'm about 15 days out of warranty.
  9th of Apr, 2007
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I'm the newest member of your club! Wish I weren't. My lovely Ice20 is out of service with the exact same problem as stated above!!!! I've been without any fridge at all for over a week now. I have 5 kids and no food. Sears wouldn't hurry shipping up because they said "it wasn't a matter of life or death", as put by Dave in Arizona.

I paid $3200 for mine with the extended warranty. OUCH!!!

I hope this doesn't happen again.
  14th of Apr, 2007
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Day 13 still haven't fixed this fridge! I listen the the ice maker open and close 24 hours a day! It is horrible.

The part still is on back order!!!
  23rd of Apr, 2007
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I'm also got th same problem with Maytag French Door Refrigerator. Anybody know if there is a recall on this unit?
  23rd of May, 2007
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Well, I Have the same problem with my fridge, the ice maker is junk, I am still under warranty and hope to get results, the ice makes very little ice and when it does make ice it does not dispense it very well and cannot break up the ice that have formed together, also I notice that the back of the ice maker forms a large chunk of ice that it cannot break up. I called maytag and they are sending a repair man out next week, I wish I had read first. They also have said that they have not run into this before??? Yeah right...

Wish me luck!!!

Model # MFI2568AES Bought on Feb 13 2007.
  28th of May, 2007
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Has anyone had problems with the right door popping open? This seems like a bad design. If the left door is closed the right one pops open.
  30th of May, 2007
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I don't have problems with the ice maker, but the water dispenser has stopped working twice. It is one month out of service with Maytag. I bought the extended warranty from Home Depot - a huge mistake! Home Depot service department has been rude and wanted me to try a few things before they came out! Now I had to take an entire day off work and am waiting for a call... Anytime from 8-5, I was told. If they "No Show" I'm blowing a gasket.
  3rd of Jun, 2007
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Purchased french door/dispensing ice from door 18 months ago from home depot. Now have the lights flashing on the control panel and the ice flap opening and closing like stated in other post. This is my second dud of a Maytag Refrigerator product. Luckily I have a second small refrigerator and can move some of the things.

I think Magtag products are a bunch of crap. Regardless of the sale price, when I purchased a new washer/dryer a month ago... I didn't consider the Maytag brand.
  3rd of Jun, 2007
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Same thing here. The serviceman said this never happened before and it was a fluke. We have been waiting for parts now for almost three weeks. My wife has had three major events planned in advance and now we had to do without a fridge for 2,500.00.

You sure think you would get supreme service we are so disappointed in Maytag.
  7th of Jun, 2007
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I am having problems with my ICE20 also!!! My ice maker cannot keep up, dispenses ice slow!!! My water is also sloooowww! I had the lights blinking, flap opening and closing, fan stopped working, it has been a nightmare! The repair guy said it was the main board and ordered a part, 10 days later he showed up with a used part sent to him from Maytag, installed it and it did not work. Waited 2 more weeks and then went in to see how much longer on my part and the said at least 3 more weeks we are having a lot of problems with this fridge! After the told me they could not get me a part for at least 3 more weeks because it was on back order, I threw a fit and said I would never buy Maytag again, all of a sudden they had a part that they could overnight me and get the repair guy to my house on a Saturday! My fridge was 3 days past warranty. They agreed to pay for the part and I would have to pay 65.00 for the labor. I just wonder how long before this part goes bad again and I have to wait another month or more with no fridge!!! I think there needs to be something done about this legally by all of us with this particular fridge. Maytag is currently running an advertisement for the Maytag Ice20 and advertising as always like they will last forever with no problems! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! I would like to be fully reimbursed by Maytag for the price of my fridge and I would like to be compensated for the inconvenience me and my family suffered for being without a fridge for over a month!
  7th of Jun, 2007
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We are having similar problems with the icemaker. We had a new one put in only two months after we installed ours. Now we've had ours 13 months and are now having the problem with the circuit board and the lights are flashing and the flap is opening and closing all the time. We have a repair man coming over tomorrow morning and now I'm dreading what they will say. I just want this fixed right away and now I'm not sure that will happen. I'm beginning to think that Maytag has put out a bad product and we may always have trouble with it.
  13th of Jun, 2007
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Well, this all clinched our decision not to buy this, or any Maytag product. Fortunately our local Home Depot appliance person, told us not to get this refrigerator due to the continual problems. We have a coupon from a class action against the Maytag Neptune Washer and am afraid to use it!
  15th of Jun, 2007
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Said to say, but I am too one of these people fooled by false advertisement on this Maytag product. I have had this refrigerator for about 3 months before I had my first problem with the stupid ice maker. Stopped making ice for about 4 days. Called a few service companies, most of them said they will not cover the warranty we didn't purchase the product from them. So when I finally got someone to come look at it, they never showed up! Ice machine started working again on its own for about 4 months. We are now going through the same thing again. Ice is ALL stuck together in the back of the maker. I HATE this refrigerator! It looked to good to be true for it to really work. LOL.
  16th of Jun, 2007
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I wish I knew about these problems before I bought this. I just thought the ice make not keeping up or dispensing ice very slowly and then at times making huge chunks of ice that won't break up was normal for this unit. Now, 12 months and 1 week after purchase the same thing is happening to my until, the lights are all flashing and the ice door is opening and closing all the time. Has anyone found a fix yet? Home Depot said this was the latest and greatest, now I'm wishing I never walked in their door.
  17th of Jun, 2007
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We are having the EXACT problem... with ours. I'm so ill. Did anyone get any resolution?
  17th of Jun, 2007
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Same flopping problem, the biggest peace of garbage refrigerator.
  17th of Jun, 2007
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Finally fixed, the icemaker was allowing too much water in the tray causing the ice to build up, they adjusted the water flow and has been working now since my last post about 25 days now, perfect ice making capability, and perfect dispensing for now.
  18th of Jun, 2007
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Hi there!

Been on the phone with Maytag AND their service affiliate as we also bought the extended warranty. Absolute S..T! The ice maker went during the initial year (Purchased from Home Depot 3/06) The initial delivery date was also not honored and had to wait over a week for the delivery. We had already gotten rid of our other refrigerator so had no fridge. Have 2 toddlers at home and after screaming at home depot they agreed to loan us a small fridge for the week and 1/2. Then 2 months after we got it... the same ice problem you all describe. Still covered under warranty during the initial year and they came and fixed that. Now we're into extended warranty time and water is all over my kitchen and the basement as the filter clogged and never emitted the "replace Filter" light. I changed the filter on my own and submitted the claim. Turns out the service company said the little lights were not covered so had they come out I would have had to pay the service charge!! Now
since friday I have the blinking lights, ice door flap, and the
temp in the fridge and freezer is off. As it's a "NO COOL" issue, I was told the order would be expedited. Been on the phone all weekend and still nothing. One maytag "dependability" warranty rep even called their service company directly on my behalf AND THEY TOLD HER NO COOLING WAS NOT A PRIORITY ISSUE!!! WELL WHAT THE HECK IS? I have 2 kids and 90 degree weather here and no fridge or freezer!! Waiting to see if the "DEPENDABILITY" rep will be able to expedite my service.
  18th of Jun, 2007
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My Maytag Model # MFI2568AES just begin to make the same flapping noise flashing electronic panel yesterday which is 11 month after the purchase. I wish that I had read the comments from others before making my purchase. What is not clear is the causes and the fixes. There is no water flow or ice making even though there is water coming from outside through the tube. Did anyone ask the serviceman how it is fixed? It looks like this issue is wide spread and I wonder why it is not in Maytag troubleshooting web page. This issue deserves a class action.

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