Maytag Centennial / washer wont work correctly

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I hate, hate hate, hate hate hate this stupid washer. My MIL has had an older maytag model for 15 yrs and swares by maytag but this is the worst washer ever. At first it would take 1hr or so to fill up with water if it was on cold. I lived with that for a yr. But now it just fills up empties then spins. It doesn't even agitate or rinse!!! It just clicks off!?? I called Maytag and they want 100s of dollars to fix it. This machine is under 2 yrs old and it's just me and my husband not a whole lot of laundry I haven't used it to death! Ridiculous!!!

Aug 23, 2014
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      Aug 23, 2014

    First, check the filter screen where the hose connects to the washer. It is probably clogged with hard water deposits. Soak the filter in vinegar and rinse it off. If this helps the cold water filling time, the washer's control valve probably has the same problem.

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