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I was an employee. I was one of five that were not paid for their time. Everyone who worked for him is looking for him. He pays part to get you to come back and then doesnt pay the rest. He owes one 2, 500 E. He owes me 1, 600.00. He owes another 400.00 and one 450.00. And he owes the last guy 600.00.
Unfortunately, he is screwing the customers just as regularly. One couple have lived in one room for 3 months while he doesnt show up and pressures them for more money. There is another guy that had to go buy a new oven and countertop after Matthew damaged both and never came back. He called me to look at the floor that is coming up and to finish his kitchen tile.

Nov 05, 2016
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  • Th
      Nov 05, 2016

    This guy is a menace. Clearly he's screwing everyone around him.

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  • Di
      Mar 08, 2017

    @ThiefTracker This guy is not much better ! We had a nightmare !!!
    I hired Mark Mayer to replace my flooring and paint my apartment . His work was despicable . I had to fire him and hire a new contractor, after paying him. He told us he would refunded us. But, of course we did not see a dime. As I researched his back ground. He is not licensed in Germany . Even worse, he told me he was for the Florida keys . That he was retired ., which was a complete lie. Yes, he is from Key West, but, he is wanted in Florida.
    1 Felony Count(s) of 489.127.
    1 Felony Count(s) of 812.014.2c1

    I have already reported him. He has a website
    and advertises on Facebook and craigslist.
    His phone number is 49 015255390452

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  • Da
      Dec 16, 2017

    Hi dear Berlin community, I would like to ask for a help for putting a series conman / fraud / scam artist in jail and shut him shell fraud GmbH down. As well this is true story happening now and in Berlin and victims are more than 20 people so far.
    His name is called: “ Matthew Yabsley “, but you can also find the associated informations as following:
    Matt Yabsley
    Matthew S Yabsley
    Itotallyloveit GmbH at Corinthstr. 42 Berlin, Germany
    So, what is his business model?
    A. He using “ social platforms (free & open) “ such as Facebook group & craigslist for looking for victims.
    B. He focus on “ No-German “ speaking people in Berlin and abusing the language barrier.
    C. He targets the people who has limited budget and skip the VAT, so there is no record or invoice to prove any of business agreement and design the whole thing into a grey area in front of law.
    D. He assume no one will go to court nor police for such matter, because it’s a civil case.
    E. He believe most people in the end will just give up as the base the theory risky control: wasting your time & money and he won't ever go to jail.
    F. He is a total sham-less actor, therefore normal decent / educated people’s logic will not be able to apply for it.

    So what is my story?
    He started my flat renovation from 23/10/17 and until today there is still no water & heating and as his original quote: “ I can't offer you any more than what I have done. It's entirely you that is making this something more than what it is now. “
    During the renovation, he was ok in the beginning for providing the trust and let down your guard. Then he start manipulating you as much as possible. He will tell you anything but nothing false and lie. He told me my neighbor said something behind my back and regarding renovation project. He told me the hausmeister close down the water of my flat and it’s hausmeister fault that there is no water. He will told you who ever did the job in your flat is bad and too expensive, he could do better and cheaper. So now, even you have a Phd, you may already believe his is a renovation angel.
    Within 1 or 2 weeks, he starting gave you all kind excuses for delaying or materials missing, then he asked for some “ small cash “ to pay some materials and new machine he needs to finish the job. Totally smart, because the project is stared already and most of people will not call it off in the middle of renovation or change new guy.
    The end, when you giving more and more money, he will kind of tell you, it’s almost down, made some structure or an example that he could finish next days or shortly. But he will never finished it nor reply your call (he just turn his phone off) nor e-mail.
    So what are the fasts ?
    1. Attached my apartment made by “ Matthew Yabsley “ ’s masterpiece.
    2. He got more than 4000 EUR so far and has not met any deadline - not even close.
    3. He had drunk all alcohols in my flat and leave all messes you can ever image it.
    4. There is no toilet in my flat yet, so he pee in the vases & wine bottle.
    5. He has not payed a worker which he has hired to help - he is desperately looking for money and he can not reach him, so he asking me where to find Matthew Yabsley for getting his salary back.
    6. He ordered many materials and never pick it up, so I have to sort everything out, explain the situation and apologize for his behavior.
    7. His business model is totally build on fooling people - he has never any intention to finish anything (you find multiple posts as such in the internet).
    8. I have data of many many more people who have or are currently served by Matt - reporting the same issues with Matt which confirms the above internet posts.
    9. Matt will answer that I have stopped the working relation with him - and yes this true - but only after after he missed multiple deadlines and I found the other evidences for his fraud games - as it always works like this - Matt waits until he get fired and leaves with the clients money and a totally damaged apartment.
    10. Internet references (I am very angry with myself that why I didn’t google his name in the begging): Yabsley Yabsley…
    So who the [censor] is Matthew Yabsley?
    His facebook:
    His Linkedin:
    His Quora:
    So what I looking for now?
    1. Are you the victims by Matthew Yabsley too, please contact me and we will put him in jail.
    2. If any of you could give me any advice what are the best legal actions (already consult with lawyers, we think tax fraud can beat him very badly) and how.
    3. Anyway contact and accurate information of right (suitable) legal authorities. (e.g.: Polizeidirektionen, Direktion Einsatz or Landeskriminalamt (LKA); Prosecutor or others?)
    4. Please share this story and make sure there is no more victim.

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